Pure Sales Room, Room69, Stuff in Stock, Truth

Pure Sales Room, lots of Niceness out of there this Round.  We are on the second week of PSR, you still have a nice full week to get what I am previewing below and much, much more. PSR Previews are by Silhouettes, La Fleur, IOS, Rainbows, Souled Out, Xen’s, and Baubles! by Phe!

Previewing [ZENTRO] from Room69.  Next post will feature lots more from Room69, and also more from Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room, so keep coming back! I am also wearing another set of lovely nails by Quintessencia for Stuff in Stock, the second new Hairstyle by Truth and some more odds and ends accessories I found wandering, enjoy all! 😀

_Pure Sales Room Aug 10th_cropped

DRESS: Silhouettes: Ruffle and Tail Dress, Available at Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SANDALS: La Fleur: Carla High Platform Sandals Leather Intense in Red, Available at Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: IOS Jewelry #1L from Set, Available at Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

_Pure Sales Room Aug 10th_Half shot_001

HAIR: TRUTH Misty Black & Whites 05 w/Headband Color Change HUD (NEW) – .:HERE:.

EARRINGS: Virtual Impressions Elizabeth Platinum, Diamonds & Rubies – .:HERE:.

CHOKER: Rainbows Diamond Choker w/Color HUD, Available at Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

WEDDING BAND: Rainbows Pink N White Diamond Platinum Wedding Set, Available at Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

BRACELET: Rainbows 15 Assortment Pack in Platinum w/Stones~n~Gem Dark Ruby – .:HERE:.

NAILS: – Quintessencia – Nail 18 Model Square l, Available at Stuff in Stock (NEW) – .:HERE:.

_Pure Sales Room Aug 10th_#2_cropped

OUTFIT: Souled Out Glitter & Glam in Nite, Includes Mesh Vest, Pants, Gloves
and Boots, Available at Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: IOS Moira #3 L from Set, Available at Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

_Pure Sales Room Aug 10th_#2_half shot_cropped

HAT: Xen’s Hats Bogart Fedora in White, Available at Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

JEWELRY SET: Baubles! by Phe Pop Art, Available at Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

TAT: [ZENTRO] Music 2 Unisex, Available at Room69 (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Pure Sales Room, Delirium Style, Summer Break Festival & Group Gifts!

My first full post for Pure Sales Room.  I have just been added as part of the Team with this great Bi-Weekly Sales Event. I am previewing Kaithleen’s, Pin Me Up Poses, Pink Acid, Mimi’s, Loordes of London, [Starry Heaven], Xen’s, and -POUDRE-, all from the current round at Pure!

Delirium Style just put out these hot Jeans for the ladies which include a HUD to change the laced to different colors, 8 to be exact. I absolutely Love my [Gos] Lauren d’Orsay Sandals, its the truffle collection a Taupe and Cream Color is what you get at the Boutique Round.

I am also previewing a full body Tat by Letis, available at the Summer Break Festival.  New Jewelry by Maxi Gossamer from Collabor and a few new group gifts by Moondance, Virtual Impressions and Pure Poison!

Pure Sales Room #1_cropped

TOP: Kaithleen’s Buckled Up Top in Purple for Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

JEANS: D-Style Laced Jeans w/Color Change HUD for 8 different Lace Colors (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SANDALS: [Gos] Boutique Lauren d’Orsay Truffle Collection for The Boutique (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: -Pin me up-Poses Shoe Poses, Front 2 from Set for Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Pure Sales Room #1_Half Shot_cropped
LIPS: Pink Acid
Subtle Lip Gloss & Cake Frosting Gloss Duo Pack Lavendar for Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

NECKLACE & EARRINGS: Virtual Impressions Patricia in Lilac & White Gemstones Group Gift (FREE JOIN) – .:HERE:.

BRACELET: Rainbow’s Gem Bracelets 15 Asst Platinum Bracelets Included for Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

NAILS: Moondance Boutique Square Midnight Lilacs Fashion Stars Gift – (No Longer Available)

Pure Sales Room #2_001v2_cropped

DRESS & COLLAR: Mimi’s Malice Outfit in Black for Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

BOOTS: Loordes of London Soonsara in Persimmon & Mustard for Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: [Starry Heaven] Satomi #4 from Set for Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Pure Sales Room #2_001v2_Half Shot_cropped

HAT: Xen’s Norman in Black for Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SKIN: -POUDRE- [Selen] – MT – for Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

TAT: Letis Tattoo :: Diphda :: MM13015 for Summer Break Festival (NEW) – .:HERE:.

EARRINGS & RINGS: MG – Earrings – Disco Lover Sparkly Cross for Collabor (NEW) – .:HERE:.

BRACELETS: Pure Poison Danielle Bracelets in Silver (worn) and Gold Group Gift (FEE TO JOIN) – .:HERE:.

pure sales room logo

Acid Lily

Let me begin Today by saying Happy 4th of July to my Fellow Americans!

Acid Lily  Round is the main focus of Today’s Post, previews from Designers Lavanda Chic, Kaithleen’s and Loordes of London.  Jewelry accents are by Baubles! by Phe and a Group Gift by Virtual Impressions. Poses are courtesy of IOS from Room69 Round and .:[Le Petite Purr]:. Set for Designer Circle.

I am wearing hair by .Ploom and Magika, don’t forget 50% off Sale at Magika until July 10th.  Also wearing the new Group Gift by Baby Monkey, did you know that this weekend is a free join weekend at BM?  If you didn’t know, now you do!  I also found a nice set of Nails by Moondance for Fashion Stars, join the Fashion Stars Group and get the nails, there are a few more nice gift from cool Designers… 🙂

Photo Shoot Site, Biker’s Bay:  .:HERE:.

Acid Lily #1_cropped

TOP: Lavanda Chic *Plum Top* in White for Acid Lily Round (NEW) – .:HERE:.

LEGGINGS: Lark Sweet Girl Leggins in Black Lace Solid for Room69 Round (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SANDALS: BM Ultimate Kalia July 4th Mini Set White (worn), Red & Blue Group Gift (Fee TO JOIN) – .:HERE:.
(This weekend is a free join weekend at Baby Monkey)

POSE: IOS Jacqueline Pose #4 R from Pose Set for Room69 Round (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Acid Lily #1_Halfshot IOS#4 R_cropped

EARRINGS AND BRACELETS: Baubles! by Phe So Much For Vegas Set (NEW) –.:HERE:.

HAIR: .Ploom Asch in Browns – .:HERE:.

Acil Lily #2_cropped

DRESS: Kaithleen’s 50’s Retro Polka Dot Dress Mesh Blue for Acid Lily Round (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SHOES: Loordes of London Ailith Booties in Blue Tweed for Acid Lily Round (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: .:[Le Petite Purr]:. Flirty*Fashionista Pose #3 from Pose Set for Designer Circle Round (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Acil Lily #2_Hafl Shot FF #3_cropped

HAIR: Magika [01] Honest 50% Off Sale Until July 10th – .:HERE:.

NECKLACE & EARRINGS: Virtual Impressions Theresa in Aqua Pearls & Topaz Group Gift (FREE JOIN) – .:HERE:.

NAILS: Moondance Boutique Square Extra Long Midnight Lilacs Fashion Stars Group Gift (FREE JOIN) – .:HERE:.

BRACELETS: Baubles! by Phe Irridescent Scales Baub! in Blues (NEW) – .:HERE:.

S&C, Loordes of London, Ducknipple and HUSH

Sugar & Cyanide or S&C is all over my post today.  Lots of really, really beautiful items being created by Designer Jaysee Netizen.  The Store is newly re-opened with inventory filling up fast!  All of the outfits below include the Lola Tango Appliers, not wearing mine Today.

To go with the lovely outfits I am wearing Shoes by Loordes of London and Baby Monkey.  Jewelery is either freebies, group gifts or cheapies from Virtual Impression, Earthstones, and Two Sisters Treasures, except for the brand new Color Change Lotus Cuffs from Ducknipple.  Poses are all new and from Starry Heaven again!

Oh wow and my Skin is one of the newest ones from [HUSH]. My last posts I wore the Sage and Blue versions, today its the pink version in Cocoa Skin Tone.  I have the newer, newer one called Jenny.  I will bring her in my future posts this week along with lots of news from Ducknipple and new rounds at the favorite Sales Events. Stay tuned… 🙂

S&C Chole Dress in Red, BM Pumps, VI Jewelry, Hush Pink_Last Time_cropped

DRESS: .S&C. Chloe Dress in Red w/Lola Tango Applier (Not Worn), also available in Blue, Bubblegum, and Shades (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SHOES: Baby Monkey Platform Pumps worn Red All Colours Pack ($10 Lindens) – .:HERE:.

POSE: [Starry Heaven] Misora #1 from Pose Pack (NEW) – .:HERE:.

S&C Chole Dress in Red, BM Pumps, VI Jewelry, Hush Pink_Close Up_Last Time_cropped

SKIN: [HUSH] Charlotte Pink worn Cocoa Skin Tone (NEW) – .:HERE:.

EYELASHES: [HUSH] Lush Lashes – .:HERE:.

JEWELRY SET: Virtual Impressions Pippa Set Group Gift (FREE JOIN) – .:HERE:.

S&C Summer Dress, Hush Pink, Natural Lips, BM, Earthstones, M5_cropped

DRESS: .S&C.  SUMMER in Mint Delight, also available in Darkness, Purple Haze, Brownie, Cotton Candy, Ombre and Vino (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SANDALS: Baby Monkey Ultimate Britta All Colours Pack ($10 Lindens) – .:HERE:.

POSE: [Starry Heaven] Misora #4 from Pose Pack (NEW) – .:HERE:.

S&C Summer Dress, Hush Pink, Natural Lips, BM, Earthstones, M5_half Shot LT_001

MAKE-UP TAT: [Hush] Lipcolors Natural Juicy.:HERE:.

JEWELRY SET: EarthStones Lora Set in Turquoise Silver for Free Dove (FREE) – .:HERE:.

BRACELET: EarthStones Blake in Black Onyx for Free Dove for Guys (FREE) – .:HERE:.

S&C Leather & Lace in Red, LOL Naught Weekend Boots, Ducknipple Lotus Cuffs, [Hush] Glossy_cropped

DRESS: .S&C. Leather & Lace in Red, also available in Black, Purple and White (NEW) – .:HERE:.

BOOTS: Loordes of London Windsor II in Red for 69L Naughty Weekend – .:HERE:.

POSE: [Starry Heaven] Misora #4 from Pose Pack (NEW) – .:HERE:.

S&C Leather & Lace in Red, LOL Naught Weekend Boots, Ducknipple Lotus Cuffs, [Hush] Glossy_Half Shot LT_cropped

MAKE-UP TAT: [Hush] Lipcolors Lush Red Juicy – .:HERE:.

CUFFS: Ducknipple Mesh: Lotus Cuffs w/Color Change HUD 14 Colors (NEW) – .:HERE:.

S&C Annette, LOL, TST, Mami_LT_Cropped

OUTFIT: .S&C. Annette includes Bodysuit, Mesh Tutu Skirt and Mouse Ears (NEW) – .:HERE:.

PUMPS: Loordes of London Cambridge in Basic Gold for Steels and Deals also available in Brown and Baby Blue – .:HERE:.

POSE: [Starry Heaven] Mami #4 from Pose Pack (NEW) – .:HERE:.

S&C Annette, LOL, TST, Mami_Half Shot Cropped

JEWELRY SET: Two Sisters Treasures April Earrings, Choker and Bracelets Group Gift (FREE JOIN) – .:HERE:.

S&C Sparkles Blue, LOL, Two Ladies_cropped

OUTFIT .S&C. Sparkle in Sapphire, includes Cami and Mesh Sparkle Shorst, also available in Gold, Ruby and Silver (NEW) – .:HERE:.

BOOTS: Loordes of London Crickhowell in Deep Blue for Life of Style – .:HERE:.

POSE: [Starry Heaven] Misora #2 from Pose Pack (NEW) – .:HERE:.

S&C Sparkles Blue, LOL, Two Ladies_Half Shot_cropped

JEWELRY SET: Two Sisters Treasures Vintage Embossed Blue Earrings, Necklace and Bangles ($10 LINDENS EACH) – .:HERE:.