oooohhhh! I Like That!

There are so many things I am liking from this round of the XY Room!  The new Round at XY started today.  All items at the Shop are discounted at $100 Lindens or Below!  The Room always starts on the 1st of the Month and ends on the 20th of each Month.

I am previewing XY Exclusives from Sup Poses, [FIEND], Persefona, M.A.T., StormCrow Design’s and oO{VF}Oo.

I bring your more items from the Event. Hollywood, like New N-Core Shoes, and a Lovely Collar from Pure Poison, both Exclusives for the Event.  I also have Swag Bag Gifts from Tres Beau and [SVART], if you have not  gone yet, you should try it is defintely a dont miss!  The crowd has gone down a bit and it seems easier to get in!

Rounding out my Post on this April Fool’s Day, are Pose Fair Previews from [Masoom] and ILAYA, really nice Jewelry Group Gifts and Freebies from Chop Zuey and another New hair style from Truth!

XYRoom #1_Cropped

(Click on Picture to View it Larger)

Sup Poses Texture Change Screen, 4 Textures to Choose from, 7 Poses (New) Exclusive for XYRoom

XYRoom #1_001v2 Cropped

[FIEND] Leo Mesh Corset Duke Pack Exclusive for XYRoom (New)

[FIEND] Tatum Denims Ladies Plaid Exclusive for XYRoom (New)

 Persefona Bow Hairband in Purple from a Fat Pack with Many Colors to Wear Exclusive for XYRoom (New)

M.A.T. V.I.P. Glasses Exclusive for XYRoom (New)


Pure Poison Adore Silver Onyx Collar* Exclusive for the Event… Hollywood (New) –

N-core Addiction Mesh Shoes “FatPack 16 colors” worn Black Exclusive for the Event…  Hollywood (New) –

>TRUTH< Hair Elisha worn Espresso from Black & Whites Fat Pack (New) –

XYRoom #2v3_cropped

Persefona Bow Hairband in Red  from a Fat Pack with Many Colors to Wear Exclusive for XYRoom (New)

StormCrow Design’s *Hilary* in Red full Outfit, Includes Bra, Mesh Blazer, Mesh Harem Boots, Glasses and Ankle Boots Exclusive for XYRoom (New)


Tres Beau Belled Jewelry Set in Gold, Necklace and Earrings Swag Bag Gift for the Event… Hollywood (Free) –

[[ Masoom ]] Shoes Pose #4 from Pose Set Exclusive for 2013 Pose Fair (New) –

XYRoom #3v2_cropped

oO{VF}Oo Up Up & Away Outfit,  Includes Bowler Hat, Mesh Sweater, Leggings and Mesh Boots Exclusive for XYRoom (New) –

[SVART] Jennifer Red Leather Handbag Swag Bag Gift for the Event. Hollywood  (Free)

Chop Zuey Jewelry Set Earrings, Choker, Bracelets, Brooch, and Ring. Pieces are either Free or Group Gifts

ILAYA Attitude Pose #2 from 8 Pose Set Exclusive for 2013 Pose Fair (New) –

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