La Vian & Co., Designer Showcase, Latreia, Thrift Shop 10, Vestige Poses, WoW Skins, SWANK, Color Me Project and Lots More!

Let’s see what do I want to tell you all Today. I don’t have anything special to say, I can tell you it is so freaking hot here in New York, taking the subway to work is murder, you literally bake down there!  I can also vent on how I hate Residents who come to my rental land and harass my Residents in Aurora Town.  Everyone is allowed to visit and wander, walk around, but when you enter someone’s rental home and are asked to leave, get the F*@K Out!  LOL!

I think I need to keep it to just Lilliana’s Look!  We are about half-way through the Month of  August, there are still some great Monthly Events with lots of time to still visit, like Designer Showcase, The Thrift Shop 10 and SWANK.  I am giving one last look at the Black & White Round of Color Me Project.  Color Me Project’s current round is closing on the 20th for preparation for the new round that will open on the 25th. The Designers that Lilliana is showing Today are La Vian & Co., Latreia, Truth, WoW Skins, Belleza, Mon Cheri, Dulce Secrets, Sky, Indulge Temptation, JCNY, Dark Passions and Vestige Poses.

Lilliana’s entire Outfit is La Vian & Co’s. Red Label One Summer Night.  The One Summer Night Outfit is an Exclusive found at Designer Showcase.  Like all of La Vian & Co’s. Outfits it includes a HUD of 48 Pantone colors and the HUD works each piece independently.  Just think of all the possible color combinations!  Also found at Designer Showcase are Lilliana’s Eyes!  Yep, she’s wearing another color from Dulce Secrets Terra Firma Mesh Eyes, this time is Hydrangea! One last thing to say about Designer Showcase, once you land, take a good look around.  Designer Showcase got a overhall.  The Designer Showcase is now a more open Mall set up, it looks great, I love it!

Check out Lilli’s Sandals!  Are they Tuff or what! I am loving these!  You can take a closer look by double clicking on my Photos.  The Sandals are a New Release by Latreia for The Thrift Shop 10.  Latreia’s Redemption are for SLink High Feet and are available in all sorts of colors that are sold separately.  Another Exclusive from The Thrift Shop 10 is Vestige Poses Red Carpet Pose Set F #1 and #2.  I used Poses from both Sets.  There are also Male Versions and some nice Couple Poses too!

Lil’s Hair is Truth’s Lola from the Black and Whites Fat Pack.  Lola is a fairly new Hair Style by Truth.  The Skin is WoW Skins Vanny in Golden Tan.  WoW’s Vanny is Exclusive for SWANK Event!  Since Lil is wearing her Belleza Isis I used WoW Skins Belleza Appliers!  Still wearing my *Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Mesh Lashes, still loving these bad boys!

Ms. Corleone’s Accessories start with Sky’s Imagine Earrings in White an Exclusive for Color Me Project. Remember Color Me Project’s Current Round (B&W), closes on August 20th to start set up for the next round.  I guess the next item would be considered a piercing.  Ms. C is wearing Indulge Temptation Sexy Diamonds, which can be attached to the Chest, Belly and Pelvis. !IT’s! Sexy Diamond also comes with a 24 Color HUD and the Nail Polish, it’s Dark Passions Lane Up Your Alley!  SLink HUD.  I want to say I really suck!  DP’s Up Your Alley Nail Polish is an Exclusive Hunt Gift for the Lane Queens & Kings Hunt.  The reason I suck is the Hunt ended on August 17th!  I am a Day late:(  The little bit of good news is that the Hunt item is still available for $2 Lindens, so if you hurry you might be able to get it.  Don’t wait too long because as the Hunt is officially over, Dark Passions can remove their Hunt item at any time!

Yes I have a photo shoot site.  All photos were taken at the lovely Ceiram SIM Tempelhof, and can be visited .:HERE:.

aug. 17th post, pose #4_cropped

OUTFIT:  La Vian & Co. Red Label One Summer Night w.HUD,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

SANDALS:  Latreia Redemption in Black {SLink High Feet},
Exclusive for Thrift Shop 10 (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High

POSE:  Vestige Poses Red Carpet Pose Set F #1, Pose #4,
Exclusive for Thrift Shop 10 (NEW)

aug. 17th post, pose #5_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Red Carpet Pose Set F #1, Pose #5,
Exclusive for Thrift Shop 10 (NEW)

Aug. 17th Post, Pose #6_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Red Carpet Pose Set F #2, Pose #6,
Exclusive for Thrift Shop 10 (NEW)

aug. 17th post, pose #1hs_cropped

HAIR:  Truth Lola the Black and Whites Fat Pack (NEW)

SKIN:  WoW Skins Vanny in Golden Tan,
Exclusive for SWANK Event (NEW)

SHAPE:  WoW Skins Mya Shape (NEW)

APPLIERS:  WoW Skins Belleza, Slink Hands
and Feet in Golden (NEW)

MESH BODY:  Belleza Isis (NEW)

EYELASHES:   *Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes w.HUD Pack 1 (NEW)

EYES:  ::Dulce Secrets:: Hydrangea Terra Firma Mesh Eyes,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

EARRINGS:  Sky Imagine Earrings White,
Exclusive for Color Me Project (NEW)

PIERCING:  Indulge Temptation Sexy Diamonds w.HUD (NEW)

WEDDING BAND:  JCNY ‘Greatest Love, Engraving Edition,
worn Combo Engagement and Wedding Rings (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Passions Lane Up Your Alley SLink HUD,
Exclusive Hunt Gift for the Lane Queens & Kings Hunt ($2Ls)
(Note the LQ&K Hunt Officially closed on August 17th.
Dark Passions Hunt gift was still available as of this Posting,
The gift will probably be removed soon, be advised)

DP Up Your Alley Nail Polish_001
Dark Passions Lane Up Your Alley and JCNY’s
Greatest Love Combo Engagement Wedding Rings)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Female Casual Hands

POSE:  Vestige Poses Red Carpet Pose Set F #1, Pose #1,
Exclusive for Thrift Shop 10 (NEW)

aug. 17th post, pose #2hs_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Red Carpet Pose Set F #1, Pose #2,
Exclusive for Thrift Shop 10 (NEW)

Designer Showcase, Hello Tuesday, Color Me Project, My SLink Obsession, Tameless @ Hair Fair 2015, 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ OMG Gacha, EVA Sales Room, Real Eyes Freebie and More!

I have a nice little Weekday Post for you, my fans!  If you like what you see, your shopping adventure Today will take you to some of the Grids best discount Events like Designer Showcase, Hello Tuesday, Color Me Project, My SLink Obsession and Eva Sales Room!

I am also showing a preview of one of Tameless Hair’s new Exclusives from Hair Fair 2015 and one of 7 Deadly s{K}ins Exclusive from OMG Gacha!  Let’s get this going Today and see where you can get what and a peek at the nice little Freebie I found for you!

Lilliana is wearing a lovely little Summer Dress by Entice called From This Moment.  She is wearing the Circles version of the Dress which includes 3 colors and there are other textures sold separately if you prefer. The From This Moment Dress is Entice’s Exclusive for the Designer Showcase.  Lilliana’s delicate Sandals, I like the word delicate for these, are VG’s Rio in Moss for your SLink High Feet.  VG’s Rio is one of there many Exclusives for the Green Round over at Color Me Project.

I finally get to talk about another Hair Fair Exclusive!  This time Lilli is wearing one of Tameless Hair’s Exclusives.  Vida is one of 5 New Hair Styles being sold Exclusively at Hair Fair 2015.  Remember if you get any Hair Fair 2015 Exclusive from Tameless or any of the Hair Fair Designers, a percentage of their Sales is donated to Wigs for Kids!  Next is Lilli’s Skin, I love it, the Dark Lips are so Me and the freckles are so cute!  I really like this Skin!  You probably want to know who’s Skin it is and where can you get it!  The Skin is 7 Deadly s{K}ins Heather in the Taupe Skin Tone which is a Rare Prize for OMG Gacha, so you have to win it!  If you need any skin appliers, don’t forget, 7 Deadly s{K}ins has them all!  Lilli used 7 Deadly’s SLink Total Body Skin Applier.  Since I’m talking Hair and Skins which are Body Parts, I thought this would be a good place to talk about Lilli’s Eyes.  They are Free and I think their really nice and look Real, just like the Designer Stores name, Real Eyes!  These Green Eyes, come in a Box of 3 Colors and is a New Resident Freebie, I know I’m by far a Newbie, but you can buy the box for 0 Lindens, so I say Free for everyone!

Lil’s got on another one of those Garter Tats.  The Flowers and Leafs Garter Tat is Pervette’s Hello Tuesday Exclusive, it’s 50% off Regular Price, for one week.  Today I have another Hello Tuesday Exclusive the Meva Silver Ring Set, is Meva’s Exclusive for Hello Tuesday which fit regular SL Hands, of course, Maitreya and SLink Casual Hands.  We are sort of talking accessories here so let’s continue with Lil’s Earrings and Necklace they are Maxi Gossamer Dream Feathers Collection.  The Necklace Set includes a Long and Short Version and has a touch Color Change, the Earrings are sold separately, and include 3 Versions, plus the touch Color Changing.  The Bracelet is another Gacha get, it’s [since 1975] WYF Sexy Bracelet in Silver, a Gacha Prize for EVA Sales Room!

Last two Items to talk about are Ms. Corleone’s Nail Polish and Poses.  I am talking about these together because they are both Exclusives at the Current go round over at My SLink Obsession.  The Nail Polish is by  [Stellar], called Diamonds R 4Ever Super Gloss Nail Polish and the Poses are all from Signature Poses Nicki Pose Set, both can be found at My SLink Obsession.  I found a new Photo Shoot Site Today!  It’s really cool, it looks like it has something to do with Super Heros but it has lots of nice builds for photo ops, the Site is Hattusa City .:HERE:.

July 13th Post #1v2_cropped

DRESS:  Entice From This Moment Dress Circles,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

TAT:  Pervette Flowers and Leafs Garter Tattoo,
Exclusive for Hello Tuesday (NEW)

SANDALS:  VG Rio in Moss for SLink High Feet,
Exclusive for Color Me Project (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High

POSE:  Signature Poses Nicki Pose Set, Pose #1,
Exclusive for My SLink Obsession (NEW)

July 13th Post #2_cropped

POSE:  Signature Poses Nicki Pose Set, Pose #2,
Exclusive for My SLink Obsession (NEW)

July 13th Post #3_cropped

POSE:  Signature Poses Nicki Pose Set, Pose #3,
Exclusive for My SLink Obsession (NEW)

July 13th Post #4_cropped

POSE:  Signature Poses Nicki Pose Set, Pose #4,
Exclusive for My SLink Obsession (NEW)

July 13th Post #5_cropped

POSE:  Signature Poses Nicki Pose Set, Pose #5,
Exclusive for My SLink Obsession (NEW)

July 13th Post #1hs_cropped

HAIR:  Tameless Vida from Fades Pack,
Exclusive for Hair Fair 2015 (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s{K}ins Heather Taupe Skin Tone, Rare Prize,
Exclusive for OMG Gacha Event (NEW)

SHAPE:  WoW Skins Ahlam Shape (NEW)

BODY:  SLink Physique Mesh Body v.2.3.1 (NEW)

EYELASHES:  Gaeline Creations (*GA*)  Mesh Lashes Fantasia w. HUD (NEW)

EYES:  Real Eyes HD3 New Green,
New Resident Gift (FREE)

NECKLACE:  Maxi Gossamer Dream Feathers,
Includes Long and Short Versions, Plus Color Changing, worn Short (NEW)

EARRINGS:  Maxi Gossamer Dream Feathers,
Includes 3 Versions, Plus Color Changing (NEW)

BRACELET:  [since 1975] WYF Sexy Bracelet in Silver,
Gacha Prize for EVA Sales Room (NEW)

RINGS:  Meva Silver Ring Set,
Fits Maitreya and SLink Casual Hands
Exclusive for Hello Tuesday (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  [Stellar] Diamonds R 4Ever Super Gloss Nail Polish HUD,
Exclusive for My SLink Obsession (NEW)

 Blog  Post stellar nail polish hud_cropped
([Stellar] Diamonds R 4Ever Super Gloss Nail Polish HUD)

Blog  Post Nail Polish for July 13th_cropped
(Diamonds R 4Ever Super Gloss Nail Polish)

WEDDING BAND:  JCNY ‘Greatest Love, Engraving Edition,
worn Combo Engagement and Wedding Rings (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Female Casual Right
Hand and Elegant 1 Left Hand

July 13th Post #3hs_cropped

Ducknipple, D-Style, Vestige Poses, The Instruments, Truth, WoW Skins, The Black Dot Event, -{ZOZ}-, Group Gift, and More!

Today’s Post is going to show you how wonderful people is SL can be to each other.  I have two stories to tell with two of the accessories Lilliana is wearing.  Intrigued aren’t you?  Read the Post through and you’ll find out what I am talking about.  I have lots of Welcome to Aurora Town personal Sponsor New Releases to talk about too. New Release come from Ducknipple, and D-Style.  Plus Sponsors at Sales Events like WoW Skins Exclusive for The Black Dot Event and Vestige Poses Exclusive for The Instruments. My Group Gift is -{ZOZ’s}-, plus there is lots more, so let’s get it on!

Lilliana’s Top is Ducknipple’s new KKK Shirt.  The KKK Shirt comes with 2 HUDs, one with plain Colors and one with the colors and  “I want to Ki__ you” sentence.  The Jeans are D-Style’s new Grunge Ripped Jeans.  D-Style’s Grunge Ripped Jeans are for Maitreya’s Lara and Belleza’s Venus, you get the  Appliers.  Something else by Ducknipple are Lilliana’s Sandals they are another New Release, they are called Mokka Heels and include a color change HUD.

Lilli’s Hair is TRUTH’s New Randa from Black & Whites.  The Skin is .::WoW Skins::. V2 Rebeckha in the Dark Tan Skin Tone, Exclusive for The Black Dot Project. If you are a VIP Group Member of -{ZOZ}-, you can get Junes Group Gift which is the Fun Scuba Blue Polish HUD for SLinks.  To be a Group Member of -{ZOZ}- you need to pay a one time fee of $150 Lindens.  You can get a new Beautiful Nail Polish Each Month as a -{ZOZ}- Group Member.  Hey if you are a Payment on File Resident, you just got 20 more spaces for groups, why not be -{ZOZ}-, Nail Polish, Footwear and More!  -{ZOZ}- is also have a 40% Off Sale on Everything in the Store until June 26th!

I have lots of accessories to talk about and here is where I’m going to tell you some nice stories.  Lil’s Earrings and Necklace is Maxi Gossamer Arabella Wild Pearls.  So the other Day Maxi chatted in group that for 60 minutes, she was discounted the Arabella Wild Pearls Set for only $100 Lindens on MarketPlace.  I was at RL work, I usually log onto answer rental questions and to organize my inventory, the internet and my laptop are the most powerful, they get the job done though.  Also for some reason, my firewall lets me log into SL, but not MarketPlace.  I chatted this in the Group saying maybe next time for me, because of my Firewall.  Well not only did Maxi herself IM me, but two random Residents reached out and one of them gifted me the set.  I even told her I would pay her, she wouldn’t have asked me to pay it forward.  I am looking for my pay it forward moment:)

Once in a while, I photograph my SL Wedding Ring.  My Ring Set is by JCNY and mad old, but I love it, it has sentimental value.  So I recently went to JCNY to look around, see what’s new, etc.  I did notice that JD Hanson was having this Event, welcoming her back to SL.  If you were a group member, you could come to the JCNY’s Main Store on Wednesday’s from 10am – 2pm SLT and meet JD Hanson in person and pick any item in the JCNY store $5,000 Lindens and under and she would give it to you as her gift. Of course I had to try this.  It was this past Wednesday, I stood on-line, I had to do this from RL Work, I was praying I wouldn’t crash and I did, but the other group members kept my space.  I finally did it, I met JD and sure enough I asked her if I could have her ‘Greatest Love, Engraving Edition, Wedding Rings Set and guess what?  Lewis and I have new Wedding Rings!  You can see mine below.  Unfortunately I think last Wednesday was JD’s last meet and greet, but continuing her welcome back the entire JCNY Store is 50% Off!   I say join the group, its free, and you never know, maybe JD decides to do her Wild Wednesday’s again….

See how wonderful some SL Resident are.  From the Resident who gifted me the Maxi Set and for JD Hanson being so generous and giving anyone who showed up to meet her what they wanted.  Gotta love SL! 🙂 I still have more to talk about, so back to more of what Lil is wearing.  Lil has on 3 different Bracelets.  Bracelet number one on Lil’s right are is Eudora3D’s Runes of the North Bracelet with color change HUD, on Lil’s left arm is LUXE’s Wooden Bohemian Cuff in Black  and last on Lil’s Left Arm is [Since 1975’s] Peace Multiple Bracelet Set also with a HUD, and this last Bracelet is an Exclusive from Cosmopolitan Sales Room.

End of the Post coming up now, so Pose Time Today’s Poses are all from Vestige Poses Leticia Pose Set 1.  I showed two from the Leticia Set in my last post, but promised I would use them again and here they are.  Vestige Poses Leticia Pose Set is Exclusive for The Instruments.  My photo shoot site was Crestwick Island .:HERE:.

June 20th Post Pic #3_cropped

TOP:  Ducknipple KKK Shirt w.HUDs Colors and Words (NEW)

  June 20th DN KKK Shirt HUD
(Ducknipple KKK Shirt HUD)

JEANS:  D-Style Grunge Ripped Jeans
Maitreya and Belleza Appliers (NEW)

SANDALS:  Ducknipple Mokka Heels w.HUD {for SLink High Feet} (NEW)

June 20th Post DN Mokka Heels HUD(Ducknipple Mokka Heels HUD)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High

POSE:  Vestige Poses Leticia Pose Set 1, Pose  #3,
Exclusive for The Instruments (NEW)

June 20th Post Pic #4_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Leticia Pose Set 1, Pose  #4,
Exclusive for The Instruments (NEW)

June 20th Post Pic #5_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Leticia Pose Set 1, Pose  #5,
Exclusive for The Instruments (NEW)

June 20th Post Pic #1hs_cropped

HAIR:  TRUTH Randa from Black & Whites Pack (NEW)

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. V2 Rebeckha in Dark Tan Skin Tone,
Exclusive from The Black Dot Project (NEW)

BODY:  Belleza Venus Mesh Body (NEW)

APPLIERS:  .::WoW Skins ::. Belleza and
SLink Hands/ Feet Dark Tan Skin Tone Appliers (NEW)

SHAPE:  WoW Skins V2 Susse Shape (NEW)

EYES:  Hudson Clothing Co. Easter Morning
Deep Moss Fleck Mesh Eyes (NEW)

EYELASHES:  Gaeline Creations Mesh Lashes Fantasia (NEW)

Maxi Gossamer
Arabella Wild Pearls (NEW)

BRACELET:  Eudora3D Runes of the North Bracelet w.HUD (NEW)
(Right Arm of Lilliana)

June 20th Eudora Bracelet HUD
(Eudora 3D Runes Bracelet HUD)

CUFF: LUXE Wooden Bohemian Cuff in Black (NEW)
(Left Arm of Lilliana)

BRACELET:  [Since 1975] Peace Multiple Bracelets w.HUD,
Exclusive from Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)
(Left Arm of Lilliana)

June 20th Post Peace Bracelet HUD_001
([Since 1975 Peace Multiple Bracelets HUD)

NAIL POLISH:  -{ZOZ}- Fun HUD Scuba Blue Polish for SLinks,
Exclusive VIP Group Gift (FEE TO JOIN)

June 20th Post ZOZ Scuba Nail HUD
(-ZOZ- Fun Scuba Blue Polish HUD)

June 20th Post Pic #Nail Polish and Ring_cropped
( -{ZOZ}- Fun HUD Scuba Blue Nail Polish and
JCNY Greatest Love Wedding Ring Set)

RING:  JCNY ‘Greatest Love, Engraving Edition, Wedding Rings Set
50% Off Store-Wide Sale Event (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Female Elegant and Elegant 1 Hands

POSE:  Vestige Poses Leticia Pose Set 1, Pose  #1,
Exclusive for The Instruments (NEW)

June 20th Post Pic #2hs_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Leticia Pose Set 1, Pose  #2,
Exclusive for The Instruments (NEW)