Designer Showcase, Designer Circle, Collabor88, Uber, 7 Deadly s[K]ins, Evil Bunny Productions, TWE12VE, Insufferable Dastard, SWANK, and a Freebie!

Life is good all around!  I’m about to start a new job in RL, can’t wait.  A New Job is a new adventure, plus I’ll be getting more money!  SL is always good! Speaking of SL, I have another awesome Post for you! 🙂  I will have you visiting Designer Showcase, Designer Circle, Collabor88, Uber, Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE, and SWANK.  A few notes on Events, Designer Showcase ends on the 31st, and DS will be closed for September, reopening October 7th with another fabulous round.

Designer Circle’s 161st Round ends this Friday.  Collabor88 is celebrating 6 Years! Some of the Designers set out Gifts, I have a cute one below.  I’m a little late getting to Collabor88 this Month, the round will end on the 31st, don’t delay if you want to check out this Round.  Evil Bunny Productions TWE12E and SWANK end on Thursday, August 31st as well. Those are my side notes, you are now aware!

The Designers I chose Today are [hh], [WellMade], Sinfully Sweet, (Marukin), Truth, 7 Deadly s[K]ins, Moon., Gee, Indulge Temptation, Insufferable Dastard, Tameless, CNZ, and SlackGirl!  Have a peeked an interest?  Well Keep reading!

Lilliana is wearing a super cute off the Should Top by [hh] called Inez.  Inez comes with a 15 Textures HUD, and all of your FitMesh Sizes for Tonic, Belleza, Maitreya, SLink and for Mesh Project an Installer.  Inez is [hh’s] Exclusive  for the current round of Designer Showcase, remember which ends this Thursday, August 31st.

Lilliana’s Pants are one of five items that are Exclusives for Designer Circle’s 161st Round which is running right now, but will end on Friday, Sept. 1st.  Lilliana’s Pants are Zan by [WellMade] Zan.  Zan comes with 5 Fit Mesh Sizes and a super 25 Color HUD, which changes each part of the Pant separately.  [WellMade’s] Zan is my first Designer Circle Exclusive.  You can also pick up Lilliana Footwear from Designer Circle.  Lilliana’s Shoes are Sinfully Sweet’s Let’s Do This Tip Toe Shoes.  The Tip Toe Shoes come with a 10 Texture HUD that changes the Front Rubber and Laces of the Shoes.  You get Belleza, Slink and Maitreya Fits.  Pick up Sinfully Sweet’s Let’s Do This Tip Toe Shoes at Designer Circle for a Sinfully Sweet price!

My next Designer Circle Exclusive comes from one of my actual Sponsors, 7 Deadly      s[K]ins.   The Destiny OMEGA Skin Box Light is 7DS’s exclusive for DC 161. Remember All Exclusives at Designer Circle are priced $200 Lindens and under.  You get 4 OMEGA Mesh Appliers, that were based on [AK’s] Bento Mesh Head, in 4 Skin Tones.  This includes Appliers for Face, Torso, Legs, Hands, and Feet.  Lilliana is also wearing the 7 Deadly s[K]ins Shape for Destiny, the Shape offer is a [AK] Bento and Maitreya Shape, plus the Eyebrows Shape.

Last two Designer Circle Exclusives are  a lovely Necklace by *CNZ*, and just as lovely Bracelets by Indulge Temptation.  The Diamond Sun Necklace by *CNZ* includes 4 metal colors, plus color changes the Diamond. Indulge Temptation’s Farrah Bracelets are the HUD #2 version.  The Set includes 8 Bracelets total, for Left and Right Wrists, you get single separated Bracelets and versions meshed together.  Each Farrah Bracelet Set includes their own HUD with 8 Gem and 10 Metal Colors.

Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE is on Deck! We have a colorful Tat on Lilliana.  Lilliana’s Sleeve Tat is Gee’s Dream Sleeve Tattoo.  Gee also has a Leg Version available, which is sold separately.  The Dream Sleeve Tattoo is a Maitreya Applier, and is Gee’s current Exclusive for Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE.  I have to say this is the second time Lilliana is wearing Mesh Nails created by ::SlackGirl::, and I am loving all of them! Lilliana’s Nails are ::SlackGirl’s:: Classic Almond Mesh Nails. These Nails fit your Vista, Maitreya, Tuty, and SLINK Bento Hands like a glove!  , ::SlackGirl’s:: Classic Almond Mesh Nails include a shiney 16 Color HUD and can be found at TWE12VE.   Don’t forget the Current Edition of TWE12VE closes this Thursday, August 31st, until September 12th when a new round begins!

The next few items are one offs, they are items from different places around the Grid.  I’ll start with Lillian’s Eyes.  The Eyes are a brand New Release by Insufferable Dastard.  .ID’s. Eternal Summer Eyes are a pack of 8 different Shades.  You get 2 Sizes, and can purchase the Eternal Summer Eyes as Classic, Mesh Eyes, OMEGA, CATWA, and Lelutka Appliers each of these are sold separately.  New Hair by Truth is the Hair Lilliana is wearing Today.  Truth’s Natalie is an Exclusive for Uber.  Lilliana wears the Grayscale Fat Pack HUD.  Each HUD pack includes the new Hair Styler, Natalie has 9 Hair Styles.

I must really like the new Eyelash Appliers from Tameless because Lilliana is wearing a different one Today.  Tameless has these new Eyelash Applier for CATWA and Lelutka Mesh Heads.  Lilliana is wearing Tamelesses Lashes #4 for CATWA.  Lilliana is wearing Another lovely item by Indulge Temptation are the Earrings that Lilliana has on.  The Soraya Earrings are Indulge Temptation’s Exclusive for SWANK.  Lilliana is wearing the #2 HUD Version of Soraya which includes 8 Gem and 10 Metal Colors.  This round of SWANK ends Thursday, August 31st!

Down to the last two items for my Post Today!  They are both found at Collabor88, and one is the Freebie!  I used (Marukin’s) Vinyl Pose Set.  The Vinyl Pose Set is 9 Static Poses and is (Marukin’s) Exclusive for Collabor88 right now.  Totally cute glasses are by Freebie.  Moon.’s 8Bit / Retro Frames are totally Free just for visiting Collabor88.  The Set includes two Styles the Retro and 8Bit in 6 Colors.  Lilliana is wearing the Pink Retro Fit.  Collabor88 Closes the 31st just like many of my other Events on Post.  the Photo Shoot Site is the super pretty and serene Kanaloa Surf Beach on the Poison Apple SIM Photo Shoot Site .:HERE:.TOP:  [hh] Inez Off Shoulder Top w.HUD 15 Colors,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

PANTS:  [WellMade] Zan Pants w.HUD,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #161 (NEW)

SHOES:  *Sinfully Sweet* Let’s Do This Tip Toe Shoes w.HUD,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #161 (NEW)

FEET:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Feet V4.1 (NEW)

POSE:  (Marukin) Vinyl Pose Set, Glazed Eyes w/Raised Hand,
Exclusive for Collabor88 (NEW)

POSE:  (Marukin) Vinyl Pose Set, Mannequin,
Exclusive for Collabor88 (NEW)

POSE:  (Marukin) Vinyl Pose Set, Staring Through Galaxies,
Exclusive for Collabor88 (NEW)

POSE:  (Marukin) Vinyl Pose Set, Plastic Attitude,
Exclusive for Collabor88 (NEW)

POSE:  (Marukin) Vinyl Pose Set, T Pose,
Exclusive for Collabor88 (NEW)

HAIR:  TRUTH Natalie Grayscale Fat Pack HUD,
Exclusive for UberSL (NEW)

SHAPE:  7 Deadly s[K]ins Destiny Bento Shape,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #161 (NEW)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V4.1 (NEW)

GLASSES:  Moon. Retro Frames in Pink,
Exclusive Gift for Collabor88 Anniversary (FREE)

TATTOO:  Gee Dream Sleeve Tattoo Maitreya Applier,
Exclusive for Evil Bunny ProductionsTwe12ve (NEW)

BRACELETS:  Indulge Temptation Farrah Bracelets HUD #2,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #161 (NEW)

POSE:  (Marukin) Vinyl Pose Set, Glazed Eyes,
Exclusive for Collabor88 (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s[K]ins Destiny OMEGA Skin Box Light,
Worn Oak Skin Tone,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #161 (NEW)

EYES:  .Insufferable Dastard. Eternal Summer Eyes Mesh and Appliers (NEW)

EYELASHES:  Tameless [Catwa] Lashes #4 (NEW)

NECKLACE:  *CNZ* Diamond Sun Necklace,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #161 (NEW)

EARRINGS:  Indulge Temptation Soraya Earrings w.HUD #2
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

NAILS:  ::SlackGirl:: Classic Almond Mesh Nails
for Vista, Maitreya, Tuty, SLINK BENTO Hands,
Exclusive for Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE (NEW)

RING:  JCNY Greatest Love, Engraving Combo Wedding Ring (NEW)

BENTO HANDS:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Bento Hands V4.1 (NEW)

POSE:  (Marukin) Vinyl Pose Set, Plastic Girl,
Exclusive for Collabor88 (NEW)

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