Aurora Town

Aurora Town in Second Life and was first established in February 2007. Originally  located on the Mature SIM of Fafnir, later the Town was relocated to the Adult SIM of Paceglen. The Town has been and is currently owned and operated by Lewis Parker and Lilliana Corleone.

We offer Residential Rentals for Second Life Residents. There are Many different house styles for you to choose from with everything you need to have a happy Second Life. Our Prim packages work with your Lifestyle. You pay “No Tier Fees”, just a reasonable weekly rent!

You are welcome to stop by any time and visit, talk to our Residents, see why they love Aurora Town and why you can too!

Aurora Town Zindra:

Below are just a few of our homes we rent:

4 Aurora Town Square 5 Aurora Town Square_001 6 Aurora Town Square_cropped 26 Aurroa Town v2 #7 Aurora Town Square (Old England)_croppedv2

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