Designer Showcase, SWANK Events, Orsy Event, Kira Tattoo, Beauty Event, Happy Weekend $60L, 7 Deadly s[K]ins and a Group Gift

Today I let you into my World just a little bit. I have been wanting to get a home on the Bellisseria Region for a long time, and I finally did it! I know if you know me, I own a SIM and a half of land where I rent homes to Residents who don’t necessarily want to own land or have a premium account, so you wonder why would you want an extra plot. I say why not, I am a premium member and I can! ūüôā

At first, I wanted a home on the water, so it would have been either a stilted house, or houseboat.¬† Then I saw the log homes, and I was hooked! There are a bunch of SIMs which make up the Bellisseria Region, each with their own Theme, I am on the RhodeGate SIM.¬† The things I love about the house are you don’t just get on style, you get 4.¬† The style is easily changed by touching the Mailbox.¬† You get a box full of items for you home and property.¬† The Bellessaria Citizen’s Group is very friendly, informative, and totally like a community, so fare I am enjoying!¬† Below, you will see photos of the front, back and even around the neighborhood.

Now lets get to the good stuff, your shopping list, peeks at some great designs and bargains you can snag up right now!¬† It’s the beginning of the Month of November, lots of Events just starting.¬† Today you will see peeks from Designer Showcase, SWANK Events, Orsy Event, Beauty Event, and Happy Weekend $60L.¬† Plus I have a great November Group Gift, interested?¬† Keep reading!

Lilliana’s Outfit is a Sweater and Skirt Set by [Pink&Love], it is an Exclusive for this Month’s Designer Showcase.¬† Lilliana is toting a super cute mini Handbag by JUMO Originals, the Handbag is one Exclusive I have for you from SWANK Events.¬† Lilliana’s Jewelry Set, is a Sparkly Necklace Earring and Bracelet Set by Heartsdale Jewelry, my Second Exclusive for SWANK!

Lilliana’s Shoes are just one of five Exclusives you can find at the Orsy Event this Month.¬† Lilliana’s Heels are by Ahlure Shoes.¬† My next Orsy Exclusive are Today’s Poses, they are by Corundum, I love saying that word, I don’t know why it just rolls off the tongue nicely! LOL¬† Okay let’s move on, next Orsy Event Exclusive is #Faded’s Heart Leg Straps. Number 4 for Orsy is Lilliana’s super juicy Lipgloss by LePunk, and last item for Orsy Event are LIVIA’s Mesh Nails and Nail Polish Appliers.

Lilliana’s Hair is a New Release by Truth Hair.¬† Lilliana’s Tattoo Today is by Kira Tattoo for the Beauty Event. I took a large photo of Kira’s Tat, I thought Lilliana’s Sweater then it looked.¬† I liked the Tattoo, simple a perfect addition!¬† Next a Group Gift!¬† If you are a member of 7 Deadly s[K]ins, Lilliana is wearing this Month’s Skin and Shape Gift!¬† One last get for Today Fans, Lilliana’s Eyes, they are a steal for only $60 Lindens for Happy Weekend by Blume!

Remember, my photo shoot site was actually my personal home.  I would love for everyone to visit, just weary of a stampede!  If you would like to check out the RhodesGate SIM on the Bellisseria Region go .:HERE:.  If you want to get your own home on the Bellisseria Region, you need to have a premium account, and get the home on the Second Life Website.

OUTFIT:  [Pink&Love] Miura Blouse & Skirt Toxicc Set,
Sold in 10 Color Sets, or Full Fat Pack,
Fits Belleza, Legacy, Kupra, Maitreya and Slink,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

HANDBAG:  JUMO Originals Lady Mini Bag Fat Pack,
HUD Driven 15 Main and 4 Metal Colors,
Exclusive for SWANK Events (NEW)

SANDALS:  Ahlure Shoes Aisha Fat Pack
16 Color Changing HUD Included,
Fits Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Kupra, and SLink Feet,
Exclusive for Orsy Event (NEW)

FEET:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara High Feet V5.3 (NEW)  

POSE:  CORUNDUM 1 Female Pose Set, Pose 1.2,
5 Bento Compatible Pose Set, Also Sold as Individual Poses,
Exclusive for Orsy Event (NEW)

POSE:  CORUNDUM 1 Female Pose Set, Pose 1.3,
5 Bento Compatible Pose Set, Also Sold as Individual Poses,
Exclusive for Orsy Event (NEW)

POSE:  CORUNDUM 1 Female Pose Set, Pose 1.4,
5 Bento Compatible Pose Set, Also Sold as Individual Poses,
Exclusive for Orsy Event (NEW)

POSE:  CORUNDUM 1 Female Pose Set, Pose 1.5,
5 Bento Compatible Pose Set, Also Sold as Individual Poses,
Exclusive for Orsy Event (NEW)

HAIR:  TRUTH Adore Essential Pack,
Includes Styler HUD, Can be Worn
with Hair Bow or without, (NEW)

SHAPE:  7 Deadly s[K]ins Blaze Shape,
Lelutka Bento Mesh Head Shape
 Matching Skins (Worn) and Included,
Exclusive VIP November Group Gift (FEE JOIN)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V5.3 (NEW)

LEG STRAPS:  #Faded Hearty Leg Garter Fat Pack,
Rigged Mesh Fits Kupra, Legacy and Maitreya,
Includes Color Changing HUD
with 3 Metal and 8 Band Colors,
Exclusive for Orsy Event (NEW)

POSE: POSE:  CORUNDUM 1 Female Pose Set, Pose 1.1,
5 Bento Compatible Pose Set, Also Sold as Individual Poses,
Exclusive for Orsy Event (NEW)

TATTOO:  #Kira TattOO Erdema,
3 Ink Shades, Compatible with Belleza, Legacy,
Maitreya, OMEGA, and SLink, Also Includes BOM Layers,
Exclusive for Beauty Event (NEW)

HEAD:  LeLUTKA Avalon EvoX Head 3.1,
Includes 2 BOM Ready Heads EvoXa nd Bento,
Eyes, Teeth, Default Shape / Brow, Brow Bases, Skin Bases,
HUD, Plus BOM and Applier Alphas, Elf Ears and Add-Ons

SKIN:  7 Deadly s[K]ins Blaze Skin in Oak,
Based on Lelutka Evo Head, OMEGA, and BOM
Layers Included, Brow and Browless Options,
Includes 8 Skin Tones, Plus Leluka EvoX Head,

Exclusive VIP November Group Gift (FEE JOIN)

BOM EYES:  Blume. Candied Eyes (Colours),
12 Eye Color Set, Worn Soil,
Lelutka and OMEGA Appliers, Plus BOM Layers,
Exclusive for Happy Weekend $60L (NEW) 

LIPSTICK:  [ LEPUNK ] Desna Lipgloss Fat Pack,
9 Glossy Color Lipgloss Set for
Includes HUDs for Lelutka Evo & EvoX Heads,
Exclusive for Orsy Event (NEW)

JEWELRY SET:  [Heartsdale Jewelry] Enchanted Collection,
Includes Earrings, Necklace and Bracelets,
Gem Colour Changing HUD 15 Colors, Resizable,
Exclusive for SWANK Events (NEW)

MESH NAILS:  LIVIA Mix It PRO Nails Square Base Set,
Mesh Base Nail Available in Coffin, Square
and Stiletto Shapes, or Full Fat Pack,
Fits Belleza, eBody, Kalhene, Kupra,
Legacy, Maitreya, Signature and SLink,
Exclusive for Orsy Event (NEW)

12 Color Nail Polish HUD for Mix It PRO Nails,
Exclusive for Orsy Event (NEW)

HANDS:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Bento Hands V5.3 (NEW)

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