Designer Circle, Square1, Designer Showcase, WoW Skins, Dark Passion @ GENRE, and a Freebie!

Hiya!  I’m back, about a week ago I was diagnosed with the Flu.  I swear this past week, I still wasn’t he old me.  I have been so freaking tired.  I’m finally feeling a lot better and more energized.  We are only 6 Days into May, so I feeling really good about this Month and getting all of Blogging done.

Today I show you peeks from Designer Circle’s 153rd Round, Square1, Designer Showcase, and Genre.  The Designers I have are zOOm, [NyDesign], Image Essentials, [NYNE], WoW Skins, Dulce Secrets, and Dark Passion!  One more peek you get is a peek at my newly designed SIM.  If you read my Blog, and know me, you also know I own a SIM and half of Land where I rent Homes.  My pictures Today were taken all around the New Aurora Town!

I’m a little late with Designer Circle’s 153rd Round, not too late, you still have a week left for shopping this current round.  I usually get a least one post out before the half-way point.  We are starting with Designer Circle, because that is where Lilliana’s Dress is from.  Lilliana is wearing zOOm’s Mephalda Dress.  The Mephalda Dress comes with a HUD that has 4 Top and 4 Skirt Colors.  zOOm’s Mephalda is a Dress, but the HUD enables you to change the Colors of the Top and Skirt separately.  Lilliana’s Skin is also an Exclusive from Designer Circle.  Lilliana’s Skin is  .::WoW Skins::. Voshie.   Voshie is a CATWA BENTO Applier.  Lilliana is wearing the Dark Tan Skin Tone, she is also wearing  .::WoW Skins::. CATWA BENTO Shape for Voshie.  The Skin is sold separately from the Shape, but both are available right now at Designer Circle!

Square1 is up next.  Square1 is in I believe Round #3, and since Square1 is a Monthly Event, you  still have loads of time to shop there.  Lilliana is wearing [NyDesign] Peep-Toe Thigh Boots & Garters Set.  You’ll get two Colors of the Peep-Tow Boots and Garters, Lilliana is wearing the Black / Rose.    [NyDesign] Peep-Toe Thigh Boots & Garters include all of your Mesh Body Fits for easy fitting, plus a total Black Version of the Set.  Lilliana’s Hair can also be picked up at Square1, the Hair is [NYNE] ‘Harah’, and Lilliana is wearing the Ombre Pack HUD.   [NYNE] ‘Harah’ comes in different Color HUD Packs each sold separately and discounted until May 21st at Square1.

Some of Lilli’s Poses are found at Square1, or at one Set can be found at Square1.  The Poses are Image Essentials Anna.  Anna is a super cool Pose set as all of the Poses work with BENTO Hands!  You get 5 Static Poses, plus 5 mirror versions.  If that isn’t enough, head over to Designer Showcase and get Image Essentials Anna v2 Set.  That’s right Part 2 is on special at Designer Showcase, so you can get another 5 awesome poses, plus the mirrors to work with your Vista BENTO Hands.  I know I think it’s awesome!

I mentioned in the Title “Freebie”, and I do have a Free get for you Today.  Lilli’s Eyes, they are Dulce Secrets Mystic Metztli Mesh Eyes and are absolutely free if you touch the Giveaway Board.  Just pop on over to Dulce Secrets and follow my SLURL to the Giveaway Board and BAM Free Eyes!  Did you notice those RAD crosses on Lilli’s Nail Polish?  Double Click on one of my close up photos, get a really good look.  I love Lilli’s Nail Polish Today.  The Nail Polish is Dark Passion Koffin Nails Hellfire Silver.  Hellfire Silver is an Exclusive for GENRE by Dark Passion.  25% Off on the SLINK, OMEGA and Maitreya Appliers of Hellfire until May 12th at GENRE’s Current Round!  Something I did mention above but I think is pretty neat.  Lilli’s Bracelet is [Life2] Gitfit.  Think Fitbit in Second Life.  In RL, I am all about my Fitbit, I have an Apple Watch as well, but for some reason love my Fitbit.  So when a friend turned me on to [Life2’s] Gitfit, I had to have it!  This little gadget counts your walking, running, flying and even teleporting.  I think it’s cute, and in case you were wondering what it is, that’s it!

As I said above, my photo shoot site for Today is Aurora Town.  Aurora Town is a Rental Community for Second Life Residents.  If you don’t want to own land, but want a home, or need a place to change, that’s when you visit someone like me.  The nice thing about living in a community, are neighbors, we have games like Greedy.  The Town now is more open, you can drive a car, a motorcycle, ride a bike, ride a horse, or even roller skate, the possibilities are endless.  You are all invited.  Take a stroll, explore, take a photo, or maybe even rent a Home.  I can’t take any of the credit for the beautiful new build.  All the credit and thanks go to Bawnie Bachman and Fafnir Braveheart.  In case you two didn’t know I love the Town and think it looks awesome.  I never could have done something like it, Thank You! ❤  Visit us at Aurora Town Today .:HERE:.

OUTFIT:  zOOm Mephalda Dress w.HUD,
Exclusive for Designer Circle Round 153 (NEW)

BOOTS & GARTERS:  [NyDesign] Peep-Toe Thigh Boots & Garters
in Black / Rose Physique Fit,
Exclusive for Square1 (NEW)

FEET:  Slink AvEnhance Feet Female v1.2.5 Deluxe Pack (NEW)

POSE:  Image Essentials Anna v1 Pose Set
for Bento Hands, Pose #1,
Exclusive for Square1 (NEW)

POSE:  Image Essentials Anna v1 Pose Set
for Bento Hands, Pose #3,
Exclusive for Square1 (NEW)

POSE:  Image Essentials Anna v1 Pose Set
for Bento Hands, Pose #4,
Exclusive for Square1 (NEW)

POSE:  Image Essentials Anna v2 Pose Set
for Bento Hands, Pose #9,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

HAIR:  [NYNE] ‘Harah’ Hair Ombre Pack,
Exclusive for Square1 (NEW)

SHAPE:  .::WoW Skins::. Voshie CATWA BENTO SHAPE,
Exclusive for Designer Circle Round 153 (NEW)

BODY:  SLink Physique Mesh Body Original v3.03 (NEW)

POSE:  Image Essentials Anna v2 Pose Set
for Bento Hands, Pose #8,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

HEAD:  CATWA Catya Bento Mesh Head v2.10 (NEW)

SKIN:  .::WoW Skins::. Voshie CATWA Applier,
Worn Dark Tan Skin Tone,
Exclusive for Designer Circle Round 153 (NEW)

EYES:  Dulce Secrets Mystic Metztli Mesh Eyes,
Exclusive Giveaway Board Gift (FREE)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Passion Koffin Nails Hellfire Silver OMEGA Applier,
Exclusive for GENRE (NEW)

BRACELET:  [Life2] Gitfit HUD / Wristband White (NEW)


RING:  JCNY Greatest Love, Engraving Combo Wedding Ring (NEW)

POSE:  Image Essentials Anna v2 Pose Set
for Bento Hands, Pose #7m,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

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