Orsy Event, Designer Showcase, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, SWANK Monthly, and a Freebie!

The Orsy Event, Designer Showcase, and the SWANK Monthly!  Do you like and shop these Events? Keep reading!  How about a Freebie?  How does that sound?  Well, I am sure the word Freebie caught your eye!  Today Post will incorporate everything I just said, so let’s get to it!

My Dress Today is courtesy of KiB Designs, and the lovely sophisticated looking Dress is one of the two exclusives I am showcasing from The Orsy Event in Today’s Post!  Second Orsy Exclusive is my Art Ink, the Tattoo is by Vezzo Ink.  Quick note, the current Round of Orsy will close soon, February 23rd to be exact, pay a visit quickly!  My Heels are from the current Round of Designer Showcase.  The Heels are Blackbird Lace’s Exclusive for this Month’s Designer Showcase.  My second Exclusive for DS are the super cute Earrings which are by U:Refined.  The Designer Showcase closes each Month on the 25th.

Last Event I will speak about Today is SWANK Monthly.  Just like the other Events I spoke of, I have two Exclusives from SWANK. I am rolling in twos people!  My Lipstick, I would call it a lip stain, and I absolutely love it, the Lip color is by Stunner Originals!  The Mesh Nails I am wearing, they are LEXU, both of these lovely items can be found right now at SWANK!  SWANK’s closing date for February is the 28th!

I spoke about all of my Event discounts, now I will just talk about that Freebie.  My Eyes which are by Repulse, are a Subscriber Gift, so no Group Join, just adding to the Subscription List.  A quick mention about Repulse, this Designer has been around for a long time.  I remember back in the day in my early years, I did like every Hunt.  Repulse was always one of the Designers I always looked forward to getting that Gift.  Some of the eyes are really Gory, and Creepy, there are always some cools ones too.  Give Repulse a chance!

My Poses, they are a set by Icons of Style.  IOS was another old-time favorite Pose Designer of mine.  I used to blog them all the time.  It made me look the Shop Up and they are still there.  Their Poses are extremely reasonably priced, and you can even pick up Full Perm Sets.  Lots of Pose Prop Sets, like I am using today, and Static Model Sets.  My Skin and Shape are from one of my Favorite Designers, and yes, a Sponsor.  I truly love 7 Deadly s{K}ins.  Been a fan for many years.  Plus, Iza, the Owner is an extremely Generous person, there are always Group Gifts, right now there is a Valentine’s Day Hunt, and Luck Letter Boards!

Last two, there goes that two again! Last two items in the Post I would like to talk about is my Hair and Wedding Rings.  My Hair is Rama.Salon, and Wedding Rings are Ysoral!  I totally blog Ysoral a lot, you would think that they were a Sponsor, they are not. I actually never reached out and asked.  I do love the work of the Wedding Rings, I always think they look real, and are very unique.  Ysoral is part of Glorious Days, that’s when I purchase many of my items.  Personally, I cannot pass up a good bargain! Please note that my Rings Today are not part of Glorious Days.

I sign off with the usual, my Photo Shoot Site, which was Ethereal City Legacy, lots to walk around and see, very nicely done SIM, go check it out .:HERE:.

DRESS:  KiB Designs Milena Cowl Neck Dress Fat Pack,
HUD Driven, 32 Textures, Fits Belleza,
Maitreya, SLink and Fit Mesh Bodies,
Exclusive for The Orsy Event (NEW)

HEELS:  Blackbird Lace Alcina Heels Fat Pack,
HUD Driven, 50 Colors x3,
Fit Belleza Gen-X, Legacy, Maitreya and Reborn,
Exclusive for The Designer Showcase (NEW)

FEET:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara High Feet V5.3 (NEW)

POSE / PROP:  Icons of Style Shopping Poses Pack 4, Pose 16,
5 Static Poses, Plus Mirror Versions, Shopping Bags With Poses,
and Shopping Bags Without Poses (NEW)

POSE / PROP:  Icons of Style Shopping Poses Pack 4, Pose 16.
5 Static Poses, Plus Mirror Versions, Shopping Bags With Poses,
and Shopping Bags Without Poses (NEW)

POSE / PROP:  Icons of Style Shopping Poses Pack 4, Pose 18,
5 Static Poses, Plus Mirror Versions, Shopping Bags With Poses,
and Shopping Bags Without Poses (NEW)

HAIR:  RAMA.SALON Arleen Hair Brunettes Colorant,
HUD Driven, Sold in 11 Different Color Packs with 32 Hair Colors,
Plus Color Tint HUD, Materials On / Off Option,
Removable Resizable Unrigged Hair Add-on Also Included (NEW)

SHAPE:  7 Deadly s[K]ins Northern Shape,
Lelutka Evo-X Compatible Shape,
Matching Skins also Available but Sold Separately (NEW)  

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara v5.3 (NEW)

EARRINGS:  {U:Refined} Heart Flow Earrings Lel Evo X in Red,
Sold in 5 Individual Colors, or Fat Pack,
Fits Lelutka Evo-X Mesh Heads,
Exclusive for The Designer Showcase (NEW)

TATTOO:  Vezzo Ink Tattoo Rosaria Sleeves,
Includes Black and White Versions, in 3 Ink Opacities,
Tattoo Art also Trails Down the Back,
BOM Layers Compatible with Belleza,
Maitreya, Signature and Reborn,
Also Included a HUD for Legacy Bodies,
Exclusive for The Orsy Event (NEW)

POSE:  Icons of Style Shopping Poses Pack 4, Pose 20,
5 Static Poses, Plus Mirror Versions, Shopping Bags With Poses,
and Shopping Bags Without Poses (NEW)

HEAD:  LeLUTKA Raven Head 3.1
Includes 2 BOM Ready Heads, Evo-X and Bento,
Eyes, Teeth, Default Shape / Brow, Brow Bases, Skin Bases,
HUD Drive, Plus BOM and Applier Alphas, Elf Ears and Add-Ons (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s[K]ins Northern Skins,
Lelutka Evo-X Compatible, BOM / System Layers,
Body / Head Skins, Brow and No Brow Versions,
Available in 10 Skin Tones, or Fat Pack,
Worn Taupe,
Shape Available but Sold Separately

EYES:  Repulse Wraith Eyes,
Eye Appliers for CATWA, GENUS and Letlutka,
Standard Eye Layers BOM Compatible, 5 Eye Colors,
Exclusive Subscriber Gift (FREE)  

LIPSTICK:  Stunner Originals Absolute HD Lips,
Made for EVOX / EVO Mesh Heads,
HUD Driven with 25 Lip Shades
Exclusive for the SWANK Monthly (NEW)

Fits BBL, Belleza Gen-X, Kupra, Legacy,
Maitreya, Reborn, SLink and Tonic Hands,
Exclusive for the SWANK Monthly (NEW)

WEDDING RINGS:  Ysoral Mina Luxe Ring Set,
Rings for Both Left and Right Hands, 10 Metal and 10 Gem Colors,
Unrigged, Belleza, Inithium, Kalhene, Legacy, 

Maitreya, Reborn and SLink Hands, Love Menu, Animation Bento Heart,
RLV Lock Ring On / Off, Customized Heart Particle Color,
Quantity, and Frequency On / Off  (NEW)

HANDS:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Bento Hands V5.3 (NEW)  

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