New Ducknipple, Latreia, Feel, Truth, Kawaii vs. Creepy, Feeb’s Winter Market, Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0, Freebies, and More!

Hey There Fans!  Happy Friday!  A Mostly News Post Today.  Finally catching up on Sponsors that I need to Blog, Ducknipple, Latreia, Wow Skins, **Feel**, Truth, plus one last one from Kawaii vs. Creepy which closes on November 24th and a prize from the Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0.

I’ll begin with Lilliana’s Outfit.  The Jacket is actuall a Jacket Shirt Combo call Master Jacket, it’s something New from Ducknipple with a HUD loaded with 12 Jacket Color and 12 Shirt Colors.  The Mini Skirt is also Ducknipple, called Nepal.  Nepal has a HUD with 10 colors and 3 parts that are controlled seperately, lots and lots of color options with Nepal which makes it a super cool mini!

If you love Lilliana’s Boots like I do, they are Latreia’s New Revenge Boot!  Latreia’s Revenge come with a Super HUD with 22 Color Options, I came up with the name Super HUD, its a really big HUD!  Revenge are at the Main Store or just loaded on MarketPlace! The cute Handbag is another GACHA prize by Legal Insanity for the Kawaii vs Creepy Event.  If you just need that Bat Bag you need to get to Kawaii vs Creepy quick, as mentioned above the Event is coming to it’s close on Novemeber 24th!

Next we are talking some New Body Parts, like Truth Hair’s Sian and a new exclusive by WoW Skins! WoW Skins Julya is an Exclusive at the Suicide Dollz Event, Lilli is wearing the Dark Skin Tone, but is available in more!  I have two Freebies Today, the firs is Lilli’s Nail Polish, it’s  Dark Horse Style Penguin Duo which is an absolutely free gift for stopping by DHS’s stall at Feeb’s Winter Market.

Accessories and Poses now.  Earrings were a Free Gift at some Event I went, a while back.  The Event has since closed and the Earrings are no longer free.  If you still like them and want them, they are Bens Beauty Olivia Earrings.  Lilli’s Necklace is another New Creation by **Feel**.  My last post had the first new creation, The Little Bear Diamond Necklace is the second new one by **Feel**.  The Little Bear is really adorable and with a Menu to change Metal Colors in Platinum or Gold, and Bear Colors to Silver, Gold, Pink or Blue! Poses are my second and last Freebie Today.  Ma Vie’s Subliminal Set comes with 10 Static Poses and if you find it then it’s yours for free, Subliminal is a Hunt Prize for  Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0.

Photo Shoot Site was at ReVolt’s SIM, which is also the start point for Madpeas Blood Letters Hunt and you can be teleported .:HERE:.

Blog post 11_20_14 #6_cropped

JACKET:  Ducknipple Master Jacket w.HUD (NEW) – ON SALE!

Slide2_DN_Master Jacket HUD
(Ducknipple Master Jacket HUD)

SKIRT:  Ducknipple Nepal Mini Skirt w.HUD (NEW)

 Slide3_DN_Nepal Mini Skirt HUD
(Ducknipple Nepal Mini Skirt HUD) 

HANDBAG:  Legal Insanity Bat Bag in Black,
Exclusive GACHA Prize for Kawaii vs. Creepy GACHA Event (NEW)

SHOES:  Latreia Revenge Boots V1 w.HUD (for SLink High Feet) (NEW)

Slide1_Latreia HUD
(Latreia Revenge Boots HUD)

FEET:  SLink AvEnhance Feet Female High

POSE:  Ma Vie Subliminal Pose Set, Pose #6,
Prize for Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0 (FREE)

Blog post 11_20_14 #7_cropped

POSE:  Ma Vie Subliminal Pose Set, Pose #7,
Prize for Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0 (FREE)

Blog post 11_20_14 #9_cropped

 POSE:  Ma Vie Subliminal Pose Set, Pose #9,
Prize for Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0 (FREE)

Blog post 11_20_14 #3hs_cropped

HAIR:  TRUTH Sian from Black & White Fat Pack (NEW)

SKIN:  WoW Skins Julya in Dark Skin Tone,
Exclusive for Suicide Dollz Event (NEW)

SHAPE:  Body Doubles Elle Shape
(Body Modified to XS SL Standard Shape)

EYES:  Mayfly Liquid Light Eyes in Deep Forest Shadow

EYELASHES:  *Gaeline Creations* Mesh Lashes Fantasia,
worn with Eyeliner V1 & V2 Black (NEW)

EARRINGS:  Bens Beauty Olivia Earrings (NEW)

NECKLACE:  **Feel** Little Bear Diamond w.HUD (NEW)

NAIL POLISH:  Dark Horse Style Penguin Duo,
Gift Feeb’s Winter Market (FREE)

Slide4_DHS_Penguin Duo HUD
(Dark Horse Style Penguin Duo SLink Nail Polish Applier HUD)

HANDS:  SLink AvEnhance Hands Female Casual and Elegant

POSE:  Ma Vie Subliminal Pose Set, Pose #3,
Prize for Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0 (FREE)

Blog post 11_20_14 #5hs_cropped

POSE:  Ma Vie Subliminal Pose Set, Pose #5,
Prize for Dirty Turkey Hunt 5.0 (FREE)

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