Lilliana Corleone


Owner of Aurora Town Zindra.  Renting homes to Second Life Residents since 2007.

In addition to owning Aurora Town and all that land, I am also an established Second Life Blogger and Blog for many well-known Second Life Designers and Sale Events.  I was a Delirium Style Model and Model Manager for 3 Years, until I decided to focus more of my time on Aurora Town and Blogging.

I have been blogging since 2009 and am fully syndicated on many Sites. My Syndication list can be found on the “Past Events and Syndication” Tab.

My first and original blog is: (Recently Re-blogging Posts here as well as Main Blog)



If you see me in-world say Hi!  Visit me in Aurora Town:

Lilliana Corleone Trapped in the Box_cropped

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