SLX, Belleza, D-Style, Hudson Clothing, -{ZOZ}- @ The Big Show, GlamRus Poses and Group Gifts!

I don’t know about any of you that has the a Mesh Body, but I know for me, sometimes I find it hard to find outfits that work with the Alpha’s.  I decided to do  post of outfits by SLX the work pretty good with the Belleza Venus.  The really awesome thing about SLX is you get a full outfit which includes footwear and sometimes even accessories.

That’s not the only Designer you’ll find in Lilliana’s post.  You’ll also see some sweet VIP Group Gifts from D-Style, some new beautiful Jewelry Sets by HUDSON’s Clothing, another pretty Nail Polish Set by -{ZOZ}- this time for The Big Show, the 50 Linden Friday Belleza Skin, Poses from the Saturday Sale List by GlamRus and more, I always through in a little bit more!

Little different post for me, as Lilliana is wearing 3 different outfits, so I am going to begin with them.  All the Outfits today are by SLX.  The first one is Desie, she includes the Sweater, Leggings and Shoes, plus a 5 Color Texture Change HUD.  I should state that all of SLXs Outfits come with a 5 Color Texture Change HUD, make it easier on myself and I don’t have to repeat.  Second outfit is called Snotje, Snotje includes again a Sweater, this time a Skirt, the watch and the Pumps w. the attached socks. Last one is SLXs Dora, Dora includes the Sweater, Skirt and the Pumps with socks.  Really cute options that fit well with My Belleza Venus Body!

Some added accessories Lilli wore with her Outfits are some new Earring, Ring and Necklace Sets Called Square from Hudson’s Clothing.  They come in some great color combinations and are mesh,  Lillis is wearing the Onyx N Silver, the Ruby N Silver and the Emerald N Silver.  Here’s a little something special, Hudson’s Square Onyx N Silver is this Month’s Group Gift with a free join, you can try one for free! The Hudson’s Clothing Square Sets also come set in Gold, Lillis is just a Silver Chick!  Go check them out!  So Delirium Style or D-Style has some different Group Gifts for their VIPs this Month.  They are a Necklace, Back Bag and some Make-Up.  In Today’s Post, you will see the Back Bag and Make-Up.  The Back Bag includes a 4 color texture change.  Lilli is wearing the red lipstick from the make up set.

Lil’s Hair is Analog Dog’s Tootsie from the Blacks Pack, the Skin is -Belleza’s- Ashley Peacock in Medium Skin Tone, Ashley was -Belleza’s- Fifty Linden Friday Skin, unfortunately the Fifty Linden Belleza Skin is no longer available. The Glittery Star Nail Polish Lil is wearing Today is -{ZOZ}- Glitter Stars Polish for SLinks, this lovely set is an Exclusive for The Big ShowMy poses today were another fantastic find, they are .GlamRus. Poses Ciara Pose Set, the set was 50% Off for The Saturday SalePlease note The Saturday Sale Offer is over, but .GlamRus. Poses has many other nice little pose set, plus there are 3 Freebies! My Photo Shoot site the very pretty, romantic Valentine’s on Ice .:HERE:.

Jan 17th 1_cropped

OUTFIT:  SLX Desie, Includes Sweater, Leggings,
and Shoes with a 5 Color Change HUD (NEW)

SLX Desie HUD cropped
(SLX Desie Sweater HUD)

POSE:  .GlamRus. Ciara Pose Set, Pose #1,
50% Off for The Saturday Sale (NEW)
(The Saturday Sale is Over)

Jan 17th Snojke 4_cropped

OUTFIT:  SLX Snotje, Includes Sweater, Skirt, Watch
and Pumps with a 5 Color Change HUD (NEW)

SLX Snotje HUD Cropped
(SLX Snotje Sweater HUD)

POSE:  .GlamRus. Ciara Pose Set, Pose #4,
50% Off for The Saturday Sale (NEW)
(The Saturday Sale is Over)

Jan 17th Dora 5_croppedfx

OUTFIT:  SLX Dora, Includes Sweater, Skirt,
and Pumps with a 5 Color Change HUD (NEW)

SLX Dora HUD cropped
(SLX Dora Sweater Change HUD)

BACK PACK:  D-Style Back Bag w.4 Texture HUD,
VIP January Group Gift (FEE TO JOIN)

POSE:  .GlamRus. Ciara Pose Set, Pose #5,
50% Off for The Saturday Sale (NEW)
(The Saturday Sale is Over)

Jan 17th 1 Half Shot_cropped

HAIR:  Analog Dog Tootsie from Blacks Pack (NEW)

SKIN:  -Belleza- Ashley Peacock in Medium Skin Tone,
Fifty Linden Friday Skin (NEW)
(Fifty Linden Friday Offer is no Longer Available)

LIPSTICK:  D-Style Red Lipstick from the Dark Makeup Set,
January VIP Group Gift (NEW)

BODY:  -Belleza- Venus (NEW)

SHAPE:  Body Doubles Elle Shape
(Body Modified to XS SL Standard Shape)

EYELASHES:  [Hush] Lashes Flirt (NEW)

EYES: IKON Hope Eyes in Denim (ML) (NEW)

JEWELRY SET:  HUDSON Clothing Square Onyx N Silver,
Earrings, Necklace and Ring Group Gift (FREE JOIN)

NAIL POLISH:  -{ZOZ}- Glitter Stars Polish Huds SLink,
Exclusive for The Big Show (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Elegant 1

Jan 17th Snojke 4hs_cropped

JEWELRY SET:  HUDSON Clothing Square Ruby N Silver,
Earrings, Necklace and Ring (NEW)

BANGLES:  Maxi Gossamer Damasc in Silver, Worn Bangles 4 & 5

Jan 17th Snojke 4hs nail polish_cropped
(-{ZOZ}- Glitter Stars Nail Polish for SLinks)

ZOZ Glitter Start Polish HUD cropped
(-{ZOZ}- Glitter Stars Nail Polish HUD)

Jan 17th Dora 5 HS_cropped

JEWELRY SET:  HUDSON Clothing Square Emerald N Silver,
Earrings, Necklace and Ring (NEW)

Jan 17th Dora 5 HS _DS Back Pack_cropped(D-Style Back Bag January VIP Group Gift)

DS Back Bag HUD Cropped
(D-Style Back Bag HUD)