Designer Circle, Roulett3, Ducknipple, Wow Skins, Winter’s Hollow, Dark Passions, Plus Free Gifts!

Happy 2017 Everyone!  I had a late night last night and a late start Today!  Here I am though, ready to start 2017 with a blogging vengeance!  My Post Today has a number of Freebies for you, so read through!

Designer Circle’s current Round, #145 is it it’s last week.  Round #145 of Designer Circle started before Christmas and because of the Holidays, this last 2016 Round of Designer Circle was extra long and it ends on January 7th.  Lilliana’s Dress and Chest Tattoo are both Exclusives from DC.  The Dress is Perch’s Cynthia Dress and it’s sold in two Pack Colors, Lilliana is wearing Red, which also includes a Brown Version.  Lillianas’ Tattoo is Queen of Ink’s Floral Moose Tattoo, you get all of your Appliers including SLink, Maitreya, Belleza and OMEGA.

I have a quick preview of what you can get at the upcoming Round of Roulett3.  Roulett3’s January opens on Tuesday, January 3rd and runs through January 23rd.  Lilliana is holding  a super cute Handbag by [Since 1975].  The Whale Bag is 3 Colors and 2 Metal Color, they are resizable and are also Unisex.  My last item from a current Even is  Lilliana’s super pretty Necklace.  The Necklace is Zibska’s Verend Necklace,
it’s two parts, Collar and Necklace.  Zibska’s Verend Necklace has a Color Change HUD with 6 Flower, 18 Pearl and 4 Chain Colors.  The Verend Necklace is Zibska’s Exclusive for Winter’s Hallow.

Ducknipple created a bunch of new Hairstyles for December.  Lilli is wearing Mietjen.  Mietjen is a lovely Tousled Front with a Skinny Braid in the back.  All of Ducknipple’s Hair Styles include a Natural 10 Color HUD.  More New Creations come from WoW Skins.  Lilli is wearing WoW Skins Marcella a brand New OMEGA Face Applier, which she is wearing with LAQ’s Maxine.  Lil is wearing WoW Skins Dark Tan Skin Tone of Marcella. Last new Sponsor release is Dark Passion Koffin Nails December Delights Nail Polish Set.  This New 12 Color Set by Dark Passions is sold at either Maitreya, SLink or OMEGA Appliers, I used the SLink Applier on Lil Today.

Let’s talk Freebies or Gifts, there are a few of them to note, so we will be here a quick minute.  Lilliana’s elegant shoes are your first Freebie.  Well they are Free as long as you are a Slipper Original VIP Groupie.  The Lacey Pumps are a brand new Group Gift for Slipper Groupies.  You Get 3 Colors, plus 2 Metals and Mesh Fits for SLink, Belleza and Maitreya.  There is a small one time join fee for Slipper.  There is another Gift for Slipper Groupies including the Lacey Pumps at the Main Store Now.  Let’s talk about Freebie number two for you.  The Poses I used are a Cosmopolitan Sales Room Gift.  The Poses are Di’s Opera’s Exquisite Pose Set.  The Set includes 5 static poses and is a super nice Gift!  All of the Cosmopolitan Sales Room Gifts are still available, I checked a little while ago, but I wouldn’t wait too long both Christmas and New Year’s is over and those Gifts could disappear at any time.

The Pretty Eyes Lil is wearing are a New Subscriber Gift found at Dulce Secrets.  The Bountiful Eyes in Violet are Dulce Secrets New Exclusive Subscriber Gift.  You Get Mesh and System Eyes in your Bountiful Set.  Last Giftie is an Advent Gift by Chop Zuey.  The beautiful Flying Raisins Ring is Chop Zuey’s Advent Gift #6 for VIP Members.  To join Chop Zuey’s Group, it does cost $350 Lindens,  just take a look at all the Gifts Belle has out for VIPers and you’ll have to admit $350 is still a bargain.  I can tell you as a long time Chop Zuey VIP Member, there are always Gifts, practically every Mont and once Christmas comes around there are at least 12!

I wanted to mention Today Ms. Corleone is wearing her SLink Physique.  There was a recent update to all of SLink’s Mesh Body Parts.  The Physique HUD got a lot of updates, the HUD looks totally different and there are some awesome new things like pre-exisiting Alpha Hide options, for different Clothing items and Boots.  You’ll have to check it out for yourself!  I do have a photo shoot Site, it is The Fallen City .:HERE:.


DRESS:  Perch Cynthia Dress Red and Brown Pack,
worn Red Dress, Brown Version is also Included,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #145 (NEW)
(Round Ends January 7th)

HANDBAG:  [Since 1975] Whale Hand Bag Black,
3 Color Fat Pack Unisex and Resizable,
Exclusive for Roulett3 January Round (NEW)
(Round Opens Tuesday, January 3rd)

HEELS:  Slipper Lacey Pumps Black,
Includes 3 Colors / 2 Metals Plus
SLink, Belleza and Maitreya Fits
Exclusive VIP Group Gift (FEE TO JOIN)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack v1.2.5 (NEW)

POSE: Di’s Opera Exquisite Pose Set, Pose #1,
Exclusive Advent Gift from Cosmopolitan Sales Room (FREE JOIN)


POSE: Di’s Opera Exquisite Pose Set, Pose #2,
Exclusive Advent Gift from Cosmopolitan Sales Room (FREE JOIN)


POSE: Di’s Opera Exquisite Pose Set, Pose #3,
Exclusive Advent Gift from Cosmopolitan Sales Room (FREE JOIN)


POSE: Di’s Opera Exquisite Pose Set, Pose #4,
Exclusive Advent Gift from Cosmopolitan Sales Room (FREE JOIN)


POSE: Di’s Opera Exquisite Pose Set, Pose #5,
Exclusive Advent Gift from Cosmopolitan Sales Room (FREE JOIN)


HAIR:  Ducknipple Mietjen w. 12 Natural Color HUD,
Includes Rigged and Non-Rigged Versions (NEW)

BODY:  SLink Physique Mesh Body v3.02 (NEW)

NECKLACE:  Zibska Verend Necklace,
worn Collar and Necklace Parts,
Exclusive for Winter’s Hallow (NEW)
(Event Closes on January 3rd)

TATTOO:  Queen of Ink Floral Moose Tattoo,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #145 (NEW)

POSE: Di’s Opera Exquisite Pose Set, Pose #3,
Exclusive Advent Gift from Cosmopolitan Sales Room (FREE JOIN)


SKIN:  Wow Skins Marcella OMEGA Face Applier
worn Dark Tan Skin Tone, New Release (NEW)

HEAD: LAQ Mesh Head Maxine 1.0 (NEW)

EYES:  Dulce Secrets Bountiful Eyes in Violet,
New Exclusive Subscriber Gift (FREE)

RING:  Chop Zuey Flying Raisins Ring,
Women’s VIP Group Advent Gift Day 6 (FEE TO JOIN)

RING:  JCNY Greatest Love, Engraving Combo Wedding Ring (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Passions Koffin Nails December Delights Set (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Female Multipack v.2.5.1,
worn Casual Hand on Right and Elegant 1 on Left (NEW)


POSE: Di’s Opera Exquisite Pose Set, Pose #5,
Exclusive Advent Gift from Cosmopolitan Sales Room (FREE JOIN)


Menswear Fashion Week 2016

This Post is all for the Men of Second Life.  I won’t be Blogging this Event, sorry guys, I don’t have a male on my staff, actually I don’t have a staff at all it’s just me, myself and I.  Some female Bloggers will dress up as a male. I just don’t have it in me.  I have a hard time getting my Posts out with Lilliana.

Menswear Fashion Week 2016 (5)

This Event is a big one and it benefits Relay for LifeSiren Productions & SCALA along with Designing SL, Dope Magazine, ECLIPSE Magazine, L’HOMME, MENStuff, ModeLS Magazine, SL Live Radio welcome you to Menswear Fashion Week 2016 June 10th-19th, 2016! Menswear Fashion Week has been around for 7 years now bringing great men’s fashion, exciting shows, fun parties, and well dressed men to the forefront of the grid. We have some very exciting this planed as we jet set off to the capital of Haute Couture Paris France..

Menswear Fashion Week 2016 (3)

We are bringing you the brightest and best of Mens Fashion in Second Life! We are so proud to have so many wonderful designers back with us to bring you the finest Gabriel, Akeruka, Vitamen, United Colors, D I R A M for Men, ^^Swallow^^, and Zibska to name a few. Having booked their ticket and joining us this year are some hot new designers ODDITY, Outlier, Breath, White City, and F.A.T. There will be a little bit of everything from new skins and charming accessories to wonderful new clothes all being featured at this years wonderful event.

Menswear Fashion Week 2016 (2)

This will be our third year participating with Relay for Life. We are so excited! We wanted to raise 150K last year and we managed to raise 173K. This year we want to shoot for 175K We know we can get there. We have some fun stuff planned including a model funk tank, dance party, and a live event all in the works. Not to mention all the designers are creating releases just to benefit RFL!

That is just the beginning though we have some fabulous themed shows including a visit from Mount Olympus and visiting the temples and ancient ruins of the home of the Gods. We have a few more prizes in store that we will be announcing soon. To follow us check out the website as we develop more details about the parties and calender. You can find info at You can also follow us on Facebook at

To See all the hot new releases join our Flickr group:

If that is not enough there will be tons of new sensational clothing for the fashionable man about Second Life! Each and every designer is debuting fabulous new releases at the event! Some are even debuting entirely new collections. This will be the first place to see them and purchase them! Get them while they are hot and fresh!

We hope to see you all at Menswear Fashion Week 2016!

Siren Productions Logo MWFW 2016 Logo

Stay Tuned… Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016

J&A Expo 2016 Teaser Coming Feb 26th, 2016

This Post is all about getting you all excited and for you to start thinking about budgeting your Lindens for the Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016!  The Jewelry & Accessory Expo is exactly what the name states.  It’s an Expo with all of your favorite Jewelry & Accessory Designers!  The Expo starts on Feb. 26th, 2016 and runs until March 5th, 2016.  Spread the News, and read more below…

J&A Expo 2016 Ad Boylesque Boys Coming Feb 26th

Official Press Release Below:

Ladies and Gentlemen Siren Productions and SCALA invite you to a world of sin and depravity where the Boylesque Boys are HOT and the Cabaret Girls are dangerous. Come and join us along with Designing SL, ModeLS Magazine, ECLIPSE Magazine, THEMA Publications, ModeLS Magazine, Dope Magazine, L’Homme, MENStuff, WOMENStuff, and, SL Live Radio as we hit the world of burlesque for this years Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016. Feb. 26th-March 5th, 2016 will be at the Cabaret with a little bit of vintage touches. We will see a bit of Dorothy Parkers NY, Cole Porters Broadway, Tin Pan Alley, and the Follies with a dash of a modern aesthetic to bring it all together. Find classic vintage finds mixed with seamed stockings and just a hint of modern to make it current.

Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 is set to kick off on Feb 26th, 2016 with shows from Lazuri and Zibska. Not to mention a host of wonderful other designers including Wicca’s Wardrobe, Lavian & Co., and Taox Tattoo to name a few. We have fun in store for you from over 60 fabulous designers of Jewelry, Shoes, Purses, Hats, Belts, Make-up, Headbands, Body Jewelry, and more. Faster Pussycat, PurpleMoon Creations, Tres Beau, Kunglers, and Meva, are only a small fraction of the designers who will be present. You will get to see all the creations from the designers on the runway on Friday Feb. 26th, 2015 at  5pm with Siren Productions and SCALA. There are shows and parties planned the entire week!

To stay up to date with goings on including an exciting Boylesque Boys show and one featuring the Cabaret Girls at Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2016 please be sure to visit to grab a complete schedule and more info. Do not forget to bring something to cool you down because your temperature is going to rise.

Prepare yourself for a rip roarin’ good time…

Lexie Jansma
Siren Productions CEO

J&A Expo 2016 Logo

Get Ready! The 24 2015 is Coming!

The 24 2015 Femme Ad

Last Year I blogged Siren Productions 24 Squared, it’s back, but this Year called The 24 2015!  What is The 24 2015?  It’s a week long Special Event, that opens on Sept. 11th and runs until Sept. 19th!  There will be entertainment and parties during the week.

72 of your favorite second life Designers will be there, with exclusives!  What kind of items will you be able to find there?  Menswear,  Womenswear,  Accessories, Skins,  Furniture, Homes, Decor and Much, Much More!

The 24 2015 Homme Ad

Siren Productions Press Release:

Will you be able to snatch up our limited edition exclusives before they are all gone?

Cultured The Magazine, Designing SL, Dope Magazine, ECLIPSE Magazine, HomeStuff, iNOVARE Magazine, L’Homme, MenStuff, ModeLS Magazine, SCALA, Siren Productions, SL Live Radio, and WomenStuff are kicking off The 24 2015, this summer time staple, September 11th-19th 2015. We are taking it back to it’s roots with bigger designers, bolder designs, and we are bringing back the home and furniture designers. All limited editions exclusives for the discerning individuals in Second Life who like to be and individual and unique in what they wear, how they look, and the environment that surrounds them. Do not Miss Out on This Event!

We have an entire week of shows and events planned with some of our amazing designers including Lybra, Gabriel, Rfyre, RICIELLI, Lavian & Co., h.m.a.e.m, Zibska, Champagne Sparkling Couture, BENDER, United Colors, and K E L I N I. We also are giving a sneak peak at all the hot Exclusive Limited Editions on the runway with a special show on Sept 12th, 2015 at 6pm. There will be a fabulous opening party with Cultured The Magazine and the incomparable SL Live Will be closing the house down on Sept 19th, 2015 at 2pm Right After the Pop Stars Show. Come shop, party, and have fun with some of the top designers N4RS, Stockholm & Lima, Tres Beau, RAPTURE, WoW Skins, Diram, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Dynasty, and Bravura! Homme to name a small few taking part.

The level of designers this year and the inclusion of home designers can not be beat. That means that not only will you look unique but your home can as well. Express your uniqueness with limited editions skins, hair, make-up, accessories, and clothing. Show off your individual design aesthetic and tastes with the limited edition furniture, home accessories, and outdoor items. With only 150 being produced and sold you are not going to see these items on everyone across the grid. Stay up to date with information on the event including a complete list of designers, calenders, and more information as it develops at

What will you find that is a must have…

The 24 2015 Home Ad

The 24 Sept 11th-19th, 2015 Trans