Designer Circle, D-Style, Cosmopolitan Sales Room, 7 Deadly s[K]ins, SWANK, Designer Showcase, Dark Passions Koffin Nails, Nowhere and a Freebie!

I’m really excited about this Weekend.  I have a four Day Weekend starting Today. It’s Veteran’s Day.  Not all Companies give their Employees off, but mine does.  Yay me!  I also took off Monday.  Hopefully I can get at least one extra Post in this Weekend, I’ll try for two!  Here’s to all the Men and Women in the Armed Forces who keep us Citizens safe!  I appreciate each and everyone of you, God Bless!

They should have Armed Forces in SL.  I mean they should totally role play boot camp.  Maybe they do have it and I just don’t know.  Wouldn’t it have been nice to put Lilliana in some kind of uniform Today.  I should have planned it better.  Lilliana does look super cute anyway. She looks awesome.  The Events I’m showing Today are Designer Circle, Cosmopolitan Sales Room, SWANK, Designer Showcase, and Nowhere A Survival Horror Game.

The Designers I am previewing are some Sponsors like D-Style, 7 Deadly s[K]ins and Dark Passions.  I have a Freebie for you too, it’s a super cute Skin by 7 Deadly s[K]ins.  The rest of My Designers are Chic Princess, ::PELLE::, Indulge Secrets, Dulce Secrets, Maxi Gossamer, Baubles! by Phe, and Eternal Dream.

My first item is Lilliana’s Fringe Jacket / Top Set by Chic Princess.  It’s called Anelise, and includes a HUD with 12 Jacket, 12 Fringe, and 6 Top Colors, plus there are 10 different appliques you can add.  Chic Princesses Anelise comes with Mesh Body Fits, you can wear the Jacket with the Top or without.  I have three Exclusives for Designer Circle, Chic Princess is my first Designer Circle Exclusive Designer.  Lilliana’s Hair is my next Designer Circle Exclusive.  Lilliana’s Hair is ::PELLE’s:: Ana.  Ana is Mesh and is sold in individually in 11 different  Hair Colors, including the Brown Lil is wearing.  Exclusively for Designer Circle.  Ana is ::PELLE’s:: Exclusive for Designer Circle #142.  Last Designer Circle Special I have for you Today is Indulge Temptation 6 Degrees of Connexion Necklace.  The lovely Necklace by Indulge Temptation includes a HUD with 10 Metal Colors, all Exclusive for Designer Circle.

Next two Items that Lilli is wearing are both New Releases by D-Style.  The first item is the super sexy Laced Mini Skirt in Black.  There are 8 Colors including the Black of D-Style’s Laced Mini, each sold separately.  Lilli’s Boots are also D-Style.  The Vintage Boots include a Color Change HUD, which allows you to change, the Laces, Metals, Boot, Socks and Soles separately!  There are 8 Boot and Sock Colors, 3 Sole and Lace Colors, plus 2 Metal Colors.  Let’s talk about that Free Skin I have for you.  7 Deadly s{K}ins Dawn in Taupe Skin Tone, is a Thank You Gift for everyone.  It’s to thank Fans for Supporting 7 Deadly s[K]ins. The Freebie includes two Skin Tones and Appliers. There’s a Skin for the Men too!

Dulce Secrets Exclusive for SWANK this Month are the new Bountiful Eyes Line.  Lil is wearing the Bountiful Eyes in Moor. Dulce Secrets Bountiful Eyes, include System Layer and Mesh Eyes, Exclusively at SWANK.  I picked up some new Earrings for Lil from one of her Fav Jewelry Designers, Maxi Gossamer.  Her Earrings are Maxi Gossamer Coachella Valley Dula.  Coachella has a 9 Pearl Color and 2 Metal Texture Changer.  Lil is also wearing a set of super cool Bangles by Baubles! by Phe.   The Block Bangles are Baubles! by Phe’s Exclusive for this Month’s Designer Showcase.  The Block Bangles include a HUD with three Metal Colors, this Month at Designer Showcase.

Ms. Corleone is wearing lovely Nail Polish by Dark Passions.  The Set is Dark Passions  Koffin Nails All the Buzz!  All the Buzz is Dark Passions Exclusive for Nowhere A Survival Horror Game.  I’ll be honest, not sure What you have to do at Nowhere, but because it says Game, I believe you can win Dark Passions All the Buzz!  I do know the HUD to Play Nowhere’s Survival Game costs $50 Lindens, there are lots of top Designers at the SIM, so you could win nice prizes! Good Luck!  All of the Poses I used in Today’s Post are courtesy of Eternal Dreams.  I used Eternal Dreams Edita Pose Sets 01 and 02.  Both Sets are Eternal Dreams Exclusives for Cosmopolitan Sales Room!

That’s my Post for Today, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. One last thing before I go.  The Photos were taken at The Looking Glass SIM and you can visit it .:HERE:.


JACKET / TOP:  Chic Princess Anelise Fringe
Jacket / Top Set w.HUD, Maitreya Fit,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #142 (NEW)

SKIRT:  D-Style Laced Mini Skirt in Black (NEW)

BOOTS:  D-Style Vintage Boots w.HUD (NEW)

POSE:  Eternal Dream Edita Pose Set 01, Pose #4,
Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)


POSE:  Eternal Dream Edita Pose Set 01, Pose #5,
Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)


POSE:  Eternal Dream Edita Pose Set 02, Pose #7,
Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)


POSE:  Eternal Dream Edita Pose Set 02, Pose #8,
Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)


POSE:  Eternal Dream Edita Pose Set 02, Pose #9,
Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)


HAIR:  ::PELLE:: Ana Mesh Hair Brown,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #142 (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s{K}ins Dawn in Taupe Skin Tone,
Gift Supports / Nomination IFTS (FREE)

SKIN APPLIERS:  7 Deadly s{K}ins Taupe Skin Tone,
Maitreya and SLink Total Body Appliers (NEW)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V3.5 (NEW)

SHAPE:  .::WoW Skins::. 2016 Anais Shape (NEW)

POSE:  Eternal Dream Edita Pose Set 01, Pose #1,
Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)


EYES:  Dulce Secrets Bountiful Eyes Moor,
Exclusive for SWANK (NEW)

EARRINGS:  Maxi Gossamer Coachella Valley Dula Earrings (NEW)

NECKLACE:  Indulge Temptation 6 Degrees of Connexion Necklace w.HUD,
Exclusive for Designer Circle #142 (NEW)

BRACELETS:  Baubles! by Phe Block Bangles w.8 Color HUD,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Passions Koffin Nails All the Buzz SLink HUD,
Exclusive for Nowhere Survival Horror Game (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Female Left Hand Elegant
and Right Hand Elegant 1 (NEW)


POSE:  Eternal Dream Edita Pose Set 02, Pose #10,
Exclusive for Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)


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