[Phunk], Color Me Project, Latreia, Vestige Poses, Poison Ivy @ Winter Trend, WoW Skins, {ZOZ} @ Premium Only and Freebies!

I feel like I haven’t done a post in a minute.  This time of year always get real busy, plus stressful and for some depression.  My motto is do your best, and take one day at a time and never stress the little stuff 🙂  I’ve been working hard on the Advent Calendar links.  did you notice my Advent Calendar Page above?  

I’ve confirm at least the first 25 stores, this weekend I hope to finish!  Today’s Post is another Post where I’ll have you visiting many different places, if you like what you see that is.  I have New  Releases, Exclusives from Color Me Project, Winter Trend, and Premium Only!

I also have a few Free Gets for you too!  You see items from Designers like [Phunk], Dafnis, Latreia, Vestige Poses, Poison Ivy Hair Salon, WoW Skins, Mayfly, Indulge Temptation, and {ZOZ}.  So if any of what I’ve just said peaks your interest, then by all means keep on reading!

Lilliana’s Outfit consist of [Phunk’s] Newly Released Cropped Sweater.  The Sweater includes a HUD with 8 different colors.  Lilliana’s Pants are by Dafnis, The Blue Elefants, Pants are Dafnis’s Exclusive for Color Me Project.  You are going to love the Footwear Today.  Lilliana is wearing Latreia’s Gala Booties, although you can’t really see them because the Pants are covering them.  Don’t worry you can see Latreia’s Ad Photo of the Gala Booties.  The best part about the Gala Booties is they are Free!  Yep 0 Lindens and include a nice special Color Change HUD.  Now I’m don’t know how long these puppies will be available so get there quick if you just have to have them!

I have a few New Hair Styles coming up in future Posts from Poison Ivy Hair Salon.  Poison Ivy is one of Lilli’s Sponsors and they have exclusives at a bunch of the upcoming Winter Events.  Today Lilli is wearing Poison Ivy’s Adamora which comes with 2 versions the one like Lilli is wearing below with the Flower Wreath and one with the Wreath plus a Unicorn Horn.  Adamora is Poison Ivy’s Exclusive for the Winter Trend Fair.  New Skin Release by WoW Skins is what Lilli is wearing for her Skin.  It’s WoW’s 2016 Ayah Skin 03 in the Golden Tone.  Lilli is wearing Ayah with WoW’s Black Eyebrows and 2016 Eyeliner 1.

My second Freebie is up next.  Mayfly has a New Group Gift.  Lil is wearing Mayfly’s Luminous Mesh Eyes in Tropical Sea, an Exclusive VIP Group Gift.  Since Mayfly is a Free join Group, the Eyes can be yours for Free!  Another Exclusive from Color Me Project is Indulge Temptation’s Tangles Jewelry Set 2.  You Get Earrings and an Necklace plus a Color Change HUD is IT’s Tangles.  Last item worn by Lil Today is {ZOZ’s}  Candy Cane Gold SLink Nail Polish.  The Candy Cane Gold Set is {ZOZ’s} Exclusive for this Month’s Premium Only Event!

For my Poses, I used different Modeling Sets by Vestige Poses.  Vestige just closed their in-world Store, but don’t worry, if you like great reasonably prices Pose Packs, check out Vestige Poses MarketPlace Store.  All of Vestige Poses inventory was moved to MarketPlace.  I talked about Advent Calendars earlier and one of my Favs is Meva. If you are interested in Meva’s Advent Calendar, its a 25 Day Calendar, Group Only, with a $100 Linden Join Fee.  The Jewelry is lovely, so I thought it worth it!  When I picked up Day 2 the other Day I noticed how lovely Meva’s SIM was, So Photo Shoot Site is Meva and you can visit the wonderful SIM and Jewelry Store .:HERE:.

December 2 Blog Post Model 5 - 24_cropped

TOP:  [Phunk] Cropped Sweater with 8 Color HUD (NEW)

PANTS:  Dafnis  Pants Blue Elefants,
Exclusive for Color Me Project (NEW)

SHOES:  Latreia Gala Booties w.HUD (FREE)

latreia Gala Booties Ad_cropped

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High v2.3

POSES:  Vestige Poses Modeling Pose Set 5, Pose #21-1,
Sold on MarketPlace (NEW)

December 2 Blog Post Model 5 - 23-1_cropped

POSES:  Vestige Poses Modeling Pose Set 5, Pose #23-1,
Sold on MarketPlace (NEW)

December 2 Blog Post Model 5 - 24-1_cropped

POSES:  Vestige Poses Modeling Pose Set 5, Pose #24-1,
Sold on MarketPlace (NEW)

December 2 Blog Post Model 5 - 28-1_cropped

POSES:  Vestige Poses Modeling Pose Set 6, Pose #28-1,
Sold on MarketPlace (NEW)

December 2 Blog Post Model 2 - 11-1_cropped

HAIR:  Poison Ivy Hair Salon Adamora with Flowers,
(Also Includes Version with Flower + Unicorn Horn),
Exclusive for Winter Trend Fair (NEW)

SKIN:  WoW Skins 2016 Ayah 03 in Golden Tone,
Worn with Black Eyebrows and 2016 Eyeliner 1 (NEW)

APPLIERS:  WoW Skins 2016 Golden Skin Tone Appliers
for SLink and Maitreya (NEW)

BODY:  Maitreya Lara v3.4 (NEW)

SHAPE:  .::WoW Skins::. 2016 Ayah  Shape (NEW)

EYELASHES:   *Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Mesh Alpha
Lashes w.HUD Pack 1 (NEW)

EYES:  Mayfly Luminous Mesh Eyes in Tropical Sea,
Exclusive VIP Group Gift (FREE JOIN)

JEWELRY:  Indulge Temptation Tangles Set 2 w.HUD,
Exclusive for Color Me Project (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  {ZOZ}  Candy Cane Gold SLink Applier,
Exclusive for Premium Only (NEW)

WEDDING BAND:  JCNY ‘Greatest Love, Engraving Edition,
worn Combo Engagement and Wedding Rings (NEW)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Casual Left and Elegant Right v2.3

POSES:  Vestige Poses Modeling Pose Set 2, Pose #11-1,
Sold on MarketPlace (NEW)

December 2 Blog Post headshot_cropped

(Poison Ivy Hair Salon Adamora, *Mon Cheri* “Falsies” Eyelashes,
WoW Skins 2016 Ayah Skin, Mayfly Luminous Mesh Eyes,
{ZOZ}  Candy Cane Gold Nail Polish and JCNY ‘Greatest Love Ring)

December 2 Blog Post Model 2 - 23-1hs_cropped

POSES:  Vestige Poses Modeling Pose Set 5, Pose #23-1,
Sold on MarketPlace (NEW)

Advent Calendars 2015


Today is December 1st, you know what that means, Advent Calendars begin!  I am in the process of updating my long list of participating stores.  Some Stores do a 24 Day Calendar and some do 12 Day calendars.  The 12 Day calendars begin 12 Days before Christmas Day on the 25th.

I have totally confirmed the first 10, I will be working all day Today trying to confirm the rest.  I have also added a page to my blog that has all of the stores and will be updated as I go.  Visit .:HERE:.

If you know of any Stores doing the Advent Calendar thing and I don’t have them on my list below, let me know and I will add them.

Below is a list of Stores who have Advent Calendar for the days before Christmas. This list will be updated as I hear of more.  Enjoy! 😀

  1. 7 Deadly Skins   Advent – $0L (Group Only, Free Join until January 1st)
  2. 22769 Casual Couture – Advent 13 Days before Christmas – Free
  3. 22769 Bauwerk – Advent 13 Days before Christmas – Free
  4. A Touch of Magic – Advent 24 Day Numbered Tree. Each day a new item is revealed, items are only available on Calendar Day and a small fee for Gift).
  5. ALB Fashion Dream   Advent – $0L (Group Only, *$500L* Join Fee)
  6. Alli & Ali Hair   Advent 24 Days – $0L
  7. Abranimations – Advent 24 Day Calendar. Free to Group Members, Free Join.
  8. Akaesha – Advent 24 Day Calendar, TPs you, find Naughty / Nice Bag Touch, recieve a Naughty or Nice Prize.
  9. La Boheme   Weekly Gift – $0L (New Gift on 12/1, 12/8, 12/15, &12/22)
  10. Baby Monkey Shoes – 12 Days of Christmas. Free to Group Members. $250L, Join Fee.
  11. CERO Style – Advent 24 Day Calendar.  Free. (this one may come out later, the calendar is behind the wall at the moment)
  12. CHOP ZUEY – 12 Days of Christmas. Starts 12/14/15. Chop Zuey has 3 gifts each day.  One gift for male members, one gift for female members, and one gift for non-group members. Group fee is $350L
  13. [CIRCA] Living – Advent 24 Day Calendar. $1L – $50L per gift, for Group Members free join.
  14. CoLab Kit Laboratory   Advent 24 Day Calendar. The CoLab will run a  Christmas Advent Calendar with 1-3 kits for each day of December from 1-24. Each day is assigned to a different member and be made available for sale in the CoLab members shop until Dec. 24th. The kits promise to be at least 50% regular prices or $25L – $250L.
  15. Cosmopolitan Sales Room 12 Day Calendar.  Group free Join.
  16. Drama Libre – Advent 24 Day Calendar – Free
  17. Dulce Secrets – 12 Days of XMas – 1 $L each gift
  18. EED (Exquisite Eyes Decor) – 24 Day Advent Calendar – $75L each gift
  19. Entice – Advent Christmas Tree Gifts, Group Join Free, $1L for Members, or $25L for Non-Members
  20. Eternal Dream Poses – Advent 24 Day Calendar Group Join $200L
  21. FallenAngel Creations – Advent 24 Day Calendar  Free
  22. Flowerdreams   12 Days of Christmas – $10L
  23. Forest Mall – 2 Advent 24 Day Calendars, one for all and one for Group, both are Free
  24. Formanails  – Advent24 Day Calendar – Free
  25. freebiecosmos – Advent (Group Only, Free to Join) – Free for Group Members
  26. FUD – Fairy Unique Designs   Advent – $0L
  27. Helping Haven   Advent – $0L
  28. Huggin Songr   Advent – $0L
  29. Hibiscus Hastings’ Gallery of 19th Cent. Art
  30. Hunt & Hunter Resource Center – Advent ($1L daily)
  31. .::IM CaPPed::. – 12 Days of Christmas – Free – Starts 12/13/2013
  32. Imortals Avatars
  33. Impertinences   Advent – $0L
  34. Isis Boutique – Advent – Free
  35. JFC Bikes – Advent – Free
  36. Kamiri   Advent – $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)
  37. KittyCats – Advent – Free
  38. ::Krystal::: & Kouse’s Sanctum – Advent ($10 – $40L Daily) KittyCatz Advent – Free
  39. ~Lantian Flox~ – Advent – Free
  40. Larnia Kids – Advent ($0L – $50L Daily)
  41. Les Petits Mousses   Advent – $0L
  42. Lipwear   Advent – $0L
  43. Loordes of London   Advent – $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)
  44. Lyrical Bizarre Templates   Advent – $0L (Group Only, *$50L* Join Fee)(Starts 12/3/14)
  45. LaRosa – Advent – Free
  46. LC Fashions – Advent Tree – Free
  47. LeCock – Advent – Free
  48. Leri Miles Designs – Advent ($0L – $100L Daily)
  49. Luziefee Mainstore – Advent – Free
  50. The Mad Hattery – [ Teleport ] – Advent Calendar – 25 $L each gift
  51. MadPea Advent Hunt ($100 Hud)  – check for more info on the MadPea site as the hunt begins.
  52. The Mad Hattery – [ Teleport ] – Advent Calendar – 25 $L each gift
  53. The Mieville Thames River Frost Fair – [ Teleport ] – Advent Calendar
  54. Mattie Rae’s Textures – [ Teleport ] – 12 Days of XMas – 25 $L each gift
  55. Meva – Advent Calendar 24 Days, Group Only $100L Fee
  56. Mieville Christkindlmarkt! – Advent – Free
  57. Miss Darcy – 12 Days of Christmas – Free
  58. Monastery  – Advent Calendar
  59. Moonstar – Advent – Free
  60. Mrs Santa Christmas Market  – actually more of a hunt somewhat like DMC’s. Find the hunt item for that day in one of the stalls in the market.
  61. ++MRSTYLE++ – Advent – Free
  62. {NaYu} Design   Advent – $0L
  63. *N*B* Gestenshop  Advent – $0L
  64. needful PIXEL   Advent – $0L
  65. Nerdy Girl – Daily Gift from 12/14 – 12/25
  66. OPAL – [ Teleport ] – 12 Days of XMas – Group Only 50 L Join Fee
  67. Parfum de cristal – traditional advent calendar in a gorgeous snow sim.
  68. Purple Candy   Advent – $0L
  69. The Retreat   Advent – $0L
  70. Roots & Wings   Advent $0L
  71. Skye Qi’s Vintage Apparel Emporium – Advent – Free
  72. Snatch 5 – Day Christmas
  73. Sogno Christmas Market & Village – $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)
  74. STONE’s WORKS – [ Teleport ] – Advent Calendar – 25 $L to 75 $L each gift
  75. StoraxTree – [ Teleport ] – Advent Calendar – 5 $L each gift
  76. Sway’s   Advent – Free
  77. Sweet Revolutions – group only hunt for the package each day. Free to join.
  78. T&K Designs   Advent – $0L (Group Only, *$0L* Join Fee)
  79. Timeless Textures – Advent – Free
  80. Twisted Trinkets – Advent – Free
  81. United IrishCon   Advent – $0L
  82. USC Textures – Advent – Free
  83. The Vamp Realm – Advent – Free
  84. The Vintage Touch [ Teleport ] – 12 Days of XMas – Group Only, 0 L Join Fee ~ Dec 18th to Dec 25th
  85. Virtual Impressions Jewelry – Advent Group – Free
  86. Viviane Fashion   Advent – Free
  87. WEIB Special Sale Room   Advent – $0L
  88. Wikked Islands Shopping   Advent – $0L
  89. Wildz Creations   Advent – $0L
  90. X-Clusives Animations   Advent – $0L
  91. Yasum Designs – Advent Group – Free
  92. zOOm   Advent – $0L (Group Only, $0L Join Fee)