Versus Event, Pose Fair Market, Group Special, 7 Deadly s[K]ins, eBento, SLB17, Freebies!

Question of the Day.  Are you all aware that we are celebrating Second Life’s 17th Birthday?  We are, wow 17 Years, I have been in-world for almost 14.  We are so close to celebrating 20, that should be a super blast!

With all Second Life Birthdays there is the Shop & Hop.  Many of SL’s best designers take part with discounting certain items by 25 – 50%.  Plus all of the designers on the Shop & Hop SIMs offer gifts as celebration.  You must join the SLB17 Group to get many of them.  The Group is free to join!  I have a nice hand full of Gifts you can get.

Besides Celebrating out 17th Birthday, I am also showing Exclusives from the Versus Event, which just started the current round.   I have my Sponsor 7 Deadly s[K]ins Exclusive for eBento, some great discounted Pose Set found at Pose Fair Market, plus a great Special Group Offer from Magika!

In addition to showcasing 7 Deadly s[K]ins and Magika, you will also see peeks from Sweet Intoxication, Aurora’s Closet, Indigo Poses, Panther Tattoos, Spoiled, Venge, Avi-Glam, LaPointe & Bastchild, and Dark Passions.  Remember some of those Designers are my Freebies!

The beautiful Asian inspired SIM where all of my photos were taken Today is the Isle of Pandasia located on the Dolly SIM .:HERE:.

DRESS:  ::Sweet Intoxication:: Ariana Dress Tropical,
Available in 8 Different Tropical Prints Each Sold Separately,
14 Tropical Print Bonus Fat Pack Also Available,
Fits Belleza, Maitreya and SLink Mesh Bodies
Exclusive for Versus Event (NEW)

FLIP FLOPS:  Aurora’s Closet Malibu Flip Flops,
HUD Driven with 24 Colorful Textures,
Fits Belleza, Maitreya and SLink Flat Feet,
New Release MarketPlace Store (NEW)

FEET:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Flat Feet V5.0 (NEW)

POSE:  Indigo Poses Haruna Pose Set, Pose #1m,
5 Static Pose Set with Mirror Versions, Bento Compatible,
Exclusive for Pose Market Fair (NEW)

POSE:  Indigo Poses Haruna Pose Set, Pose #2m,
5 Static Pose Set with Mirror Versions, Bento Compatible,
Exclusive for Pose Market Fair (NEW)

POSE:  Indigo Poses Haruna Pose Set, Pose #3,
5 Static Pose Set with Mirror Versions, Bento Compatible,
Exclusive for Pose Market Fair (NEW)

HAIR:  Magika Nature Faye Fat Pack,
75% Off Special for Group Members,
HUD Driven 315 Colors, Mirror Versions,
Mesh Hair Base, Materials, Fitted Mesh and Resizable,
Exclusive VIP Group Member Special (FEE JOIN)

SHAPE:  7 Deadly s[K]ins LOVA shape,
GENUS Project Bento Head Mesh Shape,
Matching Skins Available and Sold Separately,
Exclusive for eBento (NEW)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V5.0 (NEW)

TATTOO:  Panther Tattoos Blessed Unisex,
Maitreya, Signature, Belleza, and OMEGA Appliers,
Also Includes BOM Ready Layers,
Exclusive for Versus Event (NEW)

CHOKER:  Spoiled Pad Lock Choker,
Includes Rigged & Unrriged Versions,
HUD Driven with 42 Colors,
Exclusive SLB17 VIP Group Gift (FREE JOIN)

BRACELET:  VENGE Pride’ Bracelet,
Includes Silver and Gold Metal Versions,
Exclusive SLB17 VIP Group Gift (FREE JOIN)

Engraving Edition, Combo Wedding Ring

POSE:  Indigo Poses Haruna Pose Set, Pose #3,
5 Static Pose Set with Mirror Versions, Bento Compatible,
Exclusive for Pose Market Fair (NEW)


HEAD:  GENUS Project Baby Face W001 Mocap Bento Mesh Head
Includes Mesh Eyes, Jaw, Shape, Basic Skins,
Plus Animation and Universal HUDs (NEW)

SSKIN:  7 Deadly s[K]ins LOVA Skin Applier Set,
OMEGA Mesh Appliers and BOM Skins in
Dark Skin Tones, Walnut, Oak, Pecan, Taupe and Fudge,
Skin Applies Body / Head, with or without Eyebrows,
Exclusive for eBento (NEW)

EYE APPLIER:  Avi-Glam Sahara Eyes,
Includes Mesh Eyes, Plus Appliers for CATWA,
Genus, Lelutka, and OMEGA in two Eye Colors,
Exclusive SLB17 VIP Group Gift (FREE JOIN)

MESH EYES:  CATWA Mesh Eyes and Tears Pack (NEW)

RING:  LaPointe & Bastchild Drift Sharks Tooth Ring,
Female and Male Versions Available,
Exclusive SLB17 VIP Group Gift (FREE JOIN)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Passion Koffin Nails Coffee Berry Fat Pack,
Finger and Toe Nail Appliers Only,

Includes Maitreya, SLink and OMEGA Appliers
in 6 Nail Polish Colors Designer for All Nail Lengths,
Exclusive SLB17 VIP Group Gift (FREE JOIN)

HANDS:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Bento Hands V5.0 (NEW)

POSE:  [InDiGo] Female Close up Pose Set, Pose #5,
5 Static Pose Set with Mirror Versions, Bento Compatible,
Exclusive for Pose Market Fair (NEW)

The Garage Fair, Designer Circle, 7 Deadly s[K]ins @ eBento, SWANK, {ZOZ} @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room, and Group Gifts!

We are about a week off till the end of May.  This Month pretty much flew by for me.  This Weekend is Memorial Day Weekend which means long Weekend for me, as I have Monday off.  I also took Tuesday off, because Monday was just not enough for me!

The end of May also is the ending of The Garage Fair 2017!  You have about three more day left to check out the Designers at Garage Fair.  The doors close on this Year’s Garage Fair on Friday, May 26th.  There are reoccurring Events ending as well.  The 154th Round of Designer Circle ends on Saturday, May 27th and the current Round of SWANK will close on May 31st.

Some things end and some open!  How about a brand New Event with BENTO parts in mind?  eBento is a new Monthly Event, with super Designers and awesome items for you BENTO parts at a discount too! The current round of eBento has been opened now for a bit and closes on June 7th. Yesterday the doors opened on a new round at Cosmopolitan Sales Room, remember CSR is a two week Event, and this current round will end on June 4th.  I also have two Group Gifts for you to see.

Those are some great Events I have previews from Today.  Now the names of the super duper Designers you’ll see.  The Designers you’ll see previews from Today are ^Nous Vous^, Slipper, Persefona, Supernatural, Purple Poses, Truth, D-Style, BREATHE, .random.Matter, Dulce Secrets, 7 Deadly s[K]ins and {ZOZ}.

Lilliana’s Outfit is a lovely colorful casual Outfit by ^Nous Vous^.  The Floral Outfit by  ^Nous Vous^ is the Blouse and Jeans, and is actually One Piece.  ^Nous Vous^ Floral Outfit is one of their exclusives for The Garage Fair 2017.  Don’t forget, get to The Garage Fair before May 26th.  After that you’ll have to wait till next Year!

Designer Circle’s 154th Round will end on Saturday, May 27th.  That’s when Designers do it all over again for Round #155.  Before Round 154 ends why not check out Slipper’s Fallon Sandals.  We actually call them Flip Flops, really nice looking Flip Flops, but Flip Flops all the same.  Purchase Slipper’s Fallon as a Fat Pack HUD with 16 Colors and 5 Metal Textures, or a single color.  Fallon fits Maitreya, SLink and Belleza Fat Feet and are available now at Designer Circle. I’m not one to use a lot of make up or layers on my skins, I don’t know why, lazy, maybe..  I don’t think so I think it’s because most of the Skins I blog look awesome with out, or I am just a little bit of a plain Jane.  Today though, Lilliana is wearing Persefona Moles for Lelutka Bento Heads.  I haven’t play with my Lelutka Chloe and decided to try Persefona’s Moles.  The Moles give the Skin a little character and are cute!  Persefona’s Moles are a Lelutka Applier, and besides the set Lilliana is wearing, you get 4 more versions.  Stop by Designer Circle and try Pesefona’s Moles for you LeLutka Today!

One last Designer Circle Exclusive.  Lilliana’s last DC Exclusive is by .::Supernatural::. She’s wearing .::Supernatural’s::. Mary Set Jewelry Set in Silver.  The pretty Set is Earrings and Necklace with a HUD that can change the Gem to 5 different sparkly colors.  Designer Circle is done for this Post.  Let’s talk Hair.  Another awesome style by Truth which includes that new Styler HUD.  May I say I love that thing!  I feel like I get a bunch of different Hair Styles.  Lilliana is wearing Truth’s Scout from the Grayscale HUD.  That’s also new from Truth new Color Pack names, I also feel like you get more colors.  Lilliana is wearing Scout with the Ponytails behind her back, but with the Styler, you can make the left go back, the right go back, or both forward, options love that!

Along with Lilli wearing her LeLutka Head, she is also wearing the Mesh Eyes that come with the Head.  Now if you didn’t know this, there are Designers who are making Eye Appliers to change the color of those Eyes.  Dulce Secrets is one of those Designers.  Lilli’s Eyes are Dulce Secrets Angelic Eyes Vol 1.  The Angelic Eyes Vol 1 is 6 lovely shades with Green.  You can get Dulce Secrets Anglic Eyes  LeLutka Appliers Exclusively at SWANK this Month.  I mentioned above about a New Event for you to shop each Month called eBento.  Well eBento is wear you can get Lilli’s Skin.  Lilli’s Skin is 7 Deadly s[K]ins Naomi.  Naomi is being sold as an OMEGA and an Akeruka Mesh Head Applier.  Each are sold separately and include 8 Skin Tones.  You can also purchase 7 Deadly s[K]ins Naomi Akeruka Mesh Head Shape at eBento that is sold separately as well.    Need a Body Skin Applier, just head over to 7 Deadly s[K]ins Main Store and pick them up!

We have another beautiful vibrant Nail Polish Set by {ZOZ} over at Cosmopolitan Sales Room.  Lil Nail Polish is {ZOZ’s} Astra 2 Polish.  Astra 2 is sold as Vista Bento Hand, SLink, Maitreya, OMEGA, and {ZOZ} Nail Appliers, or you can go crazy and buy a Fat Pack.  The Astra 2 Polish by {ZOZ} is 9 vividly bright colors.  Don’t like Astra 2, there’s an alternative set with more awesome colors sold separately at  Cosmopolitan Sales Room.

The Freebies are next, I had to check if they are still available, and they are for now.  The Chapter Four is celebrating a 4th Anniversary and their are Gifts Galore from many of the Designers who take part in The Chapter Four.  You need to be in The Chapter Four Group, there is a Join Fee of $50.  That fee is worth it, there are tons of Gifts.  First Chapter Four Gift is by [BREATHE].  [BREATHE’s} Gift is the Bow Bangle Lil has on.  Lil is wearing the White Version you also get a Black one. Second Chapter Four Anniversary Gift is from.random.Matter. The Gift is the Yoongi Glasses Duo Chrome Set.  Set meaning you get two Glasses a Clear Version and a Dark Version.  Only at Chapter Four Anniversary Round!

Last item to speak about are the Poses.  Lil’s Poses are a new Set by Purple Poses.  The Alanis Pose Set is 6 static poses for your posing needs.  You can see all 6 poses below.  Photo Shoot site was the lovely color Gardens of Luna Gardens .:HERE:.

OUTFIT:  ^Nous Vous^ Floral Outfit (Blouse / Jeans are One Piece),
Exclusive for The Garage Fair 2017 (NEW)

SANDALS:  Slipper Fallon Sandals Includes Fat Pack HUD,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #154 (NEW)

FEET:  Slink AvEnhance Feet Female v1.2.5 Deluxe Pack (NEW)

POSE:   Purple Poses Alanis Pose Set, Pose #2 (NEW)

POSE:   Purple Poses Alanis Pose Set, Pose #3 (NEW)

POSE:   Purple Poses Alanis Pose Set, Pose #4 (NEW)

POSE:   Purple Poses Alanis Pose Set, Pose #5 (NEW)

POSE:   Purple Poses Alanis Pose Set, Pose #6 (NEW)

HAIR:  TRUTH Scout Grayscale Color HUD,
Includes New Styler HUD (NEW)

SHAPE:  D-Style Tomine Lelutka Bento Head Shape (NEW)
(Store has Closed, No Longer Available)

BODY:  SLink Physique Mesh Body Original v3.03 (NEW)

SKIN APPLIER:  7 Deadly s{K}ins Oak Skin Tone OMEGA Applier(NEW)

BRACELET:  [BREATHE] Bow Bangle White,
Exclusive Anniversary VIP Gift for The Chapter Four (FEE TO JOIN)

POSE:   Purple Poses Alanis Pose Set, Pose #1 (NEW)

MESH HEAD:  LeLutka Chloe Bento Head Mesh Eyes v2.7  (NEW)

EYES:  Dulce Secrets Angelic Eyes Vol 1 Lelutka Applier,
Exclusive for SWANK May Round (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s[K]ins NAOMI
OMEGA Mesh Head Applier Oak Skin Tone,
Exclusive for New eBento Event (NEW)

MAKE-UP:  Persefona Moles Lelutka Bento Head Applier,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #154 (NEW)

GLASSES:  .random.Matter. Yoongi Glasses Duo Chrome Set,
Exclusive Anniversary VIP Gift for The Chapter Four (FEE TO JOIN)

JEWELRY:  .::Supernatural::. Mary Set in Silver w.HUD,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #154 (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  {ZOZ} Astra 2 Polish Vista Bento Hand HUD,
Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)


RING:  JCNY Greatest Love, Engraving Combo Wedding Ring (NEW)

POSE:   Purple Poses Alanis Pose Set, Pose #6 (NEW)

Designer Showcase, Evil Bunny Productions Fable, Aloha Fair, D-Style, Suicide Dollz, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Designer Circle, Roulett3, Dark Passions, Kinky Monthly and a Freebie!

I am so excited!  I have the day off from work Tomorrow.  I have the time, my Boss is out, its Summer, I am playing hookie! 🙂  Maybe I can even get an extra Post in Tomorrow, if the weather is nice I will be out and about!  I have SL stuff to talk about Today though.

First let me start by saying Tomorrow is the last Day for The Aloha Fair.  Lilliana is wearing a super cute pair of shorts that are an Exclusive to that Event, so keep that in mind if you like those Short.  I mentioned in my last post that Evil Bunny Productions Fable started a few Days ago, that Event runs until the 27th there’s plenty of time left to shop Fable.  Designer Showcases New Round just started, so did New Rounds at Suicide Dollz, Designer Circle, Kinky and Roulett3.  It’s time for a New Mesh Body Addicts Fair too, these are the Events I have previews from Today.

7 Deadly s{K}ins is have a Limited Edition Sale on a few Systems Skins and Mesh Head Skin Applier Sets.  Only a few numbers of these special Skins are being sold.  Besides 7 Deadly s{K}ins Today, the rest of my Designers are FurtaCor, Baubles! by Phe, [Pin-Up], Nocturnia, StormCrow Designs, D-Style, Truth, Mesange, Jullytobe, Dark Passions, Merlific and IOS Poses.  Almost forgot one of my items Today is a Freebie!

Lilliana’s Top is FurtaCor* Isa Fringe Top.  Isa is one of FurtaCor’s Exclusives for the New Round of Designer Showcase.  FurtaCor’s Isa comes with a HUD with 15 Solid Color Textures and 10 Pattern Textures.  Also found at Designer Showcase are Lilliana’s Earrings.  The Earrings are Baubles! by Phe’s Mina.  Mina includes a color change HUD with 4 Metal Colors and 8 Main Colors.  The Earrings are Baubles! by Phe’s Exclusive for Designer Showcase.

Next two Items can be found at Evil Bunny Productions Fable.  One of the two items is an Exclusive, the other is a Freebie for visiting the Event.  Liliana’s Ink is [Pin-Ups] Hecate Tattoo.  The Hecate Tattoo by [Pin-Up] is sold in two separate parts.  The Top Tattoo and Leg Tattoo is sold separately.  Each Part includes  Belleza, Maitreya, and OMEGA  Appliers.  [Pin-Ups] Hecate is an Exclusive for Evil Bunny Productions Fable Event.  Lilliana’s Choker is Nocturnia Gift for Evil Bunny Productions Fable.  You get a set of 4 different Color Chokers all for Free by Nocturnia.

We are up to Lilli’s Shorts.  The High Waisted Short are StormCrow Designs Exclusive for The Aloha Fair.  The High Waisted Shorts come with a HUD with 15 different Short Color Changes and 3 Metal Belt Colors.  Hear me out now Fans if you want StormCrow Designs High Waisted Shorts, don’t sit back!  The Aloha Fair ends Tomorrow, August 10th by Midnight!  D-Style has another Super Exclusive over at Suicide Dollz.  This Month’s Suicide Dollz Exclusive is D-Style’s Kitten Flipps.  I love that the HUD changes the Spikes, Straps, Heel and insoles separately, lots of color combinations!

Lilli is wearing Brand New Truth Hair.   Cerys is one of Truth’s newest Hair Styles, just placed for Sale last week.  Lilli is wearing the Black & Whites HUD, but you know Truth has tons of Color HUDs, chose your Color!  Lilli is wearing 7 Deadly s[K]ins Mellow System Skin from one of the new Limited Edition Sale Sets.  Lilli is wearing the Chestnut Skin Tone of Skin v1.  The Set is a Variety Pack Limited Edition Sales Item with 5 Skin Tones, plus PhatAzz, Tango and SLink Hands / Feet Appliers.  Get to 7 Deadly s{K}ins quick if you want Mellow, Limited Edition means only a certain number being sold!

Lil’s Eyes are another lovely set by MESANGE.  This time the eyes are from MESANGE’s Legend Mesh Eyes Set.  Lil is wearing #1, there are 15 Sets of Eyes in all and the Legend Mesh Eye Set is being sold as a 15 Set Beauty Pack Exclusively for Designer Circle’s 136th Round!  I have a little something something being sold at Roulett3.  Lil’s Ring on her right-hand is .:Jullytobe:. Ring Magic Smook in Violet. I should have another Roulett3 Exclusive geared up for next Post, look out of it!

Ms. Corleone’s Nail Polish is Dark Passions Koffin Nails Metallic Essentials.  I used Dark Passions OMEGA HUD for Lil’s Belleza Nails.  The Metallic Essentials Set is an Exclusive for The Mesh Body Addicts Fair going on right now!  Ms. C is holding a neat little Juice Drink Sippy Cup, don’t you think?  Okay you crazy role players, take a good look at what that cup says…  “Cock Juice”, yep that’s correct! LOL! I Love it!  That Cup Merlific’s Kinky Cock Juice Drink and is Exclusive for this Month’s Kinky Event!  There are 3 more colors sold separately, MS. is holding the Red Version.  If you are wondering about those perfect Poses that just shows off Merlific’s Kinky Exclusive, the are IOS Poses, Poses with Cups Pose Set. The Perfect Cup holding Set with 5 Static Poses.  IOS Poses sells the Poses with Cups Pose Set with their own Cups, but as you can see they could work perfectly with any cup you need to hold and pose with!

Today Beautiful Photo Shoot Site was It all Started with a Smile SIM .:HERE:.

August 7th Blog Post Photo #1_cropped

TOP:  FurtaCor* Isa Fringe Top w.HUD,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

TATTOO TOP:  [Pin-Up] Hecate Tattoo Belleza Applier,
Exclusive for Evil Bunny Productions Fable (NEW)

TATTOO LEG:  [Pin-Up] Hecate Tattoo Belleza Applier,
Exclusive for Evil Bunny Productions Fable (NEW)

SHORTS:  StormCrow Designs High Waisted Shorts w.HUD,
Exclusive for The Aloha Fair (NEW)

SANDALS:  D-Style Kitten Flipps w.HUD,
Exclusive for Suicide Dollz (NEW)

POSE:  IOS Poses Poses with Cups, Pose #1 (NEW)

August 7th Blog Post Photo #2_cropped

POSE:  IOS Poses Poses with Cups, Pose #2 (NEW)

August 7th Blog Post Photo #3_cropped

POSE:  IOS Poses Poses with Cups, Pose #3 (NEW)

August 7th Blog Post Photo #4_cropped

POSE:  IOS Poses Poses with Cups, Pose #4 (NEW)

August 7th Blog Post Photo #5_cropped

POSE:  IOS Poses Poses with Cups, Pose #5 (NEW)

August 7th Blog Post Photo #2hs_cropped

POSE:  IOS Poses Poses with Cups, Pose #4 (NEW)

HAIR:  Truth Hair Cerys in Black & Whites HUD (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s[K]ins MELLOW worn Chestnut v1,
Variety Pack Limited Edition Sales Items (NEW)

EYES:  MESANGE Legend Mesh Eyes 1,
Exclusive Designer Circle #136 (NEW)

EYELASHES:  Gaeline Creations Mesh Lashes Fantasia (NEW)

EARRINGS:  Baubles! by Phe Mina Earrings w.HUD,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

CHOKER:  {N} Nocturnia Gift Choker in Black,
Exclusive Gift for Evil Bunny Productions Fable (FREE)

RING:  .:Jullytobe:. Ring Magic Smook Violet Version,
Exclusive for Roulett3 Round (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Passions Koffin Nails Metallic Essentials OMEGA HUD,
Exclusive for Mesh Body Addicts Fair (NEW)

August 7th Blog Post Photo headshot4_cropped

MESH BODY:  -Belleza- Venus v4,
also worn Hands and Feet (NEW)

CUP:  Merlific Kinky Cock Juice Drink in Red,
Exclusive for Kinky Monthly (NEW)

August 7th Blog Post Photo #4hs_cropped

POSE:  IOS Poses Poses with Cups, Pose #4 (NEW)


D-Style, Evil Bunny Productions Jersey Shore, Color Me Project, Truth Group Gift, WoW Skins @ Vintage Fair, SWANK, Designer Circle and Freebies!

Has anyone tried to go to SL13B?  I just did, I made it, but had trouble trying to TP to the other Areas.  So I figured let me finish this Post and I will try again.  Talking about SL13B I have a nice Free get for you that you can find at WhimsicalWhimsical Designers have SL13B Cakes that if you touch them, you get a Gift.  Hairology is doing this as well,  I’m guessing that many other Events are doing the same, I just haven’t heard anything yet. I will let you all know what I know, as I hear.

Besides Whimsical, I will also have you traveling to Events like Evil Bunny’s Jersey ShoreJersey Shore ends Saturday, if you haven’t had a chance to visit, try and go this week it’s a really awesome Event and SIM looks great.  You’ll also visit Color Me Project, be aware, the Color Me Project Round ends after this weekend, so not much time there.  New Post!  The Vintage Fair has about another Week, as does SWANK and Designer Circle too!  Those are the other Events I’m talking about in Today’s Post!

My super special Designers are D-Style, Distinction, Truth, WoW Skins, IOS Poses, Queen of Ink, Minimal, and LUNA Body Art!

Lilliana is wearing two recently released creations by D-Style, the first is the Top which is actually the  Sleeveless Parker.  D-Style’s Sleeveless Parker comes with a HUD with 21 Outside Textures, 15 Inside Textures, 24 Cropped Top Textures, 2 Star Metal Colors, 8 Metal Textures, and 6 Button Textures.  The second item that Lilliana is wearing by D-Style is the Bow Pants.  D-Style’s Bow Pants also come with a HUD with 20 Pants Textures and 9 Bow Textures, both are super cute!

Lilliana’s awesome wedgie Flip Flops are by Distinction. The Distinction Flip Flops are an exclusive for Evil Bunny Productions Jersey Shore.  Lilliana is wearing the Pink version.  For SLink Feet, you need either the Mid-Size or Kitten Feet to wear these.  Distinction’s Flip Flops are available in a few more colors that are sold separately, if Pink doesn’t tickle your fancy!

Up now your first Freebie!  I have two and both are true Freebie’s no Group Join or nothing!  Lilli’s Hair is a Freebie by Truth! Jayla in a 5 Color Rare HUD is a brand New Freebie for everyone!  Just go to Truth and buy Jayla, the one by the Group Gifts, for 0 Lindens.  Lilli is wearing another beautiful Skin by WoW Skins.  Sonia is WoW Skins Exclusive for The Vintage Fair.  Lilli is wearing the Golden Skin Tone.  Sonia comes as a System Skin layer like Lilli is wearing below or you can get the Omega Applier, plus all of your skin Appliers at The Vintage Fair. Lilli is also wearing the Sonia Shape by WoW Skins which you can pick up at The Vintage Fair too.

Today Lil is wearing two items found at SWANK Monthly!  First a lovely Jewelry Set by Semi-Precious.  The Avarna Mega Pack Set, Includes Earrings, Necklace, and the Ring.  The Set is one of Semi-Precious’s Exclusives for SWANK.  Also found at SWANK is Lil’s Nail Polish, it’s .::LUNA::. Body Arts Monocrhomatic SLink HUD Set.  Monocrhomatic is a 10 Mod Color Nail HUD for SLink Nails.  The Set is LUNA Body Arts SWANK Exclusive.  Next is a little something you can get at Designer Circle’s 132nd Round.  Lil is wearing Queen oF Inks Black Roses Tattoo V2.0.  The Black Roses Tattoo is Queen oF Inks Exclusive for Designer CircleDesigner Circle is at the halfway point and this time the round ends on Friday, June 24th.  Here we go my next Freebie!  It’s MINIMAL’s Penelope Bracelet in Silver Neon Pink.  All you have to do is visit Whimsical, go to MINIMALs booth there, hit the SL13B Cake and ban MINIMALs Penelope Bracelet is all yours!

I used Poses from IOS Poses Eva Pose Set.  Eva is one of IOS Poses Exclusives for Color Me Project.  I think I might a little bit late with time on this current round of Color Me Project this Post.  The Designers are changing out the new round this week.  Don’t hesitate to get to Color Me Project if you want IOS Poses Eva at the 50% Sale Price.

Photo Shoot Site is the Lennox SIM – Khaled .:HERE:.

June 19th Blog Photo Pick Eva 1L_cropped

TOP:  D-Style Sleeveless Parka w.HUD (NEW)

PANTS:  D-Style Bow Pants Summer w,HUD (NEW)

SANDALS:  ~=Distinction=~ Flip Flops in Pink,
Exclusive for Evil Bunny Productions Jersey Shore (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female Kitten v1.2.4

POSE:  IOS POSES Eva Pose Set, Pose #1L,
Discounted for Color Me Project (NEW)

June 19th Blog Photo Pick Eva 2L_cropped

POSE:  IOS POSES Eva Pose Set, Pose #2L,
Discounted for Color Me Project (NEW)

June 19th Blog Photo Pick Eva 3R_cropped

POSE:  IOS POSES Eva Pose Set, Pose #3R,
Discounted for Color Me Project (NEW)

June 19th Blog Photo Pick Eva 5L_cropped

POSE:  IOS POSES Eva Pose Set, Pose #5L,
Discounted for Color Me Project (NEW)

June 19th Blog Photo Pick Eva 4Rhs_cropped

HAIR:  Truth Jayla 5 Rare Colors,
Exclusive Group Gift Buy for 0 Lindens (FREE)

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. 2016 Sonia in Golden Skin Tone,
Exclusive for The Vintage Fair (NEW)

SHAPE:  .::WoW Skins::. Sonia Shape,
also Worn Sonia Brow Shape,
Exclusive for The Vintage Fair (NEW)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 (NEW)

EYES:  Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes in Molasses (NEW)

EYELASHES:  Gaeline Creations Mesh Lashes Fantasia (NEW)

JEWELRY SET:  Semi-Precious Avarna Mega Pack,
Includes Earrings, Necklace, and Ring,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

POSE:  IOS POSES Eva Pose Set, Pose #4R,
Discounted for Color Me Project (NEW)

June 19th Blog Photo Pick Eva headshot_cropped

TATTOO:  *Queen oF Ink Black Roses Tattoo V2.0,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #132 (NEW)

BRACELET:  MINIMAL Penelope Bracelet Silver Neon Pink,
SLB13 Gift @ Whimsical (FREE)

NAIL POLISH:  .::LUNA::. Body Art Monocrhomatic SLink HUD,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

RING:  JCNY Greatest Love, Engraving Combo Wedding Ring (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hand Female  Left Casual and Right Elegant1 v2.5

June 19th Blog Photo Pick Eva 5Rhs_cropped

POSE:  IOS POSES Eva Pose Set, Pose #5R,
Discounted for Color Me Project (NEW)


EVA Sales Room, My SLink Obsession, Color Me Project, Vestige Poses, Poison Ivy, WoW Skins, Designer Circle, Designer Showcase, and Freebies!

One more day until Friday and also sadly, the countdown to the end of my vacation from RL Work.  I will say having a week off is awesome.  We didn’t go anywhere which was really fine, I took care of a lot of projects I had wanted to complete for sometime now, so it was good!  Today’s post is all about EVA Sales Room, a sneak peek at what’s in store for you at My SLink Obsession, more from Color Me Project, and the Designer Circle.  I have another new Hair Style by Poison Ivy, plus a new Group Gift from PI and a few more Freebies I found.

Starting off with Lilliana’s Dress, it’s by ::Net:: called Lola.  ::Net’s:: Lola Mini is Exclusive for EVA Sales Room and comes in more colors to choose from.  First Freebie from My Post is Lilliana’s Handbag, The cute little bag is MUSCHI’s M2 Bag and is absolutely Free.  I’m sneak peeking two Designers from My SLink ObsessionMy SLink Obsession re-opens this Sunday, July 5th, with a whole new look and schedule.  MSO will now be a quarterly event.  My First MSO Designer is *PerveTTe*.  *PerveTTe’s* Exclusive for My SLink Obsession is the Delicate Socks, which come in all your applying needs!

Lilli has been wearing her SLink Flat Feet a lot lately, this is the second post in a row where I am going to show a pair of cute Sandal for the SLink Flat Feet.  Lilli’s Sandals today are #187# Flip Flops.  Flip Flops are Sandals too!  #187#’s Flip Flop include a  Color Change and are an Exclusive for Color Me Project, which means Discount!  Another lovely New Release Hair by Poison Ivy!  The New Poison Ivy Hair is called Lily, and this Lilli is wearing the Browns Pack.  I got a bonus for you too!  If you like Lily, how would you like a Free color? Hmmm?  Well if you join Poison Ivy’s VIP Groupies, you get a Red version of Lily.  Poison Ivy’s Group is $49L one time fee, but you get a different Hair Style for Free each Month as a Group  gift!

Next is my Designer from the Designer Circle, I actually have two Items from Designer Circle.  My first DC Designer is .::WoW Skins::.   This round .::WoW Skins::. Exclusive is the V2 Patrizia Skin, Lil is wearing the Golden Skin Tone, with the Black Eyebrows and Freckles.  Lil is wearing Dulce Secrets Cornflower Soul Mesh Eyes again, they are Exclusive to the Designer Showcase’s July Round.  When I first blogged these the Designer Showcase’s new Round wasn’t open yet, well it’s open now!  The second Designer Circle Designer is AsHmOoT and Lil is wearing AsHmOoT’s Bow & Beads Necklace.

Second Freebie is up, it’s the Silver and Gold Bracelets LC is wearing Today.  The Bracelets are by F I N E S M I T H and are a Group Gift, since Joining  F I N E S M I T H’s Group is a Free Join, consider the Bracelets a Freebie!  Third and last Freebie, is “AKINI’s” Spina Ring in Yellow, a total Freebie, just go to the Creation.Jp Event and Buy the Ring for Free!  My Last Sneak Peek from My SLink Obsession is A:S:S’s Meadow Picnic 1 SLink Nail Polish HUD, I am loving this Nail Polish the Colors are not only extremely vibrant, but nice and glossy!  Remember you can’t get A:S:S’s Meadow Picnic 1 Nail Polish just yet, My SLink Obsession’s new Round starts on July 5th!

I mentioned EVA Sales Room at the beginning of my Post and I am ending with it.  Ms. Corleone’s Posing came from Vestige Poses Modeling Set #5, and #6 both Sets are Exclusives for EVA Sales Room. I went back to Basalt Black Beach for my Photo Shoot and you can Visit .:HERE:.

July 2nd PI, WoW, EVA, DC, Freebie, #3_cropped

DRESS:  ::Net:: Lola Mini Dress Mesh in Black,
Exclusive for EVA Sales Room (NEW)


SOCKS:  *PerveTTe* Delicate Socks in Black Appliers,
Exclusive for My SLink Obsession (NEW)
(My SLink Obsession Opens Sunday, July 5th)

SANDALS:  #187# Flip Flop w.HUD for Flat SLink Feet,
Exclusive for Color Me Project (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female Flat

POSE:  Vestige Poses Modeling Set #5, Pose #3,
Exclusive for EVA Sales Room (NEW)

July 2nd PI, WoW, EVA, DC, Freebie, #10v2_crpopped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Modeling Set #6, Pose #10,
Exclusive for EVA Sales Room (NEW)

July 2nd PI, WoW, EVA, DC, Freebie, #7hsv2_cropped

HAIR:  Poison Ivy Lily Browns Pack (NEW)

PI Lily Pure Hair GG_cropped

HAIR:  Poison Ivy’s Lily July VIP Group Gift (FEE TO JOIN)

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. V2 Patrizia Golden Skin Tone,
worn with Black Eyebrows and Freckles,
Exclusive for Designer Circle (NEW)

SHAPE:  WoW Skins Ahlam Shape (NEW)

BODY:  SLink Physique Mesh Body v.2.3.1 (NEW)

EYES:  Dulce Secrets Cornflower Soul Mesh Eyes,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase July Round (NEW)

EYELASHES:  Gaeline Creations (*GA*)  Mesh Lashes Fantasia w. HUD (NEW)

APPLIERS:  .::WoW Skins::. V2 Golden Skin Tone,
SLink Hands, Feet and Physique Appliers (NEW)

NECKLACE:  AsHmOoT Bow & Beads Necklace in Gold / White,
Exclusive for Designer Circle (NEW)

BRACELETS:  F I N E S M I T H Bracelets Group Gift (FREE JOIN)

RING:  “AKINI” Spina Ring in Yellow,
Exclusive Gift for Creation.Jp Event (FREE)

WEDDING BAND:  JCNY ‘Greatest Love, Engraving Edition,
worn Combo Engagement and Wedding Rings (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  A:S:S Meadow Picnic 1 SLink Polish HUD,
Exclusive for My SLink Obsession (NEW)
(My SLink Obsession Opens Sunday, July 5th)

A.S.S. Meadow Picnic Nail Polish HUD_cropped
(A:S:S Meadow Picnic 1 SLink Polish HUD for My SLink Obsession)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Female Elegant and Elegant 1 Hands

POSE:  Vestige Poses Modeling Set #6, Pose #7,
Exclusive for EVA Sales Room (NEW)