Memorial Weekend Begins

The Black Market’s new round started on May 15th exclusives and discounts until June 15th.  I have previews from Kaithleen’s, *Luckie*, Intrepid, Opal, Loordes of London and Zombie Suicide.   [HUSH] just released a new Skin called Charlotte, I am wearing the Sage version in all the photos.  Stay with me if you like Charlotte, I will bring the other colors in new posts in the coming days.

As you all know, I just started blogging for Stuff in Stock, there is more from that sales event which changes content on the 28th, so don’t delay if you want to pick up my previews from MODERN.COUTURE, and EyeLure. There are also Sandals from Felicity Discounted at Feeb’s Sales RoomFeeb’s Sales Room changes content on June 7th. All Poses Today are New Sets from Starry Heaven and some nice Group Gifts and Freebies I found on my SL Journey’s.  Enjoy! 🙂

TBM, [HUSH], SIS, Starry, Feebs_cropped

DRESS:  Kaithleen’s Belted Tunic in Red for The Black Market (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SANDALS:  *Felicity* Nadine Trinidad Rust Chunky Heel Shoes (SR) for Feeb’s Sales Room (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: [Starry Heaven] Atsuko #3 from pose pack (NEW) – .:HERE:.

TBM, [HUSH], SIS, Starry, Feebs_HalfShot_cropped

SKIN: [Hush] Charlotte Skin in Sage work Skin Tone Caramel (NEW) – .:HERE:.
(Wearing Hush’s Charlotte Skin in all of Today’s Photo’s)

EYELASHES: EyeLure Perfect Lash for Stuff in Stock (NEW) – .:HERE:.
(Wearing EyeLure’s Perfect Lash in all of Today’s Photo’s)

EARRINGS: MODERN.COUTURE Mina Earrings in Gold for Stuff in Stock (NEW) – .:HERE:.

BANGLES: **RealEvil Industries** NOX Silver Bangles Group Gift (FREE JOIN) – .:HERE:.

RING: *Luckie* Adorable Kittie Rings Bubblegum from Set A for The Black Market (NEW) – .:HERE:.

TBM, [HUSH], Jetaime, Starry, Feebs_RE_cropped

DRESS: Intrepid:: Maroccan Summer for The Black Market (NEW) – .:HERE:.

SANDALS: ! Jetaime *Sheherazade* Sexy Suede High Heels  in Camel (FREE) – .:HERE:.

POSE: [Starry Heaven] Mami #5 from Pose Set (NEW) – .:HERE:.

TBM, [HUSH], Jetaime, Starry, Feebs_RE_HalfShot_croppedEARRINGS:  **RealEvil Industries** Ligni Group Gift (FREE JOIN) – .:HERE:.

NECKLACE: Opal Celtic Knot Mandala in Orange for The Black Market (NEW) – .:HERE:.

RING: Opal Chocolate Donut for The Black Market (NEW) – .:HERE:.

TBM, [HUSH], SIS, Starry_Cropped

DRESS: *Keresma* Summer in Blue for The Black Market (NEW) – .:HERE:.

BOOTS: Loordes of London Pure Contagion II in Blue for The Black Market (NEW) – .:HERE:.

POSE: [Starry Heaven] Atsuko #5 from Pose Set (NEW) – .:HERE:.

TBM, [HUSH], SIS, Starry_HalfShot_cropped

PIERCING: :Z.S: Gold Piercing Set No.1 for The Black Market (NEW) – .:HERE:.

EARRINGS AND BRACELETS: MODERN.COUTURE Marina Earrings & Bracelets in Gold for Stuff in Stock (NEW) – .:HERE:.

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