FatPack Week, Autumn Market, Designer Circle, Candy Fair, Stuff in Stock, S&C, Ducknipple and [HUSH]

Lots of Different Stuff Today! New FatPack Week this Week.  A Few More Items from The Autumn Market Fair which Ends on the 6th. New Rounds at Stuff in Stock and The Designer Circle Underway, A Brand New Skin from [HUSH] and a Little Something from the Candy Fair!  Newness from S&C and Ducknipple. Photo Shoot Site, Medieval Fantasy – Sylvhara Elen:  .:HERE:.

Below Soothe., Le Poppycock, MM5 Rock!, and Xen’s for FatPack Week! [Starry Heaven] Poses for The Candy Fair.:TBO:. and Phoebe from The Autumn Market Fair. Pink Cherry for The Designer Circle and Mia New Skin Line by [HUSH]!

fatpack week Oct. Week 1 #2v3_cropped

SWEATER: Soothe. Leopard  Hoodie in Black, Also Includes Grey, Beige, Red & White
for FatPack Week (NEW) – .:HERE:.

TANK: Le Poppycock “Suede Tank* Beautiful Voice, Also Includes 4 More
Chesses Butterfly, Of the Wind, Willow Tree and Young Bear for FatPack Week (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SHORTS: MM5 Rock! Men’s First Lesson Bermuda! in Heart Black Mesh,
Also Includes 6 More Dead Black, Fluo Black, Hendrix Black, Paperman Black, Plaid Black
and Simpson Black for FatPack Week (NEW) – .:HERE:.
(For the Gentlemen, but I Wore Them Anyway)

KICKS: .:TBO:. Chuck Chucks UNISEX,
Available at The Autumn Market Fair (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: Starry Heaven Kia #4 from Pose Set for Candy Fair (NEW) – .:HERE:.

fatpack week Oct. Week 1 #2v3_Half Shot_cropped

SKIN: [Hush] Mia Captivate Bluesmoke, Honey Skin Tone w/Reflection Eyes (NEW) – .:HERE:.
(Worn in All Photos)

EARRINGS: .::PC::. Hooter in Silver, Available at The Designer Circle (NEW) – .:HERE:.

HAT: Xen’s Hennessey Mesh Fedora in Grey, Also Includes Blue,
Green, Purple, Red, and Teal FatPack Week (NEW) – .:HERE:.

RINGS: Phoebe *P* Cathia Mesh Bow Rings 2 w/14 Color Change HUD,
Available at The Autumn Market (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Below Here MC Fashion, and Lushish Catz Jewelry for FatPack Week. News by .S&C., Truth, and Ducknipple. Another Pose by [Starry Heaven] for The Candy Fair. [7891.] for Stuff in Stock.

FatPack Week Oct. Week 1 #1v2_cropped

TOP: MC Fashion Neck Sweater w/Rolled Up Sleeves Shirt in Black/Red, Also Includes Blue/Pink,
Khaki/Yellow, Orange/Yellow, Purple/Blue and Red/Black for FatPack Week (NEW) – .:HERE:.

PANTS: .S&C. Metallic Pants in Black, Also Available in Blue, Copper, Gold, Pink and White (NEW) – .:HERE:.

BOOTS: Ducknipple Mesh: Rael Boots w/Color Change HUD 12 Colors (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: Starry Heaven Reo #1 from Pose Set for Candy Fair (NEW) – .:HERE:.

FatPack Week Oct. Week 1 #1v2_Half Shot_cropped

HAIR: TRUTH Felicity from Black & Whites Pack (NEW) – .:HERE:.
(Worn in All Photos)

EARRINGS: [7891.] YesYesBaby! in Red/Silver, Also Available in Blue, Pink, Purple, Green,
and Yellow, Gold and Silver Tones, Available at Stuff In Stock (NEW) – .:HERE:.

BRACELETS: Lushish Catz Jewelry Sammie Set 1, 4 Sets 12 Bracelets in Total,
for FatPack Week (NEW) – .:HERE:.