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I have a cute little post for you Today, at least I think it came out really cute.  From the clothing, to the hair, accessories and the poses.  I always tell all of you how I like poses that come with props, or are props in themselves.  I’ll talk a little later about the poses, first, I want to give you my Posts intro.

In Today’s post look for Newness from Precious Designs, Eyelure, and Truth.  You’ll also find Event Discounts from IOS for the Designer Circle and StoraxTree at Fi*Friday Fashion House, plus I have an absolute Freebie from Chop Zuey, and Group Gifts from Belleza and {ZOZ}!

Let’s do Newness first, what do you say?  I guess you don’t really have a choice, it’s my blog post and that’s where we are staring *Giggles*!  Lillina’s Dress is by Precious Designs, called Lost GIrls Dress with a 7 Color Texture HUD, to change the Dress and the Belt which can be changed separately.  Love the Uggz?  I do, they are Eyelure’s Uggz Boots in Ivory, and some more newness from Eyelure is Lilliana’s Lipstick it’s the Natural Color from the new Lip Color 8 Pack. Last News is Truth’s New Harmony, you actually get two Styles of Harmony in your Pack, you get a Ponytail version, like worn on Lilli and an Updo or Bun Version.

Events next and this is where I talk about my Pose Prop.  The Poses are IOS’s Poses in Box.  Lilli is using the Classic Version, you could also choose, the Blue or Pink Box Versions.  There are 13 great animations in each Set.  IOS’s Poses in Box are available now at The Designer Circle Round, be quick though if you want one of these great Sets, this round of Designer Circle changes on Sunday! Okay next is something from one of my personal favorite Home Decor Designers StoraxTree.  I really need to blog StoraxTree more. Kate McLaglen uses some of the best textures and has a wonderful eye for detail in her creations. The two chairs you see are StoraxTree’s Napa Valley dark wood Chairs Ad and Bd, each chair has 13 animations, some even send you props.  The Napa Valley Chairs are currently available at Fi*Friday Fashion House.

Last the Group Gifts and Freebie!  Lil’s Skin is from -Belleza’s- VIP Group Member Xmas Gift.  Mae is the second skin in he pack for the ladies, I  blogged Yasmin, the other one in a previous Post.  Lil is wearing the Tan Skin Tone of Belleza’s Mae, you get the skin in all the Tones. Remember you have to be a Belleza VIP Member, the one time fee for joining Belleza is $250 Lindens.  Lil is wearing her Belleza Venus, and I say this because -{ZOZ}- is now creating Nail Polish HUDs for Venus.  Lil is wearing -{ZOZ’s}- Silver Rose Romance Polish with the Belleza Applier. Silver Rose Romance is a VIP Group Gift Exclusive.  -{ZOZ’s}- one time VIP Join fee is $150 Lindens.

Lastly, I bring my Freebie, it’s Chop Zuey’s Elephantus Maximus Set, the Set includes Earrings & Necklace.  This Set is an Advent Calendar Gift, that is Free for Everyone.  I don’t know when Bella is going to remove the gifts, but I wouldn’t wait if you just have to have Chop Zuey’s Elephantus Maximus!  Photo Shoot was taken in my personal home so no Photo Shoot Site Today.  Happy Friday Friends!

First Post for 2015 IOS #4_cropped

DRESS:  Precious Designs Lost GIrls Dress w.HUD (NEW)

Precious Designs Texture HUD_cropped
(Precious Designs HUD)

BOOTS:  Eyelure Uggz Boots in Ivory (NEW)

POSE:  IOS Poses in Box Classic Version (Pose Prop), Pose #4,
Exclusive for The Designer Circle (NEW)

CHAIRS:  StoraxTree Napa Valley Chair Dk Wood Ad and Bd,
Exclusive for Fi*Friday Fashion House (NEW)

First Post for 2015 IOS #5_cropped

POSE:  IOS Poses in Box Classic Version (Pose Prop), Pose #5,
Exclusive for  The Designer Circle (NEW)

First Post for 2015 #6_croppedv2

POSE:  IOS Poses in Box Classic Version (Pose Prop), Pose #6,
Exclusive for  The Designer Circle (NEW)

First Post for 2015 IO #5hs_Crpopped
HAIR:  Truth Harmony Ponytial from Black & Whites Pack (NEW)
(You also get a Bun or Updo Version)

SKIN:  -Belleza- Mae in Tan Skin Tone,
VIP Group Member Xmas Gift (FEE TO JOIN)

BODY:  -Belleza- Venus (NEW)

SHAPE:  Body Doubles Elle Shape
(Body Modified to XS SL Standard Shape)

EYELASHES:  [Hush] Lashes Flirt (NEW)

EYES: IKON Hope Eyes in Denim (ML) (NEW)

LIPSTICK:  Eyelure Lip Color 8 Pack, worn Natural (NEW)

JEWELRY:  Chop Zuey Elephantus Maximus Set, Includes Earrings & Necklace,
Advent Calendar Gift for Everyone (FREE)

NAIL POLISH:  -{ZOZ}- Silver Rose Romance Polish, Belleza Applier,
VIP Group Gift Exclusive (FEE TO JOIN)

First Post for 2015 Hand shot_cropped(-{ZOZ}- Silver Rose Romance Polish)

{ZOZ} Belleza HUD_cropped
(-{ZOZ}- Silver Rose Romance Polish, Belleza Applier HUD)

First Post for 2015 #4_croppedv2
POSE:  IOS Poses in Box Classic Version (Pose Prop), Pose #1,
Exclusive for  The Designer Circle (NEW)

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