Fresh Style, Designer Circle, 50% Off @ Truth, EverGlow, Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room, Collabor88 and a Special Offer from [Hush]!

Today marks 10 days and counting to Christmas Day.  I finally put up my tree it’s all lite up, but during the I need to add the rest of the decorations,  I also added some decorations throughout my home, it looks lovely.  I hope to be absolutely done with all my decorations by the weekend! In-World, for all of you Advent Calendar Fans, many of the 12 days of Christmas Calendars have started.  Want my full list of Advent Calendars?  Check my list out .:HERE:.

I have another mixed post for you today, places Lilliana visisted were Fresh Style, Designer Circle, Truth Hair, [Hush] Skins, Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room, Collabor88 and More.  I want to point out two special events going on at both Truth Hair and [Hush] Skins. Over at Truth there’s a 50% off Sale going on, all hair packs are $125 Lindens.  The sale ends Today, sorry, I just caught wind of it yesterday.  I must be sleeping or something! LOL  [Hush] Skins creator Hush Darkrose has been quiet for a bit, but if you are in the [Hush] Group, Hush chimed in and promised lots of good things to come in the New Year.  She also has a special going on in store right now. Buy something from [Hush] and you will receive the same amount of what you spend in credit!  Sort of like a BO/GO! Once the New Year Hits, this sale is over rover, so get to going!

Let’s go in deep now and peek at what Lilliana is wearing Today!  Since Lilliana’s Dress was found at Fresh Style, I’m going to begin there, the Dress is D.A.’s Elenoir Dress, Lilliana is wearing Black, but there are more colors to choose from.  I also pick up some jewelry over at Fresh Style for Lilliana, the Earrings and Necklace are Tran-Skewed’s Diamond Snowflake an the Ring is GDit Jewelry’s Nights Ring in Silver, so I totally missed this, GDit’s Nights Ring is part of a set, that comes with Nail Polish HUDS for you finger and toe nails, which match the pretty ring perfectly.  As I stated above, I must be sleeping… 🙂

I want to finish with what Lilli is wearing, for the rest of her look I pick up items from different places.  I found her cute Lips Handbag at EB Atelier the Sexy mesh Lips Clutch is a set of 3 styles, a clutch, a should chain and a Handle bag as Lilli is using, the bag also includes a HUD where you choose RBG values, so lots and lots of color options!  Nice find!  The festive Silver Pumps Lilli is wearing are Glow Designs Metallic Stilettos to be worn with your SLink High Feet, Exclusively sold at Designer Circle.

Body Parts next, The Hair is Truth’s Bijou, you get two styles of Bijou in the packs, Lil is wearing 2 from the Black & Whites Pack and remember 50% off Sale!  In honor of [Hush’s] special offer, Lil is wearing one of the last new 3X Skins, Starr Skin Charcoal in the Cream Skin Tone, worn with the Black Brows.  I also decided to wear [Hush’s] Flirt Eyelashes and the Red Gloss Lipstick from the Lush Red Pack Lipcolors, remember get back whatever you spend at [Hush] back in credit!  Nail Polish on Lil’s SLinks today is Dark Horse Style’s Holiday Silver SLink Polish, Exclusively sold at Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room!

Poses another two sets.  First Set for the full length shots are EverGlow’s Comfy Post Set.  The Comfy Post Set made it’s debut at the last round of Laison Collaborative, but is now in the Main Store!  The other set are two more poses from (marukin’s) Winter’s Breath Closeup Pose found at Collabor88.  LC and I were out and about again for our Photo Shoot, photos were taken at the Winter Village .:HERE:.

December 13th Final #3_cropped

DRESS:  D.A. Elenoir Dress in Black,
Exclusively sold at Fresh Style (NEW)

HANDBAG:  EB Atelier Sexy mesh Lips Clutch w.Handle, HUD (NEW)

PUMPS:  Glow Designs Metallic Stilettos in Silver (for SLink High Feet),
Exclusively sold at Designer Circle (NEW)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High

POSE:  EverGlow Comfy Post Set, Pose #3 (NEW)

December 13th Final #6_cropped

POSE:  EverGlow Comfy Post Set, Pose #6 (NEW)

December 13th Final #8_cropped

POSE:  EverGlow Comfy Post Set, Pose #8 (NEW)

December 13th Final #10_cropped

POSE:  EverGlow Comfy Post Set, Pose #10 (NEW)

December 13th ethereal_cropped - Copy

HAIR:  TRUTH Bijou 2 from Black & Whites (NEW)

SKIN:  [Hush] Starr 3X Skin Charcoal in Cream,
worn with Black Brows (NEW)

SHAPE:  Body Doubles Elle Shape
(Body Modified to XS SL Standard Shape)

EYELASHES:  [Hush] Lashes Flirt (NEW)

EYES:  Ikon Promise Eyes Midnight

LIPSTICK:  [Hush] Lipcolors Lush Red Pack,
worn Gloss (NEW)

JEWELRY:  Tran-Skewed Diamond Snowflake Necklace and Earrings,
Exclusively sold at Fresh Style (NEW)

RING:  GDit Jewel Nights Ring in Silver,
(Part of a SLink Polish and Ring Set)
Exclusively sold at Fresh Style (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Horse Style Holiday Silver SLink HUDs,
Exclusively sold at Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room (NEW)

December 13th Ring and Nail Polish_ cropped

DHS Holiday Silver Nail Polish HUD_cropped
(Dark Horse Style Holiday Silver SLink HUD)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Female Elegant 1

POSE:  (marukin) Winter’s Breath Closeup Poses Set,
Ethereal Pose, Exclusively sold at Collabor88 (NEW)

December 13th princess l_cropped - Copy

POSE:  (marukin) Winter’s Breath Closeup Poses Set,
Princess Lucia Pose, Exclusively sold at Collabor88 (NEW)