Do you remember the Forgotten Closet? Well it’s back, but with some changes! The old Forgotten Closet has been re-branded, renamed and remodeled.  Now called the Forbidden Closet! The first round’s theme under the new name is Animal Prints. Take a peek as some of the Designer creations that await you! SLURLS are at the end of the post, keep on reading:)

Forbidden Closet #1_croppedv2

Fashionista Callista Giraffe Outfit in Black, Dress and Jeans Forbidden Closet

[dirty.little.secret] Ocelot Heels for Forbidden Closet

Forbidden Closet #_halfshot_croppedv2

POMPOSITY Dragon Heart Necklace for Forbidden Closet

Baubles! by Phe RepTiled Bangles! for Forbidden Closet

Forbidden Closet #2_cropped

.::BT::. Wild Side Outfit, Mesh Dress with Accent Bows, Jeans and Shoes for Forbidden Closet

Forbidden Closet #2_Halfshot_cropped

Chop Zuey Great Earth Jewelry Set Group Gifts (Fee to Join)

Forbidden Closet #3_cropped

.::CC::. Rawr ‘N’ Stuff Outfit, Mesh Skinny Jeans, Tank top and Wedge Shoes for Forbidden Closet

Forbidden Closet #3_Halfshot_cropped

Chop Zuey Cheri Amour White Gold/Diamond Earrings Group Gift (Fee to Join)

Chop Zuey Kingdom of Sky Gold/Silver Necklace and Bracelet Mens Group Gift (Fee to Join)

Forbidden Closet #4_cropped

[dirty.little.secret] Ocelot Trench Coat and Heels for Forbidden Closet

{Co*Motion} {The Perfect Violinist} Pose Set with Violin Prop for Acid Lily
(Please Note this set is available only through Sunday at the discounted price, that’s when Acid Lily’s items change for the new round.
Sorry it’s late, RL..  I really do think this pose set is pretty nifty. If you like pose w/props, it’s a must get!)

Forbidden Closet #4_Halfshot_cropped

PurpleMoon Bubble  Earrings in Cherry (Not Free)

PurpleMoon Dorothy Cat Eye Glasses in Cherry/Brown (Not Free)


Forbidden Closet:

Chop Zuey:

Acid Lily:


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