Color Me Project, Marvelous Event, Fifty Linden Friday, [HUSH] Skins, Be Beauty Monthly, GACHA, and {ZOZ} @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

It’s Labor Day for us here in the States, and that means long Weekend! Happy Labor Day fellow celebrators!  I spent the Day Today do MadPea’s Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior. Tons of fun it was, I finished the quest with My RL Sister and a Family Friend.  It was something different to do in SL and really a lot of fun!

For Today I’ll take you back to Color Me Projects Jamaica Round, a visit to Marvelous Monthly, Be Beauty Monthly, and Cosmopolitan Sales Room.  Talking about Cosmopolitan Sales Room, they are celebrating 4 Years in Business this Round. There are Gifts if you join CSR’s VIP Group.  The joining is Free, so lots of quality Freebies for you.

My Designer list includes KiB Designs, {POSH PIXELS}, Wasabi Pills, [HUSH] Skins, MESANGE, .Ecko., KATE, BASME, {ZOZ} and Verocity Poses.  I can tell you that Lilliana is wearing one of these Designers Fifty Linden Friday get, and as of a little while ago it was still available!  Let’s get on with the Post so you can find out who’s Fifty Linden Friday Exclusive Lilliana is wearing Today, so you can get in on the Deal!

Lilliana’s Dress is KiB Designs Irie.  The Irie Dress is sold with a 3 Color HUD all representing the beautiful island of Jamaica Mon.  KiB Designs Irie Dress is an Exclusive for Color Me Project whose theme just happens to be Jamaica.  Lilliana’s Smexy Heels are courtesy of {POSH PIXELS}. The Ivy Wrapped Sandals are {POSH PIXELS} Exclusive for this Months Marvelous Monthly.  The Ivy Wrapped Sandals are sold as a Fat Pack HUD with 20 different Suede Colors.

We are already at the Fifty Linden Friday Exclusive I spoke a bout earlier.  Lilli’s Hair is /Wasabi Pills/ Thyra Mesh Hair.  Thyra is being sold in a special Color HUD for Fifty Linden Friday.  Don’t wait too long folks Wasabi Pills Thyra can be removed at any time.  At least the Fifty Linden Friday version could disappear at any moment.  Last Month [HUSH] Skins put out 3 new CATWA Face Appliers.  All 3 are lovely and felt they all needed another visit.  Today Lilli is wearing [HUSH] Skins Diana in the Toffee Skin Tone, CATWA Face Applier, [HUSH] Skins Toffee Skin Tone.  I also used [HUSH] Skins Maitreya and SLink Skin Appliers.

Lilli’s Eyes are MESANGE’s Kelpie Mesh Eyes #3.  Recently the set was sold at Designer Circle.  This Month you can pick up MESANGE’s Kelpie Mesh Eyes at the Be Beauty Monthly.  I really like MESANGE’s Eyes, new Designer and doing an awesome job in the Eye Arena.  I have a few Newer Designers today.  If you like Lilli’s Glasses, they are by .Ecko. The Susan Glasses are being sold as an 8 pack on Marketplace.  Lilli is wearing the Black Version.  Earlier this week, I had a Designer drop a very pretty set of Jewelry on me.

I promised that Designer this weekend I would blog the set and here we are.  Lilli’s Coral Jewelry Set is by KATE or [*K’s*].  The Set includes Collar, Necklace, Ear Cuff and Ring.  Lilli is wearing the full Fat Pack Set which is controlled by HUD, or you can purchase individual Colors.  KATE’s inworld store is small but large in original quality pieces. Lots of Jewelry and Footwear.  Definitely give a visit, I think you will be pleasantly surprised!  Lilli’s Bracelet is a GACHA Prize by :BAMSE:  The Belonging Bracelets are GACHA Prizes at :BAMSE’s: Cosmopolitan Sales Room SIM Store, Lill won the Love Myself Prize #14.  There are lots of cute Bracelets with different sayings, plus some of the Rare ones are sets, for you to share with that special someone.

Also found at Cosmopolitan Sales Room is Lil’s Nail Polish. Lil is wearing {ZOZ’s} Black Lace Polish which is one of {ZOZ’s} Exclusives for the Event.  I used the SLink HUD on Lil, you can purchase a Fat Pack of HUDs, or individual ones Exclusively at Cosmopolitan Sales Room.  Don’t forget about the 4th Anniversary Celebration at Cosmopolitan Sales Room, that is if you are one of those people who love Freebies!  All of the Poses used here are from Verocity Poses Cara Pose Set.  Verocity Poses Cara Set includes 6 Static Poses, plus the Mirror Versions.  Today’s Photo Shoot Site was Crystal Gardens, Bright Diamond SIM .:HERE:.

Sept 2nd Blog Post Photo #3_cropped

DRESS:  KiB Designs Irie Dress w.HUD,
Exclusive for Color Me Project Jamaica (NEW)

HEELS:  {POSH PIXELS} Ivy Wrapped Sandals w.HUD,
Exclusive for Marvelous Monthly (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack Feet

POSE:  Verocity Poses Cara Pose Set , Pose #3 (NEW)

Sept 2nd Blog Post Photo #4m_cropped

POSE:  Verocity Poses Cara Pose Set , Pose #4m (NEW)

Sept 2nd Blog Post Photo #5m_cropped

POSE:  Verocity Poses Cara Pose Set , Pose #5m (NEW)

Sept 2nd Blog Post Photo #6_croppedv2

POSE:  Verocity Poses Cara Pose Set , Pose #6 (NEW)

Sept 2nd Blog Post Photo #4hs_cropped

HAIR:  /Wasabi Pills/ Thyra Mesh Hair,
Fifty Linden Friday  Exclusive Pack (NEW)

SKIN:  [HUSH] Skins Diana Toffee Skin Tone,
CATWA Face Applier (NEW)

HEAD:  CATWA Jessica Head v4.8 (NEW)

SHAPE:  .::WoW Skins::. Yasmine Shape (NEW)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 (NEW)

SKIN APPLIERS:  [HUSH] Skins Toffee Skin Tone,
Maitreya and SLink Skin Appliers (NEW)

EYES:  MESANGE Kelpie Mesh Eyes #3,
Exclusive for Be Beauty Monthly  (NEW)

GLASSES:  .Ecko. Susan Glasses in Black,
8 Pack sold Exclusively on Marketplace (NEW)

POSE:  Verocity Poses Cara Pose Set , Pose #4 (NEW)

Sept 2nd Blog Post Photo Headshot_cropped

JEWELRY SET:  KATE [*K*] Coral Jewelry Set w.HUD (NEW)

BRACELET:  :BAMSE: Belonging Bracelets Love Myself,
GACHA Prize #14 (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  {ZOZ} Black Lace Polish SLink HUD,
Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Female Lefthand Elegant 1
and Righthand Casual (NEW)

Sept 2nd Blog Post Photo #6mhs_cropped

POSE:  Verocity Poses Cara Pose Set , Pose #6m (NEW)

LaVian & Co., D-Style, Vestige Poses, 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ Skin Fair 2016, Dulce Secrets, Chop Zuey @ Swank, {ZOZ} @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room, Freebies and More!

Check, Check, Check it out Folks, as promised another Post this weekend.  I found a lovely SIM for Today’s Photo Shoot, the Windlight takes awesome pictures.  It looks like Lilliana spent a Sunny Day in the Country.

Make sure you take notice of the close up shots when looking at Lilliana’s Skin.  The full length shots are in total Windlight Sun, the actual skin tone of Lilliana’s Skin are in the close ups.  The Skin I will be talking about is 7 Deadly s{K}ins second Exclusive from Skin Fair 2016!  I am also going to talk about a few New Releases, from the likes of LaVian & Co. by Sage, Vestige Poses, and Dulce Secrets.

I’m also covering some of your favorite Events as well, like On9, Fifty Linden Fridays, SWANK and Cosmopolitan Sales Room.  The Designers I have from those Events are LaVian & Co. by Sage, Wasbi Pills, Chop Zuey and -{ZOZ}-.  Lastly I actually have two Freebies Today, one of them wasn’t originally supposed to be one.  If you are a D-Style Member, there is a special unexpected gift in the Notices. The Other Gift is by Chop Zuey. You’l have t read more to find out more about these two Freebies!

Let’s get to it, lots of nice items to show all of you.  The Post begins as usual with Lilliana’s Outfit.  She is wearing LaVian & Co. by Sage Lydia Outfit.  Lydia is a Sweater and Pants set, worn as a One Piece Mesh.  As with all of LaVian’s items there is a HUD, I would call it a super duper HUD this time.  There are solid Colors for the Sweater and 3 Lines of Textures for the Pants.  If you want LaVian & Co. by Sage’s Lydia, go to On9, the Outfit is one of LaVian & Co. by Sage’s Exclusives there.   Lilliana’s Handbag is also by LaVian & Co. by Sage. The Aurora Satchel made it’s first appearance at the recent Jewelry & Accessory Expo.  There is a possibility the Aurora Satchel hasn’t made it to the main store yet, I have to be honest, I couldn’t find it.  When you do Aurora has the LaVian HUD, 35 Patone Colors, once with Gold accents and once with Silver.

Lilliana’s super Smexy Heels are the D-Style Gift.  The Ana Platforms in Earth,
can be found in the Group Notices of the VIP Group.  This will not last, I am positive, as they were not supposed to be a Gift, it was a mistake…  You need to pay a one time fee to join D-Style VIPs, but from the looks of these Heels right now, well worth it!  Lilli’s Hair is a Special HUD of Poppy V2 by  Wasabi Pills. The HUD is exclusive for Fifty Linden Fridays.  You are all in luck too, I checked a little while ago and Wasabi Pills is still honoring the Fifty Linden Fridays Price.  Here’s another time I would not delay, it can be gone in a second at any time.

Now I get to talk about the really pretty Skin by 7 Deadly s{K}ins.  Lilli is wearing Babet in the Chestnut Skin Tone.  Babet is being sold as Omega Face Appliers.  Lilli is wearing  her Jessica Head by CATWA.   7 Deadly s{K}ins Babet comes in 11 Skin Tone Variations, with 4 Face Variations in each Skin Tone Box.  You also get your SLink Hand / Feet Applier and Omega Body Applier in your Skin Tone Box As Well! Don’t forget, the Skin is 7 Deadly s{K}ins Babet, to get her you need to go, right now to Skin Fair 2016, well really you have until March 26th! 🙂

Let’s keep it rolling with Lilli’s Eyes, they are Dulce Secrets Ivernia in Oxford.  The Ivernia Mesh Eyes are a new Line by Dulce Secrets, there are lots of lovely colors to choose from!  Okay so I have been a fan of Chop Zuey for a long, long time.  Lilli is going on 10 Years Young this Year!  Lil is wearing Chop Zuey’s The Fair Olivia Set in White.  The beautiful Set Includes Earrings, Necklace, and Bracelet.  The Set is one of Chop Zuey’s Exclusives for SWANK.  You want to know how to get a Free piece of Chop Zuey Jewelry for your new Fair Olivia Set?  I know you do!  The Ring from Fair Olivia is Chop Zuey’s Gift just for stopping by SWANK!  We got Nail Polish now,  Lil is wearing yet another awesome Polish by  -{ZOZ}-.  The Watercolor Tips Polish  is -{ZOZ’s}- Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Sales Room.  Most of the time Lil uses the SLink Applier.  You can also pick up your Maitreya, Belleza, Omega and -{ZOZ}- Mesh Nail Polish Appliers as well!

 Only Poses and that wonderful Photo Shoot Site left. The Poses are a New Release by Vestige Poses.  I used the Poses from Vestige Poses New Sweent Pose Set 1.  There are 5 static poses in the Set.  To purchase Vestige Poses Sweent Pose Set 1, you have to visit the MarketPlace Store.  Photo Shoot Site is The Mill on the Pale Moonlight SIM .:HERE:.

March 18th Blog Photo Post #1_cropped

OUTFIT:  LaVian & Co. by Sage Lydia w.HUD,
Includes Sweater and Pants as One Piece Mesh,
Exclusive for On9  (NEW)

HANDBAG:  LaVian & Co. by Sage Aurora Satchel w.HUD (NEW)

SANDALS:  D-Style Ana Platforms Earth,
Gift in Group Notices (FEE TO JOIN)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High v2.3

POSE:  Vestige Poses Sweent Pose Set 1, Pose #1,
Available on MarketPlace (NEW)

March 18th Blog Photo Post #3_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Sweent Pose Set 1, Pose #3,
Available on MarketPlace (NEW)

March 18th Blog Photo Post #5_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Sweent Pose Set 1, Pose #5,
Available on MarketPlace (NEW)

March 18th Blog Photo Post #2hs_cropped

HAIR:  Wasabi Pills Poppy V2 Mesh Hair w.HUD,
Exclusive Pack for Fifty Linden Fridays (NEW)
(Still Available, but Probably Not for Much Longer)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s{K}ins Babet in Chestnut Skin Tone,
Omega Applier for CATWA Mesh Head,
Exclusive for Skin Fair 2016 (NEW)

HEAD:  CATWA Mesh Head Jessica (NEW)

March 18th Blog Photo Post headshot_cropped
(Recap:  The Skin 7 Deadly s{K}ins Babet @ Skin Fair 2016,
Eyes Dulce Secrets Ivernia Oxford Mesh Eyes New Release,
Jewelry Chop Zuey’s Fair Olivia Set, The Ring is a Gift,
The Nail Polish is {ZOZ} Watercolor Tips Polish @
Cosmopolitan Sales Room and The Wedding Ring JCNY’s
Greatest Love Combo Engagement Wedding Ring)

SHAPE:  .::WoW Skins::. Yasmine Shape,
Exclusive for Skin Fair 2016 (NEW)

BODY:  Maitreya Lara v3.4 (NEW)

EYES:  Dulce Secrets Ivernia Oxford Mesh Eyes (NEW)

JEWELRY SET:  Chop Zuey The Fair Olivia Set White,
Includes Earrings, Necklace, and Bracelet,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)

RING:  Chop Zuey The Fair Olivia Ring in White,
Exclusive Gift for SWANK (FREE)

NAIL POLISH:  -{ZOZ}- Watercolor Tips Polish SLink HUD,
Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)

WEDDING RING:  JCNY ‘Greatest Love, Engraving Edition,
worn Combo Engagement and Wedding Rings (NEW)

 HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Elegant Left and Casual Right v2.3

POSE:  Vestige Poses Sweent Pose Set 1, Pose #2,
Available on MarketPlace (NEW)

March 18th Blog Photo Post #4hs_cropped

POSE:  Vestige Poses Sweent Pose Set 1, Pose #4,
Available on MarketPlace (NEW)