NEW SLX and Ducknipple

Taking a break from Events Today to bring you new creations by Beanster Potato the Master Designer behind SLX and Ducknipple Labels.  All of my Clothing and Shoes are all created by Beanster!  The Poses in my post are all by [Starry Heaven], fairly new Pose Designer and a lovely Sponsor of mine.  The poses are wonderful today, give Starry a chance if you need a pose or two!

More Truth Hair Previews. Two sets of beautifully done Nails by WTG and **Feel**.  Free Earrings for all by Chop Zuey. Another cute Bag by Tenacio from the Music Fair and my new favorite Necklace by Maxi Gossamer from Collabor88.  Everything else pretty much my regular me Stuff Belleza Skin, Body Doubles Shape (Modified), Eyeliner by Eyelure and Poetic Colors Eyes.  If I am not blogging a skin, shape or eyes I am usually walking around the grid as I look below.

Photos today were taken in my personal home. No I am not sticking a SLURL to my personal space here 😛  Enjoy this great Saturday!

SLX Summer Outfit, WTG Welcome Nails, Starry Heaven Neko Posev2_cropped

OUTFIT: SLX Summer Outfit, includes Mesh Dress, Necklace, Snake Armbands, and Sandals.
The Dress comes with a Color Change HUD w/5 Colors (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: [Starry Heaven] Neneko #4, Part of a 5 Pack Pose Set (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SLX Summer Outfit, WTG Welcome Nails, Starry Heaven Neko Posev2-half shot_cropped

SKIN:  Belleza Elle in Tan Past Group Gift (No Longer Available)

EYES: Poetic Colors Night Forest Medium from the Simply All Dark Tones Set – .:HERE:.

EYELINER:  Eyelure Eyeliner Set worn 5 Mega Liner, Available on MarketPlace – .:HERE:.

HAIR:  Truth Tawney Black & Whites #04 .:HERE:.

NAILS:  WTG Welcome Gift Number 03, Discounted Only $50 Lindens (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Ducknipple #1_cropped

SWEATER: Ducknipple Mesh: Anita Duo w/Color Change HUD (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SKIRT: Ducknipple Mesh: Saphian w/Color Change HUD (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SANDALS: Ducknipple Mesh: Summer Heels w/HUD, Sandal, Skin & Nails Change (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: [Starry Heaven] Neneko #3, Part of a 5 Pack Pose Set (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Ducknipple #1_Half Shot_cropped

HAIR: TRUTH Colbie in Black & Whites #06 Fade (NEW) – .:HERE:.

EARRINGS: Chop Zuey Invitation to Eternity Gift (FREE) – .:HERE:.

NAILS: **Feel** Sparkling Nail w/Rings (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Ducknipple #2_cropped

TOP: Ducknipple Mesh: Campi Short  w/Color Change HUD (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SKIRT: Ducknipple Mesh: Kyra Skirt w/Color Change HUD (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SANDALS: Ducknipple Mesh: Summer Wedges w/HUD, Sandal, Skin & Nails Change (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: [Starry Heaven] Rina #1, Part of a 5 Pack Pose Set (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Ducknipple #2_half shot_cropped

HAIR: TRUTH Candy in Black & Whites #05 Fade 2 (NEW) – .:HERE:.

NECKLACE: MG Cross of Cordelia, Medium and Short Part Worn from Collabor88 (NEW) – .:HERE:.

BAG: *Tentacio* Glam clutch Flag from G.O.T.H. Music Fair Event (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Music, Sales and News!

This week on the Second Life Grid there is the GOTH Music Fair, exclusive items and gifts. Acid Lily Round, still time line up changes on Monday. Black Friday Event is New and Today only, some nice bargains! The NYC Flea Market another new Sales Event. Still time at the present Rounds at Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room and The Designer Circle.  It’s the weekend which means there is Pure Contagion Group Designer Discounts!

Newness of course, my news includes D-Style, Masha, Truth, [HUSH], [Starry Heaven] and NS Cute Store.  Speaking of NS Cute Store pretty cool limited time dollarbie Ladies, you have until the 30th to pick up the new Gift.  Wanna see preview pictures of what I am talking about scroll on down…

Snapshot #1_001_cropped

TOP: B&R Store England for GOTH Music Fair Event (NEW) – .:HERE:.

JEANS: D-Style Lupin Unisex City Jeans Painted Almost Black (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SANDALS: :: Masha :: We Will Rock You in Red Leather (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: {Co*Motion} Flirty*Fashionista #4 from Pose Set for Acid Lily (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Snapshot #1v2_Half Shot_001

SKIN: [Hush] Charlotte Blue In Cocoa Skin Tone (NEW) – .:HERE:.

HAIR: TRUTH Siobhan Black & Whites 04 (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SUNGLASSES: Hollyhood Black Shore (Up on Hair) from GOTH Music Event (NEW) – .:HERE:.

HEADPHONES: NS:: Cute Store Mesh Internet Friends (NEW) – .:HERE:.

PIERCING: Phoebe *P* Woman Face Piercing Q8 ~Silver/11 Gems~ for Acid Lily (NEW) – .:HERE:.

PIERCING: Phoebe *P* Scorpion Belly Piercing ~8 Metals/9 Gems~ (P-MESH) for Acid Lily (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: {Co*Motion} Flirty*Fashionista #5 from Pose Set for Acid Lily (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Snapshot #2_001_cropped

HOODIE: Fuh.Q [GIRLY PUNK] Hoodie for Black Friday Event (NEW) – .:HERE:.

BOOTS: Loordes of London Fulham Riding Boots Dark Grey from NYC Flea Market Event (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SHORTS: NS:: Cute Store Mesh Short Revolution w/Texture Change HUD, Six Colors Dollarbie Gift till June 30th (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: Starry Heaven Mayumi Pose #4 from Pose Set (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Snapshot #2_Halfshot_001_cropped

SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Black Friday NR 01 for Black Friday Event (NEW) – .:HERE:.

HAIR: TRUTH Colbie Black & Whites 05 (NEW) – .:HERE:.

BAG: *Tentacio* Glam Clutch Music Cassette Exclusive from GOTH Music Fair (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Snapshot #3_cropped

TOP: Lavanda Chic Boho Lilac for Aid Lily (NEW) – .:HERE:.

JEANS: Fuh.Q [PUNKER] Unisex Jeans for Black Friday Event (NEW) – .:HERE:.

BAG: Things I Like BROWN DOT for Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SNEAKERS: Latreia Levi Grey Unisex (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: Starry Heaven Rina Pose #2 (and Bag Hold) from Pose Set (NEW) – .:HERE:.

Snapshot #3_halfshot_001

SKIN: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Myrthe V2 for Olde Europe’s Summerfest (NEW) – .:HERE:.

HAIR: TRUTH Noemi Black & Whites 04 – .:HERE:.

RING: Baubles! by Phe Fractured for Pure Contagion (NEW) – .:HERE:.

JEWELRY SET: Phoebe *P* Angela Jewelry Set Mesh Metals/Colors HUD for Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

PIERCING: Phoebe *P* Ladybug Belly Piercing Mesh 9 Metals/9 Colors HUD for Designer Circle (NEW) – .:HERE:.