Advent Calendars 2016

Below is my annual list of Advent Calendars.  As usual, I am still in the process of confirming if the Stores still have Calendars.  The First 69  have been completely Confirmed!  I will try to have the entire list confirmed by the end of the weekend! Enjoy! ❤

  1. 7 Deadly Skins   Advent Group Only.  $1L Per Gift, which is returned on the actual day gift is set for.  If you are late on a day, the gift is still available for $50Ls.  Group is Free to Join for now. There is a Female Calendar and a Male Calendar.
  2. A Touch of Magic – Advent Group Only. $0Ls Per Gift. Items are only available on Calendar Day.  One time Group Join of $100Ls.
  3. ALB Fashion Dream   Advent Group Only. $0Ls Per Gift.  Group is Free Join for now, once the December 1st is here, Group will be $500Ls.
  4. monaLisa –  Advent Group Only.  $0Ls Per Gift.  Group Join Fee is 100 $L.
  5. AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS – Advent Group Only. $0Ls Per Gift.  There will be one gift box for male and and one gift box for female each day. Each box has several gifts inside. Group is Free to Join for Now.
  6. Home Whimsy – Advent Group Only. $0Ls Per Gift.  Items will be Discounted after each day. Multiple Stores will contribute gifts which will be a variety of Home and Garden Items.  Group is a Free Join for Now.
  7. Sway’sHunt Style w. HUD. No group required. Touch sign to get HUD. Wear HUD and hunt for Bauble. Return to Gift area to get Gift for the day. It is not possible to get previous day gifts.
  8. Trompe Loeil – Teleport to Main Store (for free calendar) – Teleport to Arcade Gacha Event (for 12 unlock keys) – Flickr Ad – No group required (free calendar – play gacha to get key to unlock) – This year’s calendar is a rustic country church, just waiting to be lit with your 12 keys from our GACHA. Each unique key opens a window or turns on a light and gives you a fantastic holiday-themed decor prize – lanterns, candles, reindeer, a sleigh filled with presents, Father Christmas’ satchel of surprises, animated furniture and thematic wall art to give your home a merry glow! Only at The Arcade’s holiday round, starting December 1st!
  9. Hello Dave – Advent Group Only.  Every day touch the corresponding day on the advent calendar to receive one exclusive festive nail palette.  Group is a Free Join for Now.
  10. !gO! – Advent Group Only.  Group is 50$L to Join.
  11. Salt & Pepper – Group Only. Group Join Fee $150Ls. 10,000L Gift Card Raffle going on, Winner will be drawn on December 25th, 2016.
  12. ELYSIUM – Advent Group Only. Group is a Free Join for Now. There will be a new gift every day and customers can collect past gifts
  13. Abranimations – Advent Group Only.  Free to Group Members, Free Group Join for Now.
  14. Moondance Boutique – Advent 25 Day Calendar, Group Only.  $50L to Join Group.
  15. MadPea – Advent Calendar HUD. The HUD costs $1,000Ls.  Each day a Different SL Designer has made a present.
  16. Baby Monkey Shoes – 12 Days of Christmas.  Starts 12/14/16.  Free to Group Members. $250L, Join Fee.
  17. CHOP ZUEY – 12 Days of Christmas. Starts 12/13/16. Chop Zuey has 3 gifts each day.  One gift for male members, one gift for female members, and one gift for non-group members. Group fee is $350L
  18. Akaesha – Advent 24 Day Calendar, TPs you, find Naughty / Nice Bag Touch, receive a Naughty or Nice Prize.
  19. [CIRCA] Living – Advent 24 Day Calendar. $1L – $50L per gift, for Group Members free join.
  20. KittyCats – Advent 24 Day Calendar – Touch each day for Gift.  The Calendar can be found at any of the participating Sponsors Stores.
  21. Purplemoon Advent 24 Day Calendar, Group Only 50L Join Fee
  22. Caledon Oxbridge Gateway – 24 Gift Boxes, a New Box each Day. Free
  23. La Boheme   – Weekly Gift Under Christmas Tree $0L Each Gift.
  24. SLC Serena Lacava Collection – 24 Day Calendar.  Each Day Gift is marked way down to $24Ls full outfits.
  25. Alice Project – 24 Gifts, One Per Day.  Free Gift for all, and VIP Group Gift.  VIP Group is $750Ls one time Fee.
  26. CERO Style – Advent 25 Day Calendar.  Free. Just Touch the Calendar each Day and receive Gift.
  27. Cosmopolitan Sales Room – 12 Day Calendar.  Group free Join.
  28. Drama Libre – Advent 24 Day Calendar – Free. Just touch the calendar Day each Day and receive a Gift.
  29. Entice – Advent Calendar, Group Join Free.  Gifts are $1L for Members, or $25L for Non-Members.
  30. Dulce Secrets – Gifts under Tree, $5Ls each.
  31. Eclectic Stars – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free
  32. Emerald Couture Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free, Emerald Couture For Him too.
  33. Formanails  – Advent24 Day Calendar – Free
  34. Fuzzy Peach – 24 Day Advent Tree, Free (Calendar Coming Soon)
  35. Fairy Unique Designs   Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free. You Pay $1L, but get it returned immediately!
  36. 1313 Mockingbird Lane Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free.
  37. 8i8 Mariposa Gardens – Advent Tree, Group Only, 75Ls to Join
  38. Ali&Ali – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free.
  39. Applique Chic – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free.
  40. B’s 25! – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free
  41. DIVIA’s Designs – 24 Day Christmas Tree, Group Only, Free Join
  42. Dressed By Lexi – December 13th – December 24th, 12 Elves To Christmas Holiday Hunt $10L each Gift.
  43. EscalateD – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Group Only, $50Ls to Join Group.
  44. Yasum Designs – Advent 25 Days, Group Only, Free Join
  45. Facepalm / Head Desk – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free.
  46. Fairy Unique Designs – Advent 24 Day Calendar $1L each Gift, the $1L is then refunded.
  47. Fashion Imaginings – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free.
  48. Forest Mall – Advent 24 Day Calendar, 2 Calendars one Free, one Group Only.  Group is a Free Join.  Free Calendar, and Group Only Calendar.:
  49. Glitter – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Group Only, Group is Free to Join.
  50. Go Frock Yourself – Advent 24 Day Calendar. Free.
  51. Home Whimsy – Group Advent 24 Day Calendar, Group Only, Free to Join.
  52. IC Productions – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free.
  53. I n f u s e d – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free.
  54. Inkheart – Christmas Tree 24 Gifts, Group Only, Free Join. Gifts will be available until January 3rd, 2017.
  55. Kaleidoscope Shopping Mall – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free.
  56. Loordes of London – Advent 24 Day Calendar, $1L each Gift.
  57. AlterEgo – 12 Days of Christmas, starts on December 13th.  Group Only.  The Group is Free to Join Now, once we are close to December 13th, there will be a Fee!  Do not wait!
  58. Lantian Flox – 24 Gifts, Hunt for them for Free, or pay between $25L – $50L.
  59. Lyrical Bizarre Templates   – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Group Only,  $150L Join Fee.
  60. The Mad Hattery – Advent 25 Day Calendar – 50 $L Each Gift
  61. Marquesse – 24 Gifts. Find the Baubles each Day, Touch the Bauble get your Gift.  Group Only, $50LGroup Join Fee.
  62. Inara’s – Advent 25 Day Calendar, Each Gift $1L
  63. Monastery  – Advent 24 Day Calendar Free
  64. Moonstar – Advent 24 Day Calendar Free
  65. Mrs. Santa Christmas Market – Hidden Baubles each Day, Check Hint Board, Free
  66. Needful PIXEL Advent 24 Day Calendar Free
  67. Ollie’s Follies – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free, Past Days sold for 50Ls Each
  68. X-Clusives Animations   Advent 24 Day Calendar, Gift is Free on the actual Day, $49L Per Gift after the date.
  69. Special Moments – Advent 12 Day Calendar, Starts on December 14th, Group Only, Free Join
  70. Small Fry – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Group Only, Free Join
  71. SOIR – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Free
  72. Stelloane – Advent 25 Day Calendar, Free
  73. Stone Works Advent 24 Day Calendar – 25 $L to 75 $L each gift
  74. SUS – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Group Only, Free Join
  75. Suz’s & Gerry’s Mall – Advent 2 24 Day Calendars (Male and Female), Group Only, Free Join
  76. Sway’s   Advent / Hunt, click Sign for HUD and read directions
  77. Sweet Revolutions – Hunt for Package each Day, Group Only. Free to join.
  78. The White Armory – Advent 25 Day Calendar, Free
  79. Timeless Textures – Advent 24 Day Calendar – Free
  80. United IrishCon   Advent – $0L
  81. USC Textures – Advent – Free
  82. Vicarious Youth – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Group Only, 250L Join Fee
  83. Watercolors in The Rain – Advent 24 Day Calendar, Group Only, Free Join
  84. Ama. – 12 Days of Christmas, Free
  85. Flowerdreams   12 Days of Christmas – $10L
  86. Luzifee – 12 Days of Christmas, Gifts Found on Desk, Free
  87. The Retreat   Hunt 10 Gifts, Dec. 1st – 31st
  88. iss Boom – 12 Day of Christmas, 50L – 75L
  89. Lelutka – 12 Days of Christmas, Group Only, Free Join
  90. Snatch 5 Days of Christmas, starting 5 Days Before Christmas, 5 Gifts

4 thoughts on “Advent Calendars 2016

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  3. ummmm where exactly is the Salt & Pepper advent? I’ve seen it listed on a couple of sites, and this site says its confirmed but I see it no where in the store, and no mention of an advent in the notices of the group either.

    • Hello Boop, it seems Salt and Pepper is not having an Advent Calendar this year. They are having the 10,000 Gift Card Raffle. You have to join the group which is $15Ols, touch the raffle board for your chance to win the gift card. Thank you for letting me know of the mistake. ❤

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