Designer Showcase, Designer Circle, White Elephant Gacha Fair, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Poison Ivy Hair Salon, {ZOZ} @ RFL Winter Expo, and Advent Calendars!

First I wanted to tell you all my Advent Calendar List for 2015 is done!  I have confirmed 76 Stores this Year.  I gave shorts descriptions as best I could whether they were 12 Day or 25 Day Calendars. Sometimes they are gifts placed, some are Free, Some are a fee for the Group Join.  I always welcome Store adds, if there is a Store I don’t have list let me know and I will add.  My Full List is .:HERE:.

Speaking of Advent Calendars, Lilliana is wearing a gift from the KittyCats Advent Calendar.  I promised more Designer Showcase last Post and I am delivering Today.  I have three Designer Exclusives from that Event {AnaMarkova}, Lindy, and Dulce Secrets.  The 120th Round of Designer Circle just started yesterday, I have a quick peek at IOS Poses Exclusive for the round.

Of course I will bring more from Designer Circle later this week.  I wanted to Blog two of my Sponsors in this Post, Poison Ivy Hair Salon and 7 Deadly s{K}ins.  It just so happened that I wore both of these Designers Rare Prizes for The Elephants Holiday Gacha Fair, so I have two items shown from that Event!  My last Designer I will talk about Today is another Sponsor,{ZOZ }.  I have {ZOZ’s} Exclusive from the RFL Winter Expo.  Lots of Holiday Cheer in Today’s Post, even the Photo Shoot Site!

I going to start with the Designer Showcase, which is most of Lilliana’s Outfit, so great place to begin.  Lilliana’s Dress is {AnaMarkova’s} Toyah Sweater Dress Godiva.  The Toyah Sweater Dress comes in 10 other colors besides the one Lilliana is wearing, each sold separately.  Toyah is {AnaMarkova’s} Exclusive for Designer Showcase. Second exclusive from Designer Showcase Lilliana is wearing is Lindy’s Karly Boots in Black.  Karly is also available in Cream, White and Brown, Exclusively priced for Designer Showcase. Now my last Exclusive you can find at Designer Showcase and it’s from ::Dulce Secret::. It’s Mesh Eyes that are ::Dulce Secrets:: Exclusive, Lilliana is wearing the Entrancing Version of the Angelic Eyes Collection.  There are 10 Different Colors in ::Dulce Secrets:: Angel Eyes Collection, you know what that means, you will definitely see more colors in future posts for the Month of December.

Moving along to the White Elephant Holiday Gacha Fair and my two Sponsors and their Rare Prizes.  So I have to say it, I Love Lilli’s Hair Today and not only do you get the Hair, but it’s paired with the super cute Scarf!  Lilli’s Hair is ::Poison Ivy Hair Salon:: Winter Blossom.  It’s a Rare Prize for the White Elephant Holiday Gacha Fair as a Rare Prize winner, you get the Fat Pack.  The super cute Scarf has it’s own HUD and the scarf and little Teddy change colors separately! Second White Elephant Holiday Gacha Fair Designer I have is 7 Deadly s{K}ins7 Deadly s{K}ins Rare Prize for the White Elephant Holiday Gacha Fair is Izadora in the Chestnut Skin Tone, extremely pretty Skin Ladies!

Not many accessories on Lil besides Poison Ivy’s Scarf.  She is wearing Earrings though.  I removed the Scarf in two Photos, so you can get a look at the Earrings and the top of {AnaMarkova’s} Toyah Dress and a better look at the Winter Blossom Hair by Poison Ivy.  Lil’s Earrings are A KittyCats Advent Calendar Giftie by !Rebel Hope. The Earrings are called KittyCats Earrings, Lil is wearing Silver, but you also get the Gold Set too.  The KittyCats Calendar is Free and you can also get past Days Gifts!  Lil’s Nail Polish is -{ZOZ’s}- Snowflake Glitter 2.  The Snowflake Glitter Polish is an Exclusive for RFL Xmas Expo. Lil is wearing the SLink version of -{ZOZ’s}- Polish, but the appliers for Belleza, Maitreya and {ZOZ} Mesh Nails are available and sold separately too. Remeber when you are purchasing at the Xmas Expo, proceeds go to Relay for Life.

We are nearing the end of my Post Journey and we end with the Poses. Love these Poses, why because they come with a Prop!  The Poses are  IOS’s Poses with Baubles.  You get 5 Baubles in the Set with 5 Poses.  Totally looks like LC bounced around and spread some Holiday Cheer!  IOS’s Poses with Baubles is an  Pose #1, Exclusive for Designer Circle’s 120th Round!  Now my Photo Shoot Site.  Since I was at the  Xmas Expo, for -{ZOZ}-, I liked the SIM, found some interesting areas and took my Photos.  So, Today’s Photo Shoot Site is The Xmas Expo .:HERE:.

December 12th Blog Post @1_cropped

DRESS:  {AnaMarkova} Toyah Sweater Dress Godiva,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

BOOTS:  Lindy Karly in Black,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

POSE:  IOS Poses with Baubles, Pose #1,
Exclusive for Designer Circle (NEW)

December 12th Blog Post @2_cropped

POSE:  IOS Poses with Baubles, Pose #2,
Exclusive for Designer Circle (NEW)

December 12th Blog Post @3_cropped

POSE:  IOS Poses with Baubles, Pose #3,
Exclusive for Designer Circle (NEW)

December 12th Blog Post @4_cropped

POSE:  IOS Poses with Baubles, Pose #4,
Exclusive for Designer Circle (NEW)

December 12th Blog Post @5_cropped

POSE:  IOS Poses with Baubles, Pose #5,
Exclusive for Designer Circle (NEW)

December 12th Blog Post @4hs_cropped

HAIR:  ::Poison Ivy Hair Salon:: Winter Blossom Fat Pack w.Scarf,
Rare Prize for White Elephant Holiday Gacha Fair (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s{K}ins  Izadora Chestnut Skin Tone,
Rare Prize for White Elephant Holiday Gacha Fair (NEW)

SHAPE:  WoW Skins Melissa 2016 Shape,
Exclusive for Frozzen Fair 2015 (NEW)

BODY:  Maitreya Lara v3.4 (NEW)

EYES:  ::Dulce Secret:: Angelic Entrancing Eyes,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

EYELASHES:   *Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha
Lashes w.HUD Pack 1 (NEW)

EARRINGS:  !Rebel Hope KittyCats Earrings in Silver,
Gold Set also Included,
Exclusive KittyCats Advent Calendar Gift (FREE)

NAIL POLISH:  -{ZOZ}- Snowflake Glitter 2 SLink Applier,
Exclusive for RFL Xmas Expo (NEW)

WEDDING BAND:  JCNY ‘Greatest Love, Engraving Edition,
worn Combo Engagement and Wedding Rings (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Casual Left and Elegant Right v2.3

December 12th Blog Post headshot_cropped

(7 Deadly s{K}ins  Izadora Skin, Mon Cheri Falsies Eyelashes,
Dulce Secrets Angelic Enchanting Eyes, Rebel Hope’s
KittyCat Earrings, and -{ZOZ}- Snowflake Glitter Nail Polish)

December 12th Blog Pos @5hs_cropped

Designer Showcase, EVA Sales Room, WoW Skins @ Designer Circle, Vestige Poses and Freebies!

Lilliana has  bit of a mature look Today, well maybe not that mature with a cute little shoulder pet hanging out on her shoulder.  More or less the Dress, Shoes, and Clutch has a very classy feel!  As always Lilliana is decked out in some of Second Life’s A-List Desingers, and everything was found discounted.  Get your shopping lists out if you like something Lilliana is wearing.

You will be shopping at the Designer Showcase, EVA Sales Room, and Designer Circle.  Lilliana’s Hair is something New from Tameless, I even found GACHA fans some GACHA Prizes over at EVA Sales Room, not only does EVA Sales Room have exclusive Designer Sales Exclusives, but GACHA’s too! I know where you can get discounts on a few Modeling Poses Sets  by Vestige Poses at Fashion Instruments and Sweet Cupacake Fair and lastly I found a few Freebies for you!

I’m gonna dig right in and talk about Designer Showcase.  Designer Showcase is where Lilli’s Dress came from it’s {AnaMarkova’s} Alice Glitter Dress.  The shoes are also Designer Showcase Exclusives, they are DE Boutique’s SS15 Paloma Heels Essentials, and last Designer Showcase item is Lilli’s Nail Polish which is Entice’s Bad Romance SLink Nails HUD Pale.

Next I want to talk body Parts, along with Lil’s Redgrave Eyelashes, SLink Physique, Hands and Feet, the Hair is Tamelesses New Abia from the Fades Fat Pack. Skin is WoW Skins V2 Enya in the Dark Tan Skin Tone an Exclusive for Designer Circle.  Lil’s Eyes are my first Freebie for you, they are from A.G.’s Clarus Eyes Collection, the free set are Watermelon, buy for 0 Lindens!

What totally finishes an outfit? Accessories, that’s what we’re talking now.  The lovely Leaather Clutch is by AsHmOoT, and you can totally win it from  AsHmOoT’s GACHA at the EVA Sales Room, talking about GACHA’s and the EVA Sales Room, I’ve got another that cute itty-bitty kitty sitting on Lil’s Shoulder is *CNZ’s* Kawaii Cat, a Rare GACHA Prize from EVA Sales Room.  More Freebies, the Earrings Lil is wearing are from Rebel Hope’s Main Store, they are called Posh Chunky Earrings in Gold and are on the front desk when you enter the Store.  Last three posts I have showed Group Gifts by ^^Swallow^^.  I have another Today  The Wrist Watch, Lil has on is another Gift for VIP Members.  The reason I keep showing the gifts is because I want you to see what a $15 Linden Fee can get you, a whole lot and there are more Gifts!

We come to the end of my Post and here is where I tell you what Poses LC used Today and where she used them.  Before I tell you, some news from me.  I was just accepted as an offical Blogger for Pose Fair 2015.  Pose Fair 2015 is like the Academy Awards for Pose Makers!  Let’s be real here, You can’t have a Blog Post without Poses and how are you supposed to Role Play without that right Pose, or Pose Prop, Hmmm? LOL  Anyway I am excited, can’t wait to see what the Pose Makers come up with this Year.  Enough of Pose Fair 2015, you will be sick of me talking about it once it starts on the 11th:)

Let’s get to Today’s Poses, again, I used Poses from two different Sets.  Both Sets are by Vestige Poses.  The First group of Poses are from the Candy Pose Sets 01 and 02, I gave you a peek in my last Post and promised I would show more in my next Post of the Candy Poses and here they are.  Vestige Poses Candy Set are Exclusives for Sweet Cupacake Fair 2015!  The second group of Poses are Vestige Poses Spring Girl Pose Set 01 and 02, these Sets are Exclusives for The Instruments.  The beautiful location I used as my Backdrop for Today’s Post is the Solaria SIM and you can Visit .:HERE:.

April 5th Blog Post #4_cropped

DRESS:  {AnaMarkova} Alice Glitter Dress,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase April (NEW)

CLUTCH:  AsHmOoT Leather Clutch Gold in Choco,
GACHA Prize from EVA Sales Room (NEW)

SHOES:  DE Boutique SS15 Paloma Heels Essentials (Slink High),
Exclusive for Designer Showcase April (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High

POSE:  Vestige Poses Candy Pose Set 01, Pose #4,
Exclusive for Sweet Cupacake Fair 2015 (NEW)

April 5th Blog Post #6_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Candy Pose Set 02, Pose #6,
Exclusive for Sweet Cupacake Fair 2015 (NEW)

April 5th Blog Post #8_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Candy Pose Set 02, Pose #8,
Exclusive for Sweet Cupacake Fair 2015 (NEW)

April 5th Blog Post Spring #3hs_cropped

HAIR:  Tameless Abia from the Fades Fat Pack (NEW)

SKIN:  WoW Skins V2 Enya in Dark Tan Skin Tone,
Exclusive for Designer Circle (NEW)
(Also Used WoW Skins Dark Tan Skin Appliers)

BODY:  SLink Physique Mesh Body (NEW)

SHAPE:  Wow Skins Poison Shape
(Body Modified to XS SL Standard Shape)

EYES:  Aphotic Gloom Clarus Eyes Collection Watermelon,
Main Store Gift for Everyone (FREE)

EYELASHES:  *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes #39 Lucious (NEW)

SHOUDLER PET:  *CNZ* Kawaii Cat Black,
Rare GACHA Prize for EVA Sales Room (NEW)

EARRINGS:  Rebel Hope Posh Chunky Earrings in Gold,
Main Store Gift for Everyone (FREE)

WATCH:   ^^Swallow^^ Wrist Watch Black Gold 1,
VIP Group Gift (FEE TO JOIN)

NAIL POLISH:  Entice Bad Romance SLink Nails HUD Pale,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase April (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Female Elegant 1 (R) and Casual (L)

POSE:  Vestige Poses Spring Girl Pose Set 01, Pose #3
Exclusive for The Instruments (NEW)

April 5th Blog Post Spring #6hs_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Spring Girl Pose Set 02, Pose #6
Exclusive for The Instruments (NEW)