Color Me Project, SWANK, 7 Deadly s[K]ins VIP Special, Roulett3, TWE12VE, Whore Couture 6 and Group Gift!

Can I just say where did Monday and Tuesday go?!  It’s already Wednesday, the middle of the week, my week is just skating along.  Oh I’m not complaining.  Not complaining at all!  Happy Hump Day Everyone.  We already have two work days in the pocket and I’m a little over halfway through Today, so I am down two and a half days.  Just two and a half left for me and I am back at the Weekend.

It’s really sad that I am counting isn’t it?  Let just dip out of my RL and fall right in my SL!  I have a really great post Today, filled with lots of awesome finds.  I loved my photo shoot site, Lilliana’s look and wait till you see the Poses, they are flipping awesome. Let me start talking about the Post.  Let’s see if I can get into Whore Couture 6 Today.  I could not get in at all yesterday or the day before.  For the love of god ladies get out of the SIM for me!  LOL!  I have another Whore Couture 6 Exclusive, it’s from Dark Passions.  The New Monthly by Evil Bunny Productions finally opened on Monday.  TWE12VE is now officially opened. I have a few Exclusives from the new round of Color Me Project that just started.

SWANK is still plowing through the Month.  SWANK is such a big Sales Room, I always find so much to show from there.  Today is no different, You’ll see three exclusives from me for SWANK.  Those are the Special Events and Sales Rooms I have for you.  Take notice of Lilliana’s Skin, it’s part of an Exclusive buy for 7 Deadly s[K]ins Groupies.  The other Designers I have for you besides the earlier mentioned Dark Passions and 7 Deadly s[K]ins are -E&O-, #187# Boutique, IOS Poses, ALTER, {Letituier}, Dulce Secrets, [M.C.] Jewelry, Tantalum, [ kunst ], and Verocity Poses, one of these Great Designers item is a Group Gift.

Stay on with me a little bit and check out the Post.  See if Lilliana gets into Whore Couture 6 Today!  Lilliana is wearing an adorable Dress by -E&O-.  The Kizzy Bow Dress is an Exclusive for the current Color Me Project Round.  -E&O’s Kizzy includes a color change HUD with 4 Bow Colors and 6 Dress Colors, each layers of the Dress changes separately.  Lilliana’s super cool Sunglasses are also found at Color Me Project.  The Sunglasses are #187# Boutique Large Round Glasses, Autumn Edition.  #187# Boutiques Autumn Glasses HUD comes with 20 different Lens Colors, some with lovely Autumn Themed sceneries!  Last Color Me Project Exclusive from me Today are the Poses.  Another Pose Set I will tell you that I loved!  The Poses are IOS Poses Umbrella Leafs Pack #1.  There are 10 Umbrella’s with different Poses.  IOS Poses has two of the Umbrella Packs available at Color Me Project for a steal!

Let’s talk the SWANK Monthly next.  We are mid-Month at SWANK, there’s still lots of time to shop this super-sized Sales Room.  Lilli’s Heels are one of ::ALTER’s:: Exclusives.  The York Sexy Shoes in Black are sold with SLink, Belleza and Maitreya Fits.  Lilli is wearing the Maitreya Fit of ::ALTER’s:: York Heels.  Lilli’s Hair is another SWANK find.  The Hair is {Letituier} Angelica.  Lilli is wearing a Dark Brown Color. Angelica is sold as HUD Packs and is Exclusive for this Month’s SWANK.  Last SWANK item, Lilli’s Eyes.  Dulce Secrets has their new Dappled Eyes Line as Exclusive for SWANK. Dulce Secrets Dappled Eyes are sold as a System and Mesh Eye Pack.  There are lots of color to choose from Lilli is wearing the Forest Version.  These three lovely items can be yours if you shop SWANK this Month.

Everything else I have for you all today are what I like to call one offs.  They come from different places all over the Grid. Lil’s Skins is a Super Deal for 7 Deadly s[K]ins Groupies. Lil is wearing the September Group Offer Pack of  KLAASJE.  the KLAASJE Group Offer is only $99Ls.  You get System Skins, Lelutka & Catwa Face Appliers in 5 Skin Tones, plus the KLAASJE Shape, Eyebrow Shapes, Styling Card, Tango, Phatazz, SLink Hand / Feet and OMEGA Body Appliers!  Lil is wearing KLAASJE in the Pineapple Skin Tone.  I also used the Maitreya Skin Applier, which you can purchase separately right there at the Main Store.  The KLAASJE Skin has a Natural Lip Tone, but I wanted to spice it up on Lil Today and she is also wearing 7 Deadly s[K]ins Sinfull Reds Lipsticks #03.  The Sinfull Reds Lipstick Set is five sexy Reds.  Lil was a wee bit lazy today and did not wear a Mesh Head, so the Skin and Lipstick are 7 Deadly s[K]ins system layers.

Ms. Corleone is Flossing big Today too, lots of Jewelry.  She’s wearing a Set by [M.C] Jewelry.  The Told Triane Set which is the Collar and Earrings is an Exclusive for, Roulett3.  The Triane Set by [M.C] can also be purchase in 3 other Metals Colors.  The Second Set is Tantalum’s Christane.  Tantalum’s Set includes Necklace & Rings.  The Christane Set is Tantalum’s Exclusive for the newly formed TWE12VE Monthly and p.s. remember TWE12VE is officially open!  Visit Evil Bunny’s Productions TWE12VE Today, go give it a try.  You won’t be disappointed, 46 well know Designers!

Yay!  I have a Group Gift.  LC is wearing a New Group Gift by [ kunst ].  The Allegiant Bracelets are just one of Three New Group Gifts [ kunst ] has for loyal followers.  Now the [ kunst ] Group does charge a one time join fee, go  check out the 3 original Gifts that are waiting for you.  If you priced them each separately, the join fee is much less.  Guess What?!  I got into Whore Couture 6 last night!  So my Links from the last post I did are all updated and Today Whore Couture 6 Exclusive will link you in the right direction of the store.  LC is showing Dark Passions Koffin Nails  For The Love Of Money Nail Polish.  The For the Love Of Money by Dark Passions is a  9 color Nail Polish HUD for Finger and Toes.  The HUDs available are Maitreya, SLink and OMEGA. LC is wearing her full Maitreya Body, included hands and feet that’s the HUD I used.  Check out Whore Couture 6 Back to School Today!

Besides the great Pose Prop Poses I used from IOS Poses, I used a few Close up Poses by Verocity Poses.  My two Close up Poses are from Verocity Poses Caroline Pose Set.  The Caroline Pose Set actually comes with 6 Static Poses and can be found at Verocity’s Main Store.  My Photo Shoot Site was the awesome looking, Neva River Village .:HERE:.


DRESS:  -E&O- Kizzy Bow Dress w.HUD,
Exclusive for Color Me Project #38 (NEW)

HEELS:  ::ALTER:: York Sexy Shoes Black, Maitreya Version,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

FEET:  Maitreya Lara Feet 3.5v (NEW)

POSE:  IOS Poses Umbrella Leafs Pack, Pose #2,
Exclusive for Color Me Project #38 (NEW)


POSE:  IOS Poses Umbrella Leafs Pack, Pose #3,
Exclusive for Color Me Project #38 (NEW)


POSE:  IOS Poses Umbrella Leafs Pack, Pose #4,
Exclusive for Color Me Project #38 (NEW)


POSE:  IOS Poses Umbrella Leafs Pack, Pose #5,
Exclusive for Color Me Project #38 (NEW)


POSE:  IOS Poses Umbrella Leafs Pack, Pose #6,
Exclusive for Color Me Project #38 (NEW)


POSE:  IOS Poses Umbrella Leafs Pack, Pose #10,
Exclusive for Color Me Project #38 (NEW)


HAIR:  {Letituier} Angelica Hair in Dark Brown,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

SKIN:  7 Deadly s[K]ins KLAASJE September Group Offer Pack,
Includes Systems, Plus Lelutka and Catwa Face Appliers in 5 Skin Tones,
,worn Pineapple System Skin Tone, Also Includes Tango,
PhatAzz, SLink Hands / Feet and OMEGA Body Appliers,
Exclusively Priced for VIP Group Members (NEW)

LIPSTICK:  7 Deadly s[K]ins 7 Sinfull Reds Lipsticks, worn 03 (NEW)

SHAPE:  WoW Skins Yasmine Shape (NEW)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V3.5 (NEW)

EYELASHES:  Mon Cheri “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes w.HUD Pack 1 (NEW)

EYES: Dulce Secrets Dappled Forest Mesh Eyes,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)


SUNGLASSES:  #187# Boutique Large Round Glasses,
Autumn HUD Version,
Exclusive for Color Me Project #38 (NEW)

JEWELRY SET #1:  [M.C] Jewelry Triane Gold Set,
Includes Collar and Earrings,
Exclusive for Roulett3 (NEW)

JEWELRY SET #2:  Tantalum Christane Necklace & Rings,
Exclusive for TWE12VE Monthly (NEW)

BRACELETS:   [ kunst ] Allegiant Bracelets w.HUD,
Exclusive VIP Group Gift (FEE TO JOIN)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Passions Koffin Nails For The Love Of Money Maitreya HUD,
Exclusive for Whore Couture 6 Back to School (NEW)

HANDS:  Maitreya Lara Hands 3.5v (NEW)

POSE:  Verocity Poses Caroline Pose Set, Pose #1 (NEW)


POSE:  Verocity Poses Caroline Pose Set, Pose #2 (NEW)