Ducknipple, 7 Deadly s[K]ins, Naughty List, Insufferable Dastard, Dark Passions, Group Gifts, and Candy Can 8 Hunt!

I have been sitting on this Post all week.  Lately I’ve been having a hard time taking photos in SL.  I used to be able to set the graphics all the way to Ultra, recently I do that, get on photo and I crash.  I do believe it’s time for a new PC.  I’m working on that, so hopefully next year.

I’ve also been behind on timelines.  Not only is SL, but in RL as well.  Christmas is a week away and I am usually way more prepared.  Time is just flying by.  The Frozen Fair literally slipped past me this year.  I feel bad, Lilliana was wearing 3 exclusives from the Fair, and I realized Today, that it ended Yesterday.  That’s totally not like me.  Today’s Post is still super.  I am on vacation now until the new year, my hope is to get more Posts out. I will do my best.  I will be away Monday and Tuesday next week, but the rest of the week I am home.

Today’s Posts includes a Gift found at Evil Bunny Productions Naughty List, a Group Gift, plus a Hunt Gift for the Candy Cane 8 Hunt.  The Designers I have for you are Perch, Ducknipple, Like Designs, 7 Deadly Skins, Insufferable Dastard, +M’s Avon+, Dark Passions and Reel Poses.  Let’s get this Post out there so I can get back into the swing! 🙂

Lilliana is wearing a great Outfit by Perch called Arianne.  Arianne includes the Vest, Sweater with attached Blouse and Pants.  The Vest Sweater / Blouse and Pants each have there own Texture change HUD.  Arianne is a New Release by Perch.  Lilliana’s very stylish Handbag is also by Perch. The Deena Bag was Perch’s Exclusive for The Frozen Fair 2016.  I can’t tell you how sorry I am that I missed the closing date for Frozen Fair.  Perch’s Deena Bag includes a 6 Texture HUD, it’s not at the Main Store yet give it a little time, I am sure it will end up there very soon.

Lilliana’s shoes are a New Release from Ducknipple.  The vs2 Heels come with a 12 Color HUD which changes the Straps and Base separately,  You also get Maitreya, SLink and Belleza fits.  Lilliana is wearing the Maitreya Fit of Ducknipples vs2.  Lilliana’s Hair is another Exclusive that was Frozen Fair 2016.  Cold Dreams was Like Designs Exclusive.  Cold Dreams comes with the Knit Cap.  Something that doesn’t always happen when you get Hair with a hat of some sort, is the Hat isn’t always removable, not this time though.  Like Designs Cold Dreams Hat can be hidden, also on the Hat HUD are 7 Hat Colors.  Lilliana is wearing the Black / Brown HUD.  Cold Dreams hasn’t made it back to Like Designs Main Store, it should get there soon.

Lilli is wearing her new LAQ Maxine Mesh Head.  The Skin is 7 Deadly Skins Vision from the Dark Pack.  I have to tell you 7 Deadly Skins look awesome on the LAQ Heads. Vision is sold as different special packs at the Main Store.  The Dark Pack of Vision Includes 3 OMEGA Face Appliers in 3 Skin Tones (Oak, Walnut and Taupe), Also Includes, Maitreya, SLink and OMEGA Body Appliers.  Available at 7 Deadly Skins Main Store Today! 

The last three items are Gifts of some sort.  First are Lil’s Eyes.  Lil’s Eyes are Insufferable Dastards Winter Eyes. The Winter Eyes are a New Release for Insufferable Dastard and if you are a lucky VIPer, you can get the Winter Eyes in Sunset absolutely Free.  Insufferable Dastard is a Fee Join Group, but just a one time small Fee.  Evil Bunny Productions Naughty List just started.  You can find Exclusives, GACHAs and Gifts.  Lil’s Necklace is +M’s Avon+ Snow Diamond Necklace in Blue.  The Blue version of +M’s Avon+ Snow Diamond Necklace is a Gift for the Naughty List.  The Gift is just $10 Lindens!  Last Gift is a Hunt Gift. If you have patience and are good at Hunting, you can get Dark Passions Koffin Nails Candy Cane Tips absolutely Free.  The Candy Cane Tips Set is an Exclusive Hunt Prize for Candy Cane 8 Hunt.  If you find the Hunt object you get Dark Passions Koffin Nails Candy Cane Tips in SLink, Maitreya and OMEGA Appliers.

Last item I need to talk about are the Poses.  I was checking out Reel Poses for my Advent List this Year, and found some awesome Pose Sets.  Ms. Corleone used Reel Poses Pack 07.  There are 5 Static Poses in the Set, they are all below.  Reel Poses is also very affordable, the pose set are only $50 Lindens.  I found that to be a super buy! We also have a photo shoot Site Today.  My photos were taken at the Christmas Winter Holiday Village .:HERE:.


OUTFIT:  Perch Arianne Outfit, Includes Vest,
Top and Pants w.6 Texture HUD (NEW)

HANDBAG:  Perch Deena Bag w.6 Texture HUD,
Exclusive for The Frozen Fair 2016 (NEW)

SHOES:  Ducknipple Heels vs2 w. HUD (NEW)

FEET:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Feet v3.5 (NEW)

POSE:  Reel Poses Pack 07, Pose  #1 (NEW)


POSE:  Reel Poses Pack 07, Pose  #2 (NEW)


POSE:  Reel Poses Pack 07, Pose  #5 (NEW)


HAIR:  .: LIKE DESIGN :. Cold Dreams Hair Black and Brown HUD,
Includes Removable Hat w.HUD (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s[K]ins Vision Dark Pack Special,
Includes 3 OMEGA Face Appliers in 3 Skin Tones,
Also Includes, Maitreya, SLink and OMEGA Body Appliers (NEW)

HEAD: LAQ Mesh Head Maxine 1.0 (NEW)

SHAPE:  WoW Skins 2016 Ayah Shape (NEW)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V3.5 (NEW)

POSE:  Reel Poses Pack 07, Pose  #3 (NEW)


EYES:  Insufferable Dastard Winter Eyes in Sunset Mesh & System,
Exclusive VIP Group Gift (FEE TO JOIN)

NECKLACE:  +M’s Avon+ Snow Diamond Necklace in Blue,
Exclusive Gift for Evil Bunny Productions Naughty List ($10 Ls)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Passion Koffin Nails Candy Cane Tips Maitreya HUD,
Includes OMEGA, SLink and Maitreya HUDs,
Exclusive Candy Cane 8 Hunt Gift (FREE)

HANDS:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Hands v3.5 (NEW)


POSE:  Reel Poses Pack 07, Pose  #1 (NEW)

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