Fat Pack Week, Pure Sales Room, Singer Icon Fair II, and Stuff in Stock!

So Fat Pack Week is Back!  The Team took a little time off for vacation, we all need one from time to time.  If you don’t remember Fat Pack Week, Let’s do a re-cap. Special Fat Pack items are priced at $299L’s and below, that’s it pretty easy.  From Fat Pack Week, Lilliana brings you Myrai Style Store’s Pretty Fantasy Mesh Tank and Sweater Set.  Her highness is sporting the Embroidery of Hearts Set, 3 More Sets are included. This round of Fat Pack Week started yesterday.  Myrai’s was the first box we opened, promise to bring more from this special event.

Okay next up Pure Sales Room!  A New round of PSR started last week, there is still about another week to pick up great discounts.  Ms. Lil is wearing !Fabouzz Jeans, *Siria’s Design* Shoe Boots, VIVID’s Slink Nail Appliers Polish and used a Pose from Flash Friendly Poses, all can be found at the Pure Sales Room!

And the rest of what makes Lilli Lilli Today is a Vinyl Record shaped handbag from Retro, exclusively for Singer Icon Fair II, her Funky Earrings and Necklace by :::Core::: for Stuff in Stock, Truth Hair, Belleza Skin and her Catwa 3D No Alpha Lashes!

Hmm, so I have seen our photo shoot sites ending up on Flickr after we post coincidence maybe, maybe not..  Either cool fans like our locations.  This time we visited Luxembourg City:  .:HERE:.! Enjoy :D!

Pure Sales Room 11_17 1_cropped

TOP: Myrai Style Store Pretty Fantasy, Embroidery of Hearts Tank &
Sweater Set, One from a Set of 4 for Fat Pack Week (NEW) –  .:HERE:.

PANTS: !Fabouzz Jeans with Bow in Black,
Available at Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SHOES: *Siria’s Design* Lace Boots in Black,
Available at Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

HANDBAG: Retro’ Vinyl Bag in Black,
Exclusive from Singer Icon Fair II (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: Flash Friendly Poses, Pose #42 from Stands 041-045 Set,
Available at Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Pure Sales Room 11_17 1_Half Shot_cropped

HAIR: TRUTH Faye from Black & Whites Pack – .:HERE:.

SKIN: Belleza Ashley Best Buys 2 (No longer Available)

EYELASHES: ^;^CaTwA^;^ 3D No Alpha Lashes #2 – .:HERE:.

JEWLERY: ::: Core ::: Necklace Earring Set Cleopatra’s Wing,
Available at Stuff in Stock (NEW) – .:HERE:.

NAIL POLISH: VIVID Slink Nail Appliers Polish Pack 3,
Available at Pure Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

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