LaVian & Co., Color Me Project, D-Style, SWANK, Designer Circle, WoW Skins, Designer Showcase, {ZOZ} @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room and Freebies!

Here we are Folks half-way through the Month of June already.  I can’t believe how quickly the Month is slipping by.  I need it to slow down.  I have lots of great items to talk about Today.  I’ll be taking you to your favorite reoccurring Events like Color Me Project, Designer Circle, Designer Showcase, SWANK, and the Cosmopolitan Sales Room.

I’m still bringing you something from Evil Bunny Productions Jersey Shore, and I have two complete Freebies from Chop Zuey.  The rest of the Designers I will be giving peeks at are LaVian & Co., D-Style, Pelle, WoW Skins, Hot Fuss, Indulge Temptation, Mellow, {ZOZ}, LA Bos Poses and Aerial Poses. So sit right back and I will tell you a tale, a tale of Lilliana’s shopping trip.

Lilliana’s shopping journey begins with a trip to LaVian & Co. Lilliana is wearing LaVian & Co.’s Where Did You Go Bag 1 Shorts Outfit.  Where Did You Go includes a HUD to change the Top of the Outfit into 36 different Pantone Colors.  Where Did You go is just one of the great discounted items that LaVian & Co. has at Color Me Project.  If you take a peek at Lilliana’s right wrist, you see another Color Me Project Exclusive.  Lilliana is wearing Indulge Temptations Delice Bracelets HUD 1.  The Delice Bracelets HUD 1 has 12 Pearl Colors and 10 Metal Colors.  You can pick up Indulge Temptation Delice Bracelets and many other items at a sweet discount at Color Me Project.

Lilli is wearing a newer creation by D-Style on her feet.  The Wiccans came out a few weeks ago.  D-Style’s Wiccan Ankle Boot have a HUD with 10 Boot Colors and 3 Metal Colors.  You can pretty much change each part of the boot separately, which gives you tons of color options.  Lilli is wearing really pretty Hair, it’s PELLE’s Epinoc Mesh Hair.  Lilli is wearing Black, there are other colors.  You can purchase PELLE’s Epinoc at Designer Circle Round #132,

Lil’s Skin is WoW Skins 2016 Kassie.  Lil is wearing the Golden Tan Skin Tone, along with WoW Skins Yasmine Shapes.  WoW’s Kassie is a current Exclusive for Designer Showcase, the Yasmine Shape can be purchased at the main store.  We some SWANK Monthly items next.  Lil is wearing Hot Fuss’s “Throwback” Glasses Brown Tortoise/Black, plus Mellow’s Heart Bracelets in Silver Pink and my first few Poses are a SWANK Exclusive too!  The Poses are LA Bos’s The Hawk Poses Set.  The Set includes 15 Static Poses.  Three super great designers for SWANK this Post.

There are more accessories on Ms. Corleone which I want to talk about.  Including my Freebie and a Group Gift, both from Chop Zuey.  Ms. C is wearing Chop Zuey’s Sweetness Earrings which are the Freebie and are absolutely Free for Everyone, just buy them for $0 Lindens.  Ms. Corleone is also wearing Chop Zuey’s Harlow Creed Texture Change Ring. The Harlow Creed Ring is a VIP Gift, You need to be in the Chop Zuey Group for the Ring.  There is a Join Fee for Chop Zuey, but well worth it, as there are always fabulous Gifts! Evil Bunny Productions Jersey Shore Event is still going on strong.  That’s where you can pick up Indulge Temptation’s Exclusive.  The Ahoy Necklace is just one Exclusive from Indulge Temptation at Evil Bunny Productions Jersey Shore.  The Nail Polish my avatar is wearing is {ZOZ’s} Starfish Polish HUD for SLinks.  The Starfish Polish comes in SLink, Maitreya, Omega and {ZOZ} Nail HUDs and is this Month’s Exclusive for The Cosmopolitan Sales Room.  The final two Poses I used today were from Aerial Poses Modeling Stand Single Poses 1, available not at the main store.

Photo Shoot Site, the Lost Dream SIM .:HERE:.

June 14th Blog Post Photo #10_cropped

OUTFIT:  LaVian & Co. Where Did You Go Bag 1 w.HUD,
Exclusive for Color Me Project (NEW)

BOOTS:  D-Style Wiccan Ankle Boots w.HUD (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High v1.2.4

POSE:  LA Bos Poses The Hawk Pose Set, Pose #10,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

June 14th Blog Post Photo #12_cropped

POSE:  LA Bos Poses The Hawk Pose Set, Pose #12,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

June 14th Blog Post Photo #13_cropped

POSE:  LA Bos Poses The Hawk Pose Set, Pose #13,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

June 14th Blog Post Photo #AE2hs_cropped

HAIR:  PELLE Epinoc Mesh Hair Black,
Exclusive for Designer Circle Round #132 (NEW)

SKIN:  WoW Skins 2016 Kassie Golden Tan Skin Tone,
Exclusive for Designer Showcase (NEW)

SHAPE:  WoW Skins Yasmine Shape (NEW)

MESH BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 (NEW)

EYES:  Mayfly Deep Sky Eyes in Molasses (NEW)

EYELASHES:  Gaeline Creations Mesh Lashes Fantasia (NEW)

EYEGLASSES:  Hot Fuss “Throwback” Glasses Brown Tortoise/Black,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

EARRINGS: Chop Zuey Sweetness Earrings,
Exclusive Free Gift for All ($0 Lindens)

June 14th Blog Post Photo headshot_cropped

NECKLACE:  Indulge Temptation Ahoy Necklace HUD 1,
Exclusive for Evil Bunny Productions Jersey Shore (NEW)

BRACELET (Right-Hand):  Indulge Temptation Delice Bracelets HUD,
Exclusive for Color Me Project (NEW)

BRACELET (Left-Hand):  Mellow Heart Bracelets in Silver Pink,
Exclusive for SWANK Monthly (NEW)

RING (Right-Hand):  Chop Zuey Harlow Creed Texture Change Ring,
Exclusive VIP Group Gift (FEE JOIN)

NAIL POLISH:  {ZOZ} Starfish Polish HUD for SLinks,
Exclusive for The Cosmopolitan Sales Room (NEW)

RING:  JCNY Greatest Love, Engraving Combo Wedding Ring (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hand Female  Left Casual and Right Elegant1 v2.5

POSE:  Aerial Poses Modeling Stand Single Poses 1, Pose #2 (NEW)

June 14th Blog Post Photo #AE3hsv2_cropped

POSE:  Aerial Poses Modeling Stand Single Poses 1, Pose #3 (NEW)

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