Designer Circle, Designer Showcase, SWANK, WoW Skins, Mesh Body Addict Fair, Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE, and Group Gifts!

I’m slowly getting my Blogging Mojo back.  My Post is super awesome, on time and has a few Free gets.  Notice how I said slowing getting my Blogging Mojo back, there is one slight snag, but you’ll hear about it later on in the Post.  Today’s Post will take you back to the Designer Circle’s 160th Round, last Post had one item from DC, Today there are a few item Exclusives from the Event.  Another Event I will take you back to is Designer Showcase, Lilliana wore an item in my last Post from that Event, and Today it’s something else.

We are also taking a first time Peek at Mesh Body Addicts, and more repeat visits to Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE, and SWANK.  The two Free gets I mentioned are Free Join Groups, so totally Free grabs.  You’ll have to stay a little bit longer and read the Post to find out what you can get for Free!

We begin our Blog Journey with Designer Circle 160th Round.  Lilliana is wearing a super sexy Dress by [HU] called Viana.  [HU’s] Viana also includes a Thong and comes in an assortment of yummy colors each sold separately at a special price for Designer Circle.  Lilliana is wearing the Black Version.  I have a total of three Exclusives found at Designer Circle.  Next DC Exclusive is from [NYNE].  [NYNE’s] Exclusive this Round is ‘Wiva’ a lovely messy updo Hair Style.  Lilliana is wearing the Brown Pack HUD and what also love about [NYNE’s] Hair is the streaking option.  Each HUD allows you to use one color for the main part of the Hair and another color for streaks.  If you don’t like Brown don’t worry about it, there are an array of different color HUDs available and sold separately at a DC discount price.  Last Designer Circle Exclusive for Today is Indulge Temptation’s Selma Earrings. I’m really digging these pretty Earrings.  Lilliana is wearing Indulge Temptations HUD #6 for the Selma Earrings.  Each HUD includes 11 Gem Colors and 10 metal Colors.  There are 6 different HUDs being sold at Designer Circle for !IT’s! Selma.  One last note on Designer Circle this current round ends this weekend, Friday to be exact.

Something that’s not ending until the end of the Month is Designer Showcase.  You have lots of time to shop the August Round of DS.  Lilliana is wearing one of Lindy Shoes Exclusives for this Round.  Lindy’s Tabitha comes with SLink and Maitreya Feet Fits, Liliana is wearing the Maitreya Fit. She is wearing the Black Gold version, there are a few more colors sold separately.  Tabitha is Lindy’s Exclusive this Month for Designer Showcase.  Designer Showcase is a one off for me.  What do I mean as a one off?  I only have one item for that Event in the Post.  Another one off is The Mesh Body Addicts Fair.  Lilliana is wearing .::WoW Skins::. Exclusive.  .::WoW Skins::. is one of my super duper Sponsors.   .::WoW Skins::. Exclusive for Mesh Body Addicts Fair this Month is Siria,  Siria is a Catwa Face Applier.  The Applier includes 3 Lipstick options, and a sexy cat eye liner.  Lilliana is wearing Wow’s Dark Tan Skin Tone, there are  7 more Skin Tones to choose from.  Also worn by Lilliana and available separately at Mesh Body Addicts, is the Siria Catwa BENTO Shape.  Mesh Body Addicts Fair ends on August 21st, you still have a decent amount of MBA shopping time left, so get to stepping fans!

I have one more one off.  Lilliana’s Tat Today is [ATI]… Mishia.  here’s a question, doe this happen to any of you?  You apply a Tattoo, and when you log out and log back in, part of the Tattoo is missing, like the Hands Part or something?  That happens to me, and I totally forget to notice it.  It  happened with [ATI’s] Mishia.  I had the entire Tattoo applied, looking too tuff.  It’s a really beautiful Tat and the hand work is super lovely.  I must have reclogged for something.  I started taking my photos, and was totally in the photo taking mode, that I didn’t notice the hands. I didn’t want to trash all of the photos, because they came out really nice, and my time is limited between SL and RL.  So what I will do is wear the Tattoo again in my next Post, this time the entire.  Like what you see so far of [ATI’s] Mishia, then hop on over to Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE.  Mishia is [ATI’s] Exclusive for TWE12VE this Month!

I think I’m going to talk about my last Event and then I will talk about those Freebies.  Hey there is that saying, Good things come to those who wait!  SWANK’s next!  I have three Exclusives found at SWANK this Month in my Post.  There is some elegant Jewelry by [HJ].  [HJ] has it’s Taylor Collection on sale at SWANK this Month.  Lilliana is wearing the Bracelet & Ring Set.  You can also purchase the Necklace and Earrings as a Set separately.  Lilliana’s Nail Polish is from SWANK too.  The Nail Polish is Nailed It’s All in One Retromania Set.  12 Vividly beautiful Nail Colors for your SLink, Maitreya, Belleza, or Nailed it Mesh Nails, plus the OMEGA.  Last SWANK Exclusive are my Poses.  The Poses are all from GLITTER Poses Olivia Pose Set.  GLITTER Poses Olivia is 10 Super Star Static Poses on Sales specially for SWANK Monthly.

Freebies!  Okay here you go first Freebie, Maxi Gossamer Sacred Tibetan OM Amulet Necklace Set.  You get the long version and short version of MG’s Sacred Tibetan OM Amulet Necklaces in 4 colors.  The Set is Maxi Gossamer’s current VIP Group Gift.  I said Free and I mean it, since joining Maxi’s Group is a Free Join, you can get this awesome Gift for 0 Lindens!  Last Freebie!  How about a new set of stunning Vivid Blue Eyes?  Join Mayfly’s Keshie VIP Group for Free and Slap the Mayfly Luminous Mesh Eyes in Vivid Blue, your new Eyes will be delivered absolutely Free!  What a nice way to end the Post with two Super Nice Freebies!  Hope you all enjoy Today’s publication! ❤

Photo Shoot Site Time Portal 1950’s .:HERE:.

DRESS:  [HU] Viana Dress &Thong Set in Black,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #160 (NEW)

HEELS:  Lindy Tabitha Black Gold,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

FEET:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Feet V4.1 (NEW)

POSE:  GLITTER Poses Olivia Pose Set, Pose #1,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

POSE:  GLITTER Poses Olivia Pose Set, Pose #3,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

POSE:  GLITTER Poses Olivia Pose Set, Pose #4,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

POSE:  GLITTER Poses Olivia Pose Set, Pose #5,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

POSE: GLITTER Poses Olivia Pose Set, Pose #10,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

HAIR:  [NYNE] ‘Wiva’ Hair Brown Pack,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #160 (NEW)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V4.1 (NEW)

SHAPE:  .::WoW Skins::. Catwa BENTO Shape Siria,
Exclusive for Mesh Body Addicts Fair (NEW)

TATTOO:  [ATI]… Mishia Tattoo Maitreya Applier,
Exclusive for Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE (NEW)

NECKLACES:  Maxi Gossamer Sacred Tibetan OM Amulet Necklace Set,
Exclusive VIP Group Gift (FREE JOIN)

POSE: GLITTER Poses Olivia Pose Set, Pose #2,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. Siria Catwa Applier in Dark Tan,
Exclusive for Mesh Body Addicts Fair (NEW)

HEAD:  CATWA Head Catya V2.16 Bento Mesh Version (NEW)

EYES:  Mayfly Luminous Mesh Eyes (Vivid Blue) v2,
Exclusive Keshie VIP Group Gift (FREE JOIN)

EARRINGS:  Indulge Temptation Selma Earrings HUD #6,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #160 (NEW)

BRACELET & RING SET:  [HJ] The Taylor Collection Bracelet & Ring Set,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  Nailed It All in One Retromania Set All in One HUD,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

BENTO HANDS:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Bento Hands V4.1 (NEW)

POSE:  GLITTER Poses Olivia Pose Set, Pose #7,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

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