Haus of Ito, Level Up!, Designer Showcase, Evil Bunny Productions, TWE12VE, WoW Skins, Skin Fair 2017, Moondance Jewels, SWANK, and {ZOZ} @ Whore Couture 7!

How many of you are on Flickr?  If you are, find me follow me, I will follow you.  That’s the way many Designers and Event Coordinators decide if they will accept you an an official Blogger for either their Store or Events. Most people that are in charge of managing blogger groups look at how many views your photos have received.

You many not know this, but I don’t get chose for all of the applications I fill out.  I know hard to believe right?!  LOL  I’ve been blogging for years, you probably think I apply and get accepted.  Not true, and I am alright with that.  What bothered me though is my views on Flickr.  If you know my style, I usually try and us most of the Poses from Pose Packs I use.  When I upload photos to Flickr, I wind up uploading many more than the average Blogger.

This last week, I only upload 3 photos.  You know what happened?  My views shot up, alot!  I did a little test with Flickr and only uploaded 3 photos.  One of my photos is about to hit 500 views and the others well over 300.  From now on, I will upload fewer photos from my posts.  To Designers and Event / Blog Managers, the numbers don’t always prove much, since I was uploading more photos, my numbers were spread out more than others.  This is something that had bothered me a little bit and I just wanted to get it off my mind.  I am at peace again, namaste. 😀

Back to the real blog reason, fashion, home decor and shopping.  If you like something found in my blog post today, you may find yourself Teleporting to Level Up!, Designer Showcase, Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE, Skin Fair 2017,  SWANK, and Whore Couture 7!

I have a new Designer Sponsor, special shout out to Haus of Ito!  Thank you for reaching out to me India! 🙂  You’ll also see WoW Skins, Moondance Jewels, and {ZOZ}!  These are the other Designer Sponsors Welcome to Aurora Town is an official Blog for.   The extra Designers I like and also decided to showcase today are Lindy, Salacity, Truth, ::cute as f*ck::, The Artist Shed, Addicted to Ink, and Banana Banshee.

I want to begin with Lilliana’s Skin.  Lilliana’s Skin is WoW Skins second new Exclusive for Skin Fair 2017.  WoW’s Sania is a CATWA Bento Applier Skin.  The Sania Shape is also available at Skin Fair and Lillians is wearing it.  Sania comes in 5 different skin tones, includes the Dark Tan version as worn on Lilliana.  Right now you can only get WoW Skins Sania at Skin Fair 2017, until March 31st.  The mad rush for Skin Fair seems to be over, I had no problem popping into the SIMs Today.  Skin Fair 2017 is a special annual Event.  Another Annual Event is Whore Couture 7!  Whore Couture 7 is where you can find Lilliana’s Nail Polish.  Lilliana is wearing {ZOZ’s} Silver Arrow Polish.  I used the SLink Applier on Lilliana’s New SLink Dynamic Hands.  You can also purchase {ZOZ’s} Silver Arrow Polish in Maitreya, {ZOZ} Mesh Nail, Vista Bento Hand and OMEGA Appliers.  Available Right Now at Whore Couture 7!

Lilliana’s Outfit.  Lilliana is wearing Haus of Ito’s Kate Top and Masey Pants.  The Kate top comes with a HUD that includes 14 Color choices.  The Masey Pants Includes a 7 Color and 2 Metal Color HUD.  Haus of Ito’s Kate Top and Masey Pants are both Exclusives for Level Up’s 2nd Round.  I have 3 items exclusive for Level Up!, so let’s finish up with that Event.  Lilliana’s Ink is Addicted to Inks Tied Rose Tattoo.  Addicted to Inks Tied Rose is a  Fresh & Faded Ink which includes System Layers, plus Maitreya, Belleza, OMEGA and TMP Appliers.  Tied Rose is found at Level Up!  Last Level Up! Exclusive is pretty special, at least I think it’s pretty cool!   Salacity’s Pinup Pouf looks like a piece of furniture that you can sit on.  You can sit on the Pouf but it’s actually a Pose Prop.  Salacity’s Pin Up Pouf is 100% Mesh, had 14 Static Poses, 3 Texture Sets and a Hide / Show HUD.  You’ll see below I used one of the Poses and Hid the Pouf, so it looks like Lilliana is doing a straight up Pose.  Super Unique!

We’re in the middle of the Month and that means alot of the Monthly Sales Events are at the halfway point, still tons of time left to shop these Super Events!  Lilli is wearing Pumps by Lindy.  The Pumps are Lindy’s Pixie and are a Designer Showcase Exclusive this Month.  Pixie is available in 8 Colors total, each sold separately in SLink and Maitreya High Feet Versions. Lilli’s Jewelry is from another Monthly.  Moondance Jewels Elizabeth Jewelry Set is Moondances Exclusive for this Month’s SWANK.  The Elizabeth Set includes 2 Earring Styles, 2 Ring Styles, Bracelets, Necklace and Hairpiece.  Touch any piece of the Elizabeth Jewelry Set and you can change the Gem Color or Metal Colors.  There are 20 Gem Colors, and 9 Metal Colors each piece is also resizable!

Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE is another Month long Event, but just started on the 12th of this Month and will end the middle of April.  I’ve got a few items from TWE12VE today.  Lilli’s Eyes are Banana Banshee’s Shamrock Mesh Eyes.  Lilli is wearing Brown, there are 10 Eye Colors that can be purchased separately, or purchase them all as a Fat Pack.  Banana Banshee’s Shamrock Eyes are Mesh Eyes with a HUD that is also compatible with OMEGA and Gensis Lab.  You’ll notice no photo shoot site Today.  I used one of my Homes as my Photo Studio Today.  I needed a place to rez ::cute as f*ck’s:: Game Frames.  The Game Frames are ::cute as f*ck’s::  Exclusive for Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE.  The Checkers, Scrabble, Tic Tac Toe and Backgammon Frames are each sold separately.  Last TWE12VE Exclusive is The Artist Sheds Lucky Stuff Dice Set.  The Lucy Stuff Dice Set includes all three color Dice and are being sold at a nice discounted price.  The Dice Set is one of The Artist Sheds Exclusives for TWE12VE.

TOP:  Haus of Ito: Kate Top w.HUD,
Exclusive for Round #2 of Level Up! (NEW)

PANTS:  Haus of Ito: Masey Pants w.HUD,
Exclusive for Round #2 of Level Up! (NEW)

HEELS:  Lindy Pixie in Black – Silver,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female Deluxe Pack v1.2.5 (NEW)

POSE:  Salacity Pinup Pouf Prop, Pose Model,
Exclusive for Round #2 of Level Up! (NEW)

POSE:  Salacity Pinup Pouf Prop, Pose Style,
Exclusive for Round #2 of Level Up! (NEW)

POSE:  Salacity Pinup Pouf Prop, Pose Pin Up,
Exclusive for Round #2 of Level Up! (NEW)

POSE:  Salacity Pinup Pouf Prop, Pose Coy,
Exclusive for Round #2 of Level Up! (NEW)

ARTWORK:  ::cute as f*ck:: Game Frames,
Checkers, Scrabble, Tic Tac Toe and Backgammon,
Exclusive for Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE (NEW)
(Each Frame is sold separately)

DICE:  The Artist Shed Lucky Stuff Dice,
Black, Red and White,
Exclusive for Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE (NEW)

POUF:  Salacity Pinup Pouf Prop w.Poses and Show / Hide HUD,
Exclusive for Round #2 of Level Up! (NEW)

HAIR:  Truth Cinnamon from Black & Whites HUD (NEW)

SHAPE:  .::WoW Skins::. 2016 Sania CATWA Bento Shape,
Exclusive for Skin Fair 2017 (NEW)

BODY:  SLink Physique Mesh Body Original v3.03 (NEW)

TATTOO:  [ATI] Addicted to Ink Tied Rose OMEGA Applier,
Exclusive for Round #2 of Level Up! (NEW)

POSE:  Salacity Pinup Pouf Prop, Pose Recline,
Exclusive for Round #2 of Level Up! (NEW)

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. Sania CATWA Face
Bento Applier in Dark Tan Skin Tone,
Exclusive for Skin Fair 2017 (NEW)

HEAD:  CATWA Catya Bento Mesh Head v2.10 (NEW)

EYES:  Banana Banshee Shamrock Mesh Eyes in Brown,
Exclusive for Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE (NEW)

JEWELRY SET:  Moondance Jewels Elizabeth Jewelry Set,
Includes Hairpiece, Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets, and Rings,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  {ZOZ} Silver Arrow Polish SLink Applier,
Exclusive for Whore Couture 7 (NEW)

HANDS: SLink Dynamic Hands v1.3 (NEW)

RING:  JCNY Greatest Love, Engraving Combo Wedding Ring (NEW)

(This Pose was used with the Vista Animations Miriam Bento Hands HUD)

OMG! Room, Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014, Fresh Style, WoW Skins, Advent Calendars and Lots More!

As promised today more previews from OMG! Room, the Jewelry & Accessory Expo, and Fresh Style. News from some great Designers WoW Skins, Persnickity, Miss Canning, and Joops!  I am going to start explaining away Lilliana’s Look, who she’s wearing and where you can get it.  Before I do that though I have something to say, yep even I have to speak my mind every now and again…

Have you heard now Belleza has been hit with a DMCA against the Venus Body?  What is a female avatar to do if they want a Mesh Body or Body Part, it seems that everytime a Designer tries to put a new one out there, someone Pee Pee’s on their party and is able to file a lawsuit and pretty much have a Designers hard work pulled.  Personally I think it’s pretty sad, can’t everyone have a piece of the pie?  Let me be able to choose which Designers mesh body / body part, I want to buy! Incidentally, I have more than one, I have Belleza, SLink and Lola Tangos.  Sad for me, I was never was able to get a Phat Azz, waited too long:( The way people are pulling DMCA’s out their behinds, sooner or later there will be no mesh bodies or parts.  I don’t think anyone really wants that to happen now, do we?…

Okay that was my piece, I got it off my chest, I am done.  Where do I begin with Today’s post.  OMG! Room that’s where I want to start and that’s where you can get Lilli’s Madison Store Esther Sweater, Lilli is wearing the Printed Set 1, the pants which are Tchuca Design’s Roxelle the Colours HUD pack, you where these bad boys with SLink High Feet, and last OMG! Room exclusiveis Authentic Design Can’t See Me Finger and Toe Nail Polish Applier Set.

So the other Day I gave you all an informational Post on the Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014 which starts this Friday.  Today I have previews of some of the goodies that can be found there.  Lil is wearing GeWunjo’s Lola Belt w. 3 Metal HUD, and  Cae’s Ananda Earrings & Necklace Set, which also includes a HUD, but with 6 Metal Colors and 10 Gemstone Colors, both of these are Exclusive for the Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014!

Last Event I want to speak about is Fresh Style!  Today from the Fresh Style Designers, I bring you Xen’s Hats Fletcher Flannel Flat Cap in Black, I think it looks really cute on LC, its for the Men, probably more unisex, anyway Love it Xen’s!  Also the poses are found at Fresh Style, they are Sup Poses Kiss Me in the Morning Pose Set, Muaahhhs! 🙂

Lot’s of Newness just dropped on me, another fabulous Christmas Tree!  Last post had me in my livingroom decorating for Christmas, today I continued decking out the halls of Corleone with Persnickity’s Red Christmas Tree which Dispenses Gifts when you touch it and Includes that cute Train Set.  How cute is LC’s Hair?  It’s Miss Canning’s Claireece, something else ofr me to love!

The Gorgeous Skin Lilliana has on is another new Skin Line by WoW Skins!  Elisabeth can be found right now in the main store in 4 Skin Tones, 5 Different Make Ups and a Natural!  LC is wearking Skin 02 in the Dark Tan Skin Tone and lastly the cute little ring on LC’s Left Hand is Joops Rose Ring in Red, the Rose Ring comes in 5 different colors!

One last thing for you fans, check out my page tabs under the Aurora Town Photo.  I just published my Advent Calendars 2014.  The list is huge and I am still working out the landmarks and confirming the Designers, but I wanted to get it out to you as most of Calendars are in full effect now!  Enjoy you all!!

december 2

 TOP:  Madison Store Esther Sweater Printed Set 1 w. 4 Texture HUD,
Exclusive for OMG! Room (NEW)

BELT:  GeWunjo Lola Belt w.3 Metal HUD,
Exclusive for the Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014 (NEW)
(Expo Begins on Friday, December 5th)

PANTS:  Tchuca Design Roxelle Colours HUD, 8 Colors {for SLink High Feet),
Exclusive for OMG! Room (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High

POSE:  Sup Poses Kiss Me in the Morning Set, Pose #1,
Exclusive for Fresh Style (NEW)


TREE:  Persnickity Red Christmas Tree Dispensing Gifts,
Includes Train Set (NEW)

december 2.2_cropped

POSE:  Sup Poses Kiss Me in the Morning Set, Pose #2,
Exclusive for Fresh Style (NEW)

december 2.3_cropped

POSE:  Sup Poses Kiss Me in the Morning Set, Pose #3,
Exclusive for Fresh Style (NEW)

december 2.2hs_cropped

CAP:  Xen’s Hats Fletcher Flannel Flat Cap in Black,
Exclusive for Fresh Style (NEW)

HAIR:  Miss Canning Claireece Fat Pack 34 Colors (NEW)

SKIN:  WoW Skins Elisabeth 02 in Dark Tan (NEW)

SHAPE:  Body Doubles Elle Shape
(Body Modified to XS SL Standard Shape)

EYES:  Ikon Promise Eyes Midnight

EYELASHES:  Redgrave 31 Extra Long (NEW)

JEWELRY:  Cae Ananda Set, Earrings & Necklace,
Exclusive for the Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014 (NEW)
(Expo Begins on Friday, December 5th)

RING:  Joops Rose Rings in Red (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  Authentic Design Can’t See Me Finger and Toe Nail Applier,
10 Colors, Exclusive for OMG! Room  (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Female Casual and Elegant

december 2.3hs_cropped

J&A Expo 2014 Logo Black

Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014
(December 5th – December 13th)

Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014 Coming Soon!

Jewelry & Accessory Expos 2014 Dec. 5th-13th, 2014
Total information post for you this time Fans.  Something to look forward too and a chance for you to save your Lindens!  Who doesn’t like Jewelry or Accessories, they can make an outfit that much more fabulous don’t you think?

The Jewelry & Accessory Expo is definitely one of my favorite Events!  The big Event opens it’s doors on December 5th and runs until December 13th!  As one of the official bloggers for Siren Productions who is running the show, I will be bringing you previews from as many of the exclusive Designers as I can over the next 2 weeks.  Come back and visit me soon!

The following is the official Press Release for The Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014:

Release the Beast Inside You…

AIM, Cultured the Magazine, DesigningSL, ModeLS Magazine, Penumbra, Siren Productions, SL Live Radio, and VERSUS Magazine are heading to the African Savannah and going tribal for this years Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014. December 5th-13th will be warm and toasty as the beasts of the African plains emerge to show us their true colors. Cheetah print bangles, zebra stripped handbags, crocodile skin shoes all the hallmarks of high style, fierce fabulousness, and wild abandon will be set to travel home from your exotic vacation with us.

Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014 is set to kick off on Dec 5th, 2014 with shows from Zibska & Zuri Jewelry. We have fun in store for you from over 60 fabulous designers of Jewelry, Shoes, Purses, Hats, Belts, Make-up, Headbands, Body Jewelry, and more. Gizza Creations, Faster Pussycat, Chic Zafari, Azoury, JUMO Fashions, ESQUE, Indyra are only a small fraction of the designers who will be present. You will get to see all the creations from the designers on the runway on Saturday Dec. 6th, 2014 at noon and again at 5pm with Siren Productions. There are shows and parties planned the entire week!

Come join us on a Safari Vacation just in time for the holidays. Shop the bazaar [sYs], Yasum Designs, Tres Beau, CereberusXing, LivGlam, Pomposity, Faun, Wonton, & ME Jewelry for the perfect accessories and jewelry! Hop from merchant to exotic merchant playing the game of the land, GACHA, for a chance to win some tribal influenced prizes. Enjoy the parties and mix and mingle with the chiefs of the great tribes of SL Live Radio, Penumbra, AIM, Cultured the Magazine, and Siren Productions.

To stay up to date with all your travel plans for your Safari stay at Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014 please see our handy travel agents at to book your vacation package. Do not forget to leave room in your luggage to carry all your trinkets home. In fact just bring empty suitcases!

Prepare yourself for a wild ride through the villages of tribal Africa…

J&A Expo 2014 Logo Black


Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014
(December 5th – December 13th)

XY Room, Fresh Style, Candy Fair 2014, News from Truth and **Feel** Group Gift!

Here’s a segway of what I have for all of you Today, Sales Events, Special Events and Newness!  XY Room, I used to Blog for XY, they closed down and apparently are back, where was I!  I am very excited to blog for XY Room again, it’s a wonderful Monthly Event.  New Rounds start on the 1st of each Month and end on the 20thXY Room is also now under the PR Agency Aurora Events, so great things to be seen from XY Room for sure! Another great Sales Event, Fresh Style, we are on Round #7 which  just started this past Wednesday.  Fresh Style is bi-weekly, you get two weeks to shop the discounts shown by Lilliana and much more.

Oh and Candy Fair 2014 starts Today and runs through October 17th!  Lots nad lots of cute sweetness from the Designers of Candy Fair.  Today from me it’s a little sneak peek of something your can find at Candy Fair, I have some adorableness to show you all week in my future posts from this Event, including some specialness from EverGlow, who just enlisted Lilliana a part of the Blogger team! YAY!  Newness is from **Feel** another sponsor and Truth.  Let’s get this party started and kick off the weekend with a blog post!

What Lilliana is wearing and from where?  First it’s the Designer’s from XY Room.  The Outfit is [M.Second’s] Louise in Gold, whcih includes Top and Pants and is available in 3 more colors sold separately, I love this Belt, it’s by [Coepio] and has a wonderful HUD, with 8 Leather Colors for the actual belt part, and 11 Stud Colors, and last find from XY Room, Lilliana’s Nail Polish on her SLink Nails, it is Go&See Diamond Nails in White which are a GACHA Prize!

From the new round over at Fresh Style, to be exact, it’s round #7, Lilli is wearing  StormCrow Designs Pumps with Strass & Gems.  This is one of those fantastic deals as you get 4 Pairs of Pumps in Different Versions, Plain, Gems, Studs and both Studs and Gems, you need SLink High Feet for these babies! The Skin is Hankaii Pankaii’s Nile for the Fresh Style exclusive, you get 3 Nile Skins in your purchase, Lilli is wearing Smokey, you also get Natural and Fairy Dancer.  All of the Appliers for Hankaii Pankaii’s skin are available at Fresh Syle, but sold separately. Last item for Today from Fresh Style are the Poses!  They are Sup Poses Icon Set, you get 5 static poses in the set.

We are up to my Special Event, the Candy Fair!  I promise to bring more Candy Fair Designers in my next post, but for Today it’s Bokeh, that’s where Lil’s O.D. Bangles Metallic came from, The O.D. Bangles includes a Color Change Script, with 4 Metals.  Newness a Sponsor and Truth.   Sponsor first, sorry Truth, I’ve tried, but I don’t get chosen as a part of your blogger team:(   The beautiful and classic earring and necklace set is New, but actually a Group Gift too.   **Feel’s** Double Chair Diamond Necklace Set, is VIP Group Gift for **Feel** Members.  There is a small one time fee of $100 Lindens to join **Feel’s** Group, but there are many gifts in the Mainstore now!  Now LC’s hair what else but Truth’s Dariela from the Black & White Pack, Dariela is brand new, for all the Truth Hair I purchase Hawks should add me as a Blogger!  Do I sound pissed?!  LOL It’s okay, I still like Truth Hair! 🙂

XY Room #1final_cropped
OUTFIT:  [M.Second]
Louise in Gold, Includes Top and Pants,
Exclusive for XY Room (NEW)

BELT:  [Coepio] Belt w.HUD, 8 Leather Colors, and
11 Stud Colors,  Exclusive for XY Room (NEW)

SHOES:  StormCrow Designs Pumps with Strass & Gems,
Includes 4 Pairs of Pumps, Different Versions, worn Gems Rigged White,
(for SLink High Feet) Exclusive for Fresh Style (NEW) 

StormCrow Designs White Pumps_cropped
(StormCrow Designs Pumps with Strass & Gems, The Set)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High

POSE:  Sup Poses Icon Set, Pose #1,
Exclusive for Fresh Style (NEW) 

XY Room #2final_cropped
POSE:  Sup Poses
Icon Set, Pose #2,
Exclusive for Fresh Style (NEW)

XY Room #3final_cropped
POSE:  Sup Poses
Icon Set, Pose #3,
Exclusive for Fresh Style (NEW)

XY Room #4final_cropped
POSE:  Sup Poses
Icon Set, Pose #4,
Exclusive for Fresh Style (NEW)

XY Room #1finalHS_cropped
HAIR:  Truth
Dariela Black & White Pack (NEW)

SKIN:  Hankaii Pankaii Nile Smokey,
Exclusive for Fresh Style (NEW) 

SHAPE:  Body Doubles Elle Shape
(Totally Modified)

 EYES:  IKON Hope Eyes in Denim L,
September VIP Group Gift (FREE JOIN)

EYELASHES:  *Gaeline Creations* Divina Mesh Lashes,
worn with Makeup Eyeliner Black Layer (NEW)

EARRINGS & NECKLACE:  **Feel** Double Chair Diamond Necklace Set,
Group Gift for VIP Members (FEE TO JOIN)

BRACELETS:  Bokeh O.D. Bangles Metallic, Color Change 4 Metals,
Available at Candy Fair 2014 (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  Go&See Diamond Nails SLink Applier White,
GACHA Prize for XY Room (NEW) 

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Female Casual

XY Room #2finalhs_cropped